Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Arab Dilemma - Arab Conditions and The State of Kelantan

When  progress of a nation or of a people stagnated, it means ,it is time to examine the status quo. What went wrong ? This is the Arab Dilemma. They really felt like that they are a failed people. For the past 100 years , they have achieved nothing. This is the beginning of the Arabs Awakening. All their failures should be attributed to the teachings of  narrow minded religious political clerics whom have narrowedly intrepret Islam. Likewise in Malaysia, PAS, political views of Islam, have caused mentality backwardness of Kelantanese. Views like "Allah Mencarut" (Allah Swearing), Kerjasama dengan Syaitan (Work with the Devil), Vote for PAS and you go to Heaven are all misleading and deviant teachings. Its is breaking people apart. The political leaders of PAS are supposed to develop  Kelantan. They are just into politics and they are not able to administer well enough. If they were questioned of progress and development, all they retorted back is,  for moral sake  of the people, we must not develop. Development never meant leaving behind religious principles. The tourism slogan for Kelantan is - The Second Wife Destination of Choice. Thats how much Kelantan have progressed so far. One day, a young man from Kelantan will be talking just like this Arab when they have enough of PAS ruling their state. Kelantanese - Wake Up for Heaven Sake ?

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