Sunday, 27 March 2011

Anwar Ibrahim The Liar - Sold Off Malays to Penang DAP

The Malays are actually the majority in Penang. There are more Malays than Chinese in Penang (Butterworth included). Previously under the BN state government, the Malays gave up the CM seat to Gerakan Chinese. There were no racial tension as well as selective enforcement of municipal authorities. The BN government understood that in order to enfore municipality laws, they must first provide better infrastructures to relocate hawkers that are all over Penang.

 Anwar Ibrahim the Liar , convinced the Malays in Penang that if they support the Pakatan Rakyat government, the people especially the Malays, will benefit. Nevertheless , the selective enforcement of the Municipal Council Enforcement Team, only target Malays shops in Bayan Baru and other areas in Penang.

We have huge rows of Chinese hawkers at Weld Quay, Chai Leng Park, B Garden, Bukit Mertajam, and at Rajauda that are even blocking the traffic but no enforcement officers ever demolished any of these Chinese hawker centres. If they are legal, I cant believe it because they look like illegal hawkers centres. Why ?

This is the fate of the Malays when they put their trust to Anwar Ibrahim the Liar and he even played  the Malays out in Penang as he played out the Indians. Anwar Ibrahim the Liar campaign for a better government. He helped  DAP to form the state government with the help of Malays and Indians and when their shops were demolished, there were no one there to help. Inilah agenda Reformasi , Anwar Ibrahim The Liar.

If the Malays are united in Penang and if we can forged frienndship with Penang Indians, and support from MCA and Gerakan, Chinese we can definitely regain back Penang from DAP and PR and put a stop to these selective enforcements. The Penang State DAP Governments only benefits the Upper Class in Penang.

Let us unite and change our destiny. A State Government without the support of the Federal Government is useless.

Watch this video. This is the results of when the Malays trust Anwar Ibrahim the Liar ! DAP, sodomising Malays in Penang with the blessings of Anwar Ibrahim the Liar !

Nenek moyang kaya-raya
Tergadai seluruh harta benda
Akibat sengketa sesamalah kita
Cinta lenyap di arus zaman


  1. Instead of PAO, you should call yourselves PAP. Go figure what it could stand for! :-)

    Otherwise, nice work.

  2. Harap mereka belajar dari kesilapan.
    Jadi untok PRU 13, tamatkan riwayat kerajaan pakatan rakyat.

  3. People Against Pakatan PAP would be nice.

  4. setuju dgn cadangan PAP! bukan saja padan, tapi sbb sama dgn akronim parti mentor dia kat bawah sana, mcm satu bitch-slap kat muka DAP.

  5. I oppose strongly the use of PAP for this blog name. Why the bloody hell promote the damn Maha chauvinist, racist and subversive Lee Kuan Yew, PAP and the extremist and ultra kiasu DAP?

    Subversive because bloody LKY's concept of so-called malaysian malaysia is subversive to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. They want equality without acknowledging that Special Position, which was inscribed in the Constitution not for the fun of it. In the process of promoting so-called equality, they were eroding Malay rights and privileges. Read what they say of the NEP.

    I wonder why rockybru made such a suggestion. Reading him for long while did not make me get the impression that he is strongly Malay in his stand. Even strongly BN, for that matter. He didn't publish my comment against one skillganon fellow. It definitely was his prerogative as he owns the blog. Yet he allowed comments from that silly anon fellow who has always been coming in licking Lee Kuan Yew's balls, glorifying Singapore, and at the same time putting Malaysia down. I have since ceased commenting in his blog.

    That silly anon fellow may be a Singaporean so damn scared of saying anything not in line in Singapore and vents his frustration with Singapore's system of Big Brother On The Wall by spitting at Malaysia in Malaysian blogs. Wonder if rocky working in Singapore for many years has anything to do with allowing such Singapore-promoting and Malaysia-damning comments. And not publishing my comment hitting back at the silly anon fellow like I often did before that.

    I now find this blog with posts containing good analyses of the current socio-political situation, plus strongly nationalistic in sentiment, and I wish to participate here. Seeing PAP in your blog name would certainly put me off.

    Best wishes.

  6. PAO,

    You appear to know a lot about the way DAP runs Penang and perhaps have the resources to dig into the recently reported multi-billion Ringgit project undertaken by the DAP-led Municipality on State land or something. It was said to be carried out on Turn-Key basis.

    When anarchistic DAP finds each and every excuse to hit at the BN Government, they should be checked and investigated, privately at least, as to possible hanky-panky in the project. Bear in mind that they must be looking for big funds to finance PRU13 and the alleged "funds collector" Ronnie Liu has been disgraced by the Emperor during he last Selangor DAP Convention and party elections. There can be kick back in land valuation, let alone the usual, selection of Architects, Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, and in the contract award.

    They keep shouting for openness, transparency etc but how open and transparent were they in this huge project? How much hanky panky can there be.

    Here are some of the pointers:

    1. How was the Turn Key Contractor selected -

    a. any Pre-Qualification exercise?
    b. any advertisement calling for P/Q of interested parties?
    c. any briefs prepared for the project and by whom?
    d. who prepared the tender documents, work specifications, if any?
    e. who supervises the execution of contract?
    f. who supervises quality and ensures quality standard meeting that stated in the contract specifications?

    If the same professionals appointed by the Turn-Key Contractor do the contract supervision and qality control, it allows hell of a lot of room for hanky panky and for DAP PRU13 financing. It may be worth CIA or MI6 kind of operations, Sir. MACC will be shunned by them and anyone smelling of MACC can't get near them for 100 miles. Remember, they know full well the Hun Tzu Art of War and we must try the Hun Zi or Atilla the Hun approach.

    2. Why did they do Turn-Key?

    Turn-Key means the Contractor provides his own Land Valuers, Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, specialist sub-contractors etc? If so, what measures and are there sufficient measures in place to ensure professional integrity over-riding hanky panky. Remember in this country stadium roof tops even fell off.

    3. Why not the traditional contracts, a big project split into several packages, Penang Development Corporation or some other prepares the P/Q and tender documents, open tender bidding and all?

    I'd be interested in any information pertaining to the above.

  7. yup..pao sounds like kuih pau..hehe
    well done anyway

  8. Melayu memang majoriti di Penang TETAPI

    pengundi bukan melayu (yang daftar mengundi memilih kerajaan) lebih ramai dari Melayu

    Di sini yang penting nya pengundi yang berdaftar bukan nya komposisi penduduk yang dapat menentu kan kerajaan negeri

  9. Lepas ni Melayu undi Melayu saja. Tak payah lagi sedekah kerusi pada MCA dan MIC yang tak guna tu. Biar mereka rasa Ketuanan Melayu yang sebenar!

  10. Memang kita bersetuju pengundi berdaftar tidak lah sama dengan jumlah penduduk.

    Tetapi di semua kawasan yang mempunyai agihan pendudduk yang sama rata...kita dapati jumlah pengundi Melayu campur India melebihi pengundi Cina..

    DUN P.Pinang ada 40...

    16 DUN - kawasan Melayu
    2 DUN - kawasan India

    Dan kita ada lebih kurang 10 DUN yang mempunyai taburan penduduk di mana jika kita gabung Melayu dan India , mereka melebihi pengundi Cina...

    Hardcore kawasan majoriti Cina adalah 12 DUN....

    Logik kita adalah....jika combine Melayu/India dan lain-lain (Punjabi/Eurasian) , maka BN mempunyai kelebihan...menang..

    banyak pengundi Melayu dan India tidak berdaftar..Ini satu lagi masaalah..

    saya akan posting analisa selanjutnya...DUN by DUN Analysis..

  11. Sesiapa yang tidakmenggunakan Bahasa Melayu..\maka anggaplah anda bukan rakyat Malaysia..
    Kenapa wujudnya keistimewaan Melayu dan Hak Bumiputera di Malaysia. Kerana 3 sebab utama
    1)Kerana golongan ini yang paling ketinggalan disebabkan monopoli ekonomi oleh kaum tertentu.
    2)Sebab Mereka adalah penduduk asal.
    apa yg membezakan Cina/India di alaysia dengan kulit hitam di barat..??
    Cina di Malaysia datang tanpa paksaan.Mereka datang dengan rela hati. Maka perlulah menghormati tuan rumah sedangkan Kulit Hitam dibawa ke barat tanpa kerelaan dan secara paksa.
    3)Kerana segala yang dikorbankan oleh bangsa Melayu kepada bangsa pendatang ini maka wajarlah Budi Bangsa Melayu dibalas semula...walaupun sebenarnya hak keistimewaan dan ketuanan Melayu itu tidak membawa apa-apa impak besar namun ia ckup sekadar meredakan kemarahan bangsa Melayu..