Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Hate System of Pakatan Rakyat

Malcolm X exposed the hate system the white man had developed for the blacks in America. This hate system was so successfull that the blacks hated their very self. The primary focus of the whites is to make the blacks to forget their history.

Similarly in Malaysia, Pakatan Rakyat also the Malaysian Opposition coalition in their speeches, blogs and writings , tend to use a similar approach used by the whites in America in brainwashing the blacks. The Opposition encourages Malaysian to forget our history and spreading the seed of hatred among Chinese and Indians to hate the Malays.

PR has developed an effective hate system in order to character assasinate Barisan Nasional. Barisan Nasional thrives on the concept of love among all the races and multi ethnic co-operation.

PR on the other hand , wants Malaysian to forget history on the consensus our founding fathers agreed upon called the social contract. This is even enshrined in the constitution that matters relating to Malay rights, Malay rulers, Malay language and Islam , can never be questioned or debated on.

Above all other matters, Baarisan Nasional component parties co-operated among each other and this working together and respecting each other rights give rise to a most successfull formula of power sharing in a multi racial government.

Then came march 2008 and everybody over-reacted and all kinds of intrepretation was concluded and PR seems to be delusional with their victory and went on a smearing spree campaign since 2008 with Anwar Ibrahim as their leader began the offense of attacking the very formula that kept Barisan Nasional going.

This devilish idea on the urged by the PR Malays in PKR and PAS, a traitor to their own race, rallied the Chinese and Indians to questioned and even challenged Malay rights, Malay rulers, Malay language and Islam.

The Malay privilege has its roots in the formation of the Malacan Sultanete. It must NOT be disputed that historically , Malaysia belongs to the Malay rulers, before the British came. It is the Malay rulers who gave their consent that paved way to the creation of the Federation of Malaya. Hence we have Raja Berpelembagaan and Demokrasi Berparlimen. In its , enshrined the Malaysian Constitution, whereby, matters relating to Malay rights, Malay rulers, Malay language and Islam , can never be questioned or debated on. Period. Our founding fathers, swear allegiance on this.

As a respond to PR hate campaign, BN ruling coalition formulated 1 Malaysia, a concept ensuring that apart from the social contracts, development and governance are to be maintained among the BN coalition parties.

This has a neutralizing effects on the hate campaign of PR and as a rebuttal, Anwar Ibrahim stupidly alleged that 1Malaysia equals to 1Israel and connects Apco to it. Drowning men clutches on straw , drowning women will do the same. I have to add, drowning gays will also do the same.

Pakatan Rakyat is not a professional opposition as they do not oppose in the direction that benefits the Malaysian people. They are opposing to breakup Malaysia for the sake of one man ambition to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. DAP and PAS have no principles at all as Anwar Ibrahim for 16 years was their rival in Barisan Nasional and a soon as he was expelled from Barisan Nasional, DAP and PAS , without any ceremony accepted him as the leader of the Opposition. That shows that DAP and PAS has no credible leaders and by accepting Anwar they lost all the dignity as a formidable Opposition by putting aside all senior leaders in the Opposition coalition and elevated Anwar as their leader. Anwar has his small little ambition of becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia and he has no qualms of stabbing annybody on their back just to get what he wants. Shame on all who supports Anwar Ibrahim because this is not a struggle of the people , for the people. This is a struggle to clear Anwar of all charges levelled against him, his vengeance against Tun Mahathir and his method of hijacking justice in Malaysia.

We are stupid enough to allow Anwar Ibrahim to screw our backside , again and again ......

Pakatan Rakyat are opposing not in brotherhood but their opposition is based on hatred and dis-unity.

Reject Pakatan Rakyat. Hatred Inside !

Listen to Malcolm X and his advise on hate.

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