Saturday, 26 March 2011

All Oppositions Supporters are NEGAHOLICS !

I think none of the Oppositions Supporters know what is Negaholics. Most of them are non readers and I believe many of them are passive listeners but I know one Opposition leader who is an active speaker, active homo and aggressive womaniser. That besides the point.

What is Negaholism?

Negaholism is a condition that is sweeping the globe. Negaholism is a syndrome in which people unconsciously limit their own innate abilities, convince themselves that they can’t have what they want, and sabotage their wishes, desires, and dreams. Negaholism manifests itself daily in the lives of normal people. Self-imposed limitations on happiness, joy, and fulfillment contaminate the consciousness of the majority of the population in subtle ways. The beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that keep us restricted, constrained, and curtailed have reached epidemic proportions.

Where Do Addictions Originate

There are three elements that create the conditions conducive for addictions.

1) Overwhelm is experienced in individual
2) Stress resulting from the overwhelm
3) Insufficiency feeling unable to meet life’s challenges

How the Negaholic pattern becomes established

1) The need for attention
2) The inability to give or receive positive attention
3) The ingrained habit of focusing on what is wrong
4) The opiate peptides - chemical rush when being severely criticized
5) The simultaneous feel bad, coupled with the significant amount of attention (feel good)

The addictive pattern takes hold, and one becomes a Negaholic!

Why Is the Syndrome Called “Negaholic?”

Nega = negative, holic = one who is addicted to something. A negaholic is one who is addicted to negativity. Negare is a Latin root meaning to deny. The “I can’ts” are denying that the “I cans” are right. Denying means that the “I can’ts” refuse to accept the fact that the “I cans” are capable, competent, able to give you what you want. The “I can’ts” deny that the “I cans” are worthy, loveable, and deserving. A negaholic is one who is victimized by inner forces that are waging a war of self-negation with attitudes, thoughts, words, or behavior. These forces are keeping you trapped in a private dungeon with graffiti all over the walls that say: “You can’t be it. You can’t do it. You can’t have it. So forget it!” The “I can’t” self laughs and says “I told you so” when you prove its prophecies right.

One common sickness among all Oppositions Leaders and Supporters, they ALL dont like MALAYSIA BOLEH !

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