Friday, 18 March 2011

DAP - A Liability to Chinese Voters in Penang

DAP claims that since 2008, they are responsible for many improvements in Penang. We are of a concern that whatever done in Penang for the last few years is due to the effective and workable Public Administration workforce which was left behind by the BN state government.

The real credit in Penang should go to the late Dato Lim Choong Ewe with Tun Dr Mahathir. The late Dato Lim Choong Ewe, started the migration of MNC's to Penang and Tun Dr Mahathir actually developed much of the needed infrastructure in Penang.

The BRIDGE ! How could the Chinese forget the bridge. The icon of Penang. In the late 80's throughout the 90's, Penangite experianced the highest amount of self development in terms of monetary and other gains when scores of MNC's outsourced and offshored to Penang. Intel, Dell, Motorola, Iomega, Quantum, etc to name a few ...

In Penang, the Chinese voters is playing with fire. DAP is in coalition with PAS and PKR. PAS will never recint its agenda of creating an Islamic State. Lim Guan Eng was highly praised by Tok Guru Nik Aziz and he is even called Umar Abdul Aziz. Lim Guan Eng will be called Abdul HaLIM Abdullah if he goes on this track of relationship with PAS.

PAS supporters will be angry with DAP if they do not support PAS Islamic State Agenda. The sign of this dissastisfaction has already occurred in the Sinar Harian dated 23rd February 2011 page U6 where Mohamed Hafiz Nordin, the leader of Penang PAS Pemuda left the party because he is not happy that PAS accept DAP in the coalition.

If and if Pakatan Rakyat wins PRU 13, and DAP dishonour its promises to PAS, there will be a riot in the street by PAS supporters especially their Youth Wing. They are capabale of doing such thing. The Chinese will be greatly affected by this as businesses will close down due to anarchy persist and rioting became rampant.

The logic here is that how can a state government survive if it does not get support from the federal government ? The people of Penang will be the one lossing for electing a weak state government. Penang will be like Kelantan and one single major riot in Penang, all the MNC's will relocate itself elsewhere.

The Chinese , are the majority working in these MNC's in Penang. They do not realise what they are voting for. Be warned that your entire life will be disrupted if you do not come to terms with reality.

Just look what a mess the ADUN KOMTAR did. That was a mess indeed. How could a people representative go and close down a Nasi Kandar shop and shouted racial remarks to the owner. The whole Indian Muslim community is angry with DAP leadership. In the history of Penang, none of the previous Chief Minister received a coffin as a gift. That is a grave sign for the Chinese to heed.

To all Chinese voters in Penang. Remember your father the late Dato Lim Choong Ewe. Remember how the older generations among the Chinese have kept good relationship with Malays and Indians in Penang. We urge you to return to Barisan Nasional and maintain the PEACE and HARMONY in Penang.

BN already hearken to your voice. Come and embrace 1 Malaysia...reject DAP now !


  1. Well ..they can try to taste whether the ground is sweet or not.
    IF...THEY dare!

  2. Anyone from DAP converted to Islam through PAS ulamak?

  3. I LOLed at this author...can really Bullshit. SO far Penang is far cry and better than it's predecessor. Reaping rewards frm previous administration is a Joke, as far as we're concern, Penang was in debts before the take over. DAP can really amazed me to turn from deficits to surplus within a short period of time. Thanks to DAP.

  4. It took you more than a month to come to us. We have been waiting for some DAP supporters to visit our Blog. Ahh... for the so called surplus. My friend, where does that surplus comes from. Actually they are from uncollected dues to Penang State Government uncollected by the state municipality. There is not a single new revenues that DAP Government has created since taking over Penang since 2008. Any new factory ? Any new stadium ? Any new bus stands ? The new bus stands from Rapid Penang is from the Federal Government. Any new market or town hall ? Any new mosque, temple, church or whatever for the Penang people..None ? Any new schools ? None. Anything new in Penang ? Nothing. Everything were just as they were left by BN government ? New for 1st round...2nd round, Penangites like you must pay RM 84million ....why ? Why Lim Guang Eng political aide has a 3 storeys house ? Maybe he needs a 3 storeys house. How many new jobs created for the last 3 years since DAP took over Penang...You guys cant even paint the Rifle Range flats. Please read up what it means that Malayia is a Federated States..Kerajaan Perseketuan. You DAP Chinese not even interested to be Malaysians. You dont even know what is Kerajaan Persekutuan. You wont be writing like this if you knew. Everything that you see in Penang...from the roads, highways, factories , hotels, beaches, bridges, transportation, housing schemes etc, etc...all were designed and implemented by the previous ruling government...BN with support from the Federal Government. You are living in a fairy tale dream. DAP within 3 years can never outdo what was done for the past 50 years. Any Accounts Clerk can collect bad debts from uncollected municipal dues and you are jumping high and low like a donkey about it...Hey friend...look at the Penang Bridge and ask your stupid DAP government to build another bridge just like that.....?? Either you are retarded or blind that you cant see things around you. You are just another stupid zombie created by DAP..Insignificant DAP Extremist Chinese, that counts for nothing in Malaysia.