Monday, 28 March 2011

In Depth Analysis - How to get rid of Pakatan Rakyat and DAP from Penang ? Part 2

In this posting , we look at ALL Penang Dewan Undangan Negeri Analysis. We will cover all 40 DUNS Seats. Here we will demonstrate , the Chinese do not control Penang 100%. This analysis will show areas whereby the Chinese are most vulnerable.

PR DAP Government is loosing grip on the Malays and Indians support. Hence , BN has already launched Ops 1Malaysia  for Penang by mobilising teams to look into the plight of the Indians. The Malays are being taken care by UMNO.

Gerakan and MCA need to support the BN coalition in 10 weak areas of the PR DUNS by getting just 30% of the Chinese votes and the next PRU 13, bye-bye Lim Guan Eng......

Let us look at the UMNO Base....Total 11 solid Malay Majority Areas...The numbers on the extreme right is the votes total. This is UMNO Table A....

Then we take a look at 2 Indians Area that will again fall back to BN due to the Kg Pala sentiment and what PKR did to most Indians everywhere else . Makkal Sakhti centre of Operation is in Butterworth. They will JV with MIC to make a comeback as a gift to the new MIC President. Last week I attended a meeting in Bagan and meet these young Indians who just cant wait to bring DAP down...Every time Mr Lim Guan Eng name was mentioned it will be followed by 4 letter words in Tamil.

Then we look at another potential fallout area , thanks to DAP for rejecting PAS Islamic idea...These PAS/PKR stronghold will definitely be wrested away from Pakatan firstly due to the Fairuz effect. Lim Guan Eng, do you still remember your little Fairuz..He will be your ghost rider here. PKR Zahrain of Bayan Baru will be very usefull here as well and not to mention Ummi Hafilda and Ezam...Another factor is that PAS has forgotten its former youth leader Mohd Hafiz whom resigned from PAS because the big guns ignored him when he motion to reject PAS intention to marry DAP. He will be another ghost. The Malays in these areas were also neglected by their respective ADUN as they have no money just to do anything. Koyak here...
4 Aduns seats...

So count.....11 + 2 + 4 = 17 DUNS SEATS........need just 10 more..

Now we go for the final blow....The punch that will give the KO to DAP PR Dream.....Most probably Lim Guan Eng will delay the Penang State Assemby Election untill PRU 13 finished...That will be great cause the whole of Malaysia machineries can be utilise to focus on just Penang....I think Lim Guan Eng is not that stupid...Here we go...The 10 DUNS with a complete figure of % in terms voters by race....The Chinese in these areas are less than 70%.......All these areas were lost with MAJORITY LESS THAN 5K......

So you can clearly see that with combined effort of UMNO and MIC with support from MCA and Gerakan, definitely PRU 13 will be a better battle than PRU 12....The Malays and Indians realised that they have been cheated by PKR and Anwar Ibrahim The Liar.

The CAT and Transparency preached by Lim Guan Eng is like a fairy tale story of that 3 little pigs...where the big bad Wolf , he will HUFF and PUFF...but he could only bring down the hay and stick houses of the 2 little pigs...but the last house build out of way..The Wolf  will definitely fail this time.

Finally....there are 13 seats left...That one as a democracry we leave it to LIM GUAN ENG and his croonies to be screwed back in the Dewan Undangan Negeri..Datuk Azhar of Penaga ...just cant wait for that to happen..

Let us look after PRU 13, where is that 13 DUNS, that will be left to rot in Penang. The Chinese dont like the number 13 so we will give it to them....for a gift in Penang. They can keep it...When we say Chinese here it is referring to Extremist Chinese that support DAP...

Our advise to the Chinese of these areas.. Support either MCA or Gerakan...Your loss is a risk that will cause you to regret. A State government without Federal support will only bring no benefit to your constituenscies...Lets forgive and move on with life....This is not the time to do experiment. You did in PRU 12 and it failed !

I leave you with a Chinese proverb...

To regret the past is to forfeit the future.


  1. It's heartening to see many responses and comments to your month old blog, PAO! Well done.

    Bring them on brother. Kita asah mana yang tumpul, kita belasah mana yang melampau, kita bantai mana yang cuai, kita tunjuk mana yang perlu dipujuk, kita peluk mana yang ... jangan Anwar yang berlapuk dan patut di kutuk!

    Haha, nak cuba early morning light hearted comment to be sikit riang dan gemilang, brader.

    O what a beautiful morning ...

    Penyokong PAO.

  2. Brada, I like dis analysis of yours, pointing out that the Chinese do not control Penang 100% and showing areas where the Chinese are most vulnerable.

    Don’t anybody say dat dis makes the bloody DAP realize their weaknesses and be on the alert. Those goons have known them for ages and planned their strategies and tactics mebbe since Francis Light times, not just based on Sun Tzu Art of War that you wrote in the earlier post but also with their damn ruthless and anarchistic secret societies, thugs and gangsters.

    Bukan kah ada berita atau komplen depa pakai thugs and gangsters in Penang? Depa pakai cara haram jadah tu sejak mula sampai disini lebih 100 tahun dulu. We need to urge the authorities to get hold of those thugs and gangsters blokes and their perancang, tangkap depa, masukkan penjara long term.

    Tengok diSelangor, pun ada. Satu ADUN PKR + satu Wakil Rakyat PKR dulu kata Exco DAP ada berunding dengan "Underworld" diIbupejabat Kerajaan Selangor. Bukan ka itu MELAMPAU. Langsung tak hormat Kerajaan. Dapat masuk Kerajaan depa eksploit macam macam. Kalau depa dapat Putrajaya, nauzubillah. Tak boleh kasi. Jangan undi depa penjahat dan pengganas.

    Lim Kit Siang pun mahukan pemimpin pengganas kominis Chin Peng dibenarkan masuk Malaysia. Dia subversif, merbahaya.

  3. Apa pasai Melayu/ BN tak menang diPenang? Dulu menang. Dulu ada kalah tapi ambik balek Penang.

    Apa sekarang tak boleh ambik balek? Mesti boleh.
    Bukan saja Malaysia boleh. Depa diPenang pun boleh. Yang tak ultra kiasu boleh menang lawan yang ultra kiasu.

    PRU12 banyak orang fed up dengan Tun Dol, SIL budak berhinguih KJ dan macam macam lagi. Tapi dah banyak yang sedar. Selangor 2 tahun PR merintah pun dah banyak buat tahi. Banyak pengundi terang terang cakap fed up dengan PR di blog dll. Banyak lagi yang tak ada masa nak tulih dan sengap saja tak cakap tapi simpan geram nak undi BN semula diPRU13.

    Dulu MCA dan MIC banyak hilang kerusi. La ni depa dah tukaq pemimpin. UMNO dah bagi chan depa tibai sasaran ekuiti Bumiputera sampai DS Najib tak kenakan Akta Hasutan tapi bagi terang panjang lebaq pasai Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO (PAU) yang lalu. DiPRK Hulu Selangor depa masih lagi tak habih kencin antara puak puak depa. Tapi diPRK Galas, Tenang, Merlimau dan apa nama DUN diPahang tu depa nampaknya dah kerja keras. BN menang semua diempat PRK itu. Menang dengan majoriti bertambah pulak.

    Saya pikiaq BN boleh ambik semula Penang diPRU13 lah, kawan. Tolong teruihkan bagi pekuat semangat pengundi Penang nak pangkah BN. Tolong tulih banyak lagi bagi depa baca. Bawak mai ayaq gamat pun takpa. Bagi depa selesa nak pikiaq BN, nak undi BN, pi jahanamkan pembangkang diPRU13.

  4. The Chinese proverb “To regret the past is to forfeit the future”. It’s like the Malay proverb “Biar mati anak jangan mati adat”. They must be discarded.

    They are impediments in building a strong and united Malaysian nation. They cannot disregard History and good that it'll be compulsory in schools beginning 2013.

    The Chinese proverb has led to the Opposition ultra kiasus and goons to say never mind about the Social Contract. They say they were not there when that understanding was reached, when the Constitution was debated and approved by Parliament, despite being approved twice, once at Merdeka, another at the formation of Malaysia. One reads this kind of ultra kiasu nonsense here and there in blogs, etc. Such blokes even say that Tun Siew Sin did not represent them when saying “the Malays have been generous enough” – twice, once at Merdeka in agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays, another after Merdeka when relaxing the language proficiency test in the issuing of Citizenship Certificates. See what ungrateful ingrates they are.

    I know they are a small number, not even the majority of the nons. But they have to be knocked on the heads, into consciousness and realization that what the leaders of the major communities committed at Merdeka are binding on all and everybody. Because what have been agreed have become embodied in the Constitution of the country.

    And the Constitution is the highest set of laws in the country. All other laws emanate from it. I agree with the opinion that you are disloyal to this country if you do not respect and abide by the Constitution fully. You do not deserve to be a citizen of this country and should go elsewhere if you do not accept all the provisions, including the sensitive ones. If you are DAP and do not accept those, you should abscond to Singapore which is ruled by PAP from whom you fellas were conceived, legitimate or not.

    The future must be based on the Constitution of the country. Nothing more, nothing less. Elements of loyalty, patriotism and nationalism are all embodied in the Constitution. Criticising the Bureau Tata Negara courses which have been designed to instill the spirit of loyalty, patriotism and nationalism is a clear sign of anarchistic tendencies that the bloody Opposition DAP appears to have been promoting. Damn them.

    PAS? They don’t have a clue about loyalty, patriotism and nationalism. Even about Malay unity and solidarity for that matter. Allowing themselves to be pulled by the nose and exploited by the DAP, thinking they could hitch a ride to Putrajaya. It’s simply preposterous to think DAP is sympathetic to their cause when Lim Kit Siang arrogantly, unsmilingly and stingingly uttered “Never” to PAS’ Hudud Law proposal. And Karpal Singh adamantly shouted “Over my dead body”. What a humiliation. Not even polite remarks like, let’s see, or maybe we can talk about it in the future. Cold, unflinching and despotic “Never” etc. Do PAS people have no shame, no maruah to be shouted at like small kids?

    And when Anwarul Jalan Belakang said LKS is DPM candidate, LKS didn’t say a word about what important portfolios should be given to PAS. PAS
    just grinned and bore it. Only Nicky Aziz and Hadi went to attend dinner at Istana Trengganu where DS Najib and TS Muhyiddin were said to have been present. Anwar of course doesn’t care two hoots about PAS. Wish we know what was actually conversed. Yo the extent that Nicky Aziz said "Sudah tutup buku", tak boleh cerita lagi.

    Theirs is a marriage of convenience. DAP is despotic, dynasty-building and listen to no oters. PAS is very Islamic, out with "fatwas" including "Tuhan pun mencarut". PKR is also dynasty building, now helter skelter, leaders cabut lari, the leader is sodomising and now alleged to be screwing a prostitute.


  5. Have you added Pakatan Rakyat to your blog name? Good of you to do so. It becomes clear who we should be hitting.

    Maybe you have to change when the Pakatan disintegrates. They are still together for political expediency. Fight over seats etc will continue.

    I think they'll disintegrate. My Hopeful thinking at least. They are no good, irresponsible opposition. Cannot rule this country. Cannot even be allowed to try Putrajaya. Jahanam negara dibuatnya.

    PS: Wonder what the purpose of the Word Verification is. It's a bit of a bother when submitting comment, brother. But if it's required by etc, let it be.


  6. Bro,

    Good analysis on the situation in Penang. I would like to refer this post of yours in my Blog. You have done a lot of work.


  7. Here’s another bloody good post, folks. An in-depth analysis of the situation in the island that the ultrakiasus and the disenchanted voted the chauvinist, racist and ultra kiasu DAP etc in PRU12.

    Conventionally, I should be talking about your post but I wanna say that UMNO should have people like you in their HQ. I’ve not read much like your articles in UMNO Online. Maybe they keep them as secret strategies and the like but they should put out this kind of analysis from time to time to make members know and help bring the thoughts and ideas into fruition. And a big number of members and non-members read UMNO Online.

    UMNO should in fact have a War Room. Where analyses of political situations are regularly made and each and every event of public interest is analysed, discussed and decisions made as to what should be adopted as “policy lines” that all top UMNO members should use when commenting here and there. Maybe they have. But judging from the strange statements by Nazri, even by the Secretary General on Perkasa the last time the relevant issues got heated up, one wonders if there are such things as “party lines” drawn up by the UMNO Secretariat that top UMNO leaders are expected to follow. Or are they usually ad hoc and such things as Datuk T trio show up from time to time, so poorly orchestrated that people have room to accuse UMNO of complicity.

    Won’t say too much about this as it goes against the grain of your blog title. Hope it can be taken as a little piece of constructive criticism of the party holding the reins of power. Our thrust must be hitting at the parties dreaming of Putrajaya and they must be prevented from even reaching Puchong Jaya.


  8. The biggest advantage that BN has right now is that the idiotic Tun Dol is no longer in charge. And Najib is demonstrating that he is a very capable PM. Without Tun Dol , BN will surely recapture Penang in GE13.

  9. Can win meh? very sure ka?

  10. Dear PAO,

    1. Excellent analysis! Well done!

    2. Clear, simple and straight to the point.

    3. Right now many people in UMNO, MCA and Gerakan still have defeatist attitude on capturing back Penang.

    4. The self pity attitude is over. In Penang, the enemy is DAP-PKR-PAS. The pro-Anwarista in PAS will win big in the upcoming PAS party election and this will further alienate PAS core supporters. Meanwhile, PKR grassroots are fedup and given up with their leadership. The Malay voters are expected to come back to BN in large numbers...around 75%-78% (national avg)

    5. You have done a great analysis especially on the 10 seats that MCA/Gerakan should focus on. Bravo!