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Analysis - We need State Government supported by Federal - Why ?

Not many people understood the respective resposibilities of State and Federal Governments.   There are also people who dont understand the differences between State and Federal responsibilities.

Senarai Negeri reflects the responsibilities of State Government  whereas Senarai Persekutuan reflects the Federal Government responsibilities.

Senarai Bersama is the joint responsibilities between State and Federal. Each state may differ in the Senarai Bersama.

What are these responsibilities ?

Senarai Negeri

- Undang-undang orang Muslim, Agama dan Adat Melayu
- Pertanian dan Perhutanan
- Tanah
- Perkhidmatan tempatan
- Kerajaan Tempatan
- Jentera Kerajaan Negeri
- Hari kelepasan Negeri
- Kerjaraya Negeri dan Air
- Penyu dan penangkapan ikan di sungai

Senarai Perseketuan ;

- Pertahanan
- Hal-hal luar negeri
- Keselamatan dalam negeri
- Undang-undang jenayah dan sivil
- Kewarganegaraan
- Pilihanraya Persekutuan
- Perdagangan, Perniagaan dan Industri
- Kewangan
- Pengangkutan
- Perkapalan
- Ukur
- Kerjaraya Persekutuan dan Tenaga
- Kesihatan dan Ubat
- Pelajaran
- Kebajikan Orang Asli
- Buruh dan Kebajikan Sosial
- Pekerjaan Ikhtisas
- Persatuan yang tidak ditubuhkan
- Kawalan pes pertanian
- Hari kelepasan am Persekutuan
- Penapisan
- Penerbitan
- Perumahan Persekutuan
- Panggung wayang dan pusat hiburan awam (kecuali lesen)
- Syarikat kerjasama

Finally we look at the Senarai Bersama

Senarai Bersama

- Kebajikan Sosial
- Perlindungan binatang liar, taman kebangsaan
- Biasiswa
- Pengembaraan
- Perusahaan Ternakan
- Perancanagn bandar dan desa (kecuali WP)
- Pengaliran dan pengairan
- Kesihatan Awam, peraturan kesihatan
- Pemulihan tanah perlombongan

What happened when you elect (thinking you are clever) , a state Pakatan Rakyat  government and the Federal Barisan Nasional Government ....?
The State Government, manages land matters, religious affairs (through respective religious Jabatan),Local Services, Municipal Councils, State Machineries, Public Works, Water Management and Fisheries and Penyu..

For Penang state, since 1974, development programs were planned and designed by the Federal Government jointly with the State. The State execute the plan but funding comes from Federal  because Federal control state allocation. The money is with the Federal Government. Gerakan control of Penang since 1974 and its move to join Barisan benefit the people. They understood the Senarai Negeri and Persekutuan well. Together the State and Federal , developed Penang. The State just cant do it on their own. Not like the "dungu" current Penang State government. Lim Guang Eng after one year in 2009 he declared that they cant do a lot of things...!! Of courselah..We are a Federated Government.

Without the support of the Federal Government, the state government can only manage the status quo but it has no money to plan for future development. This is where the State starts to "cari makan" by changing land status to get money for itself so that it can function without the Federal Government support. Another way  , these states , out of its own, will get money from outside (other countries), or business communities , etc..to function properly with enough borrowed money to manage its affairs. This will cause the State to kow tow to these Ah Long as far as state resources and contracts is concerned. Most dangerous Anwar Ibrahim is trying to get funds from USA (The Jews)  for all these Opposition States. Read the book, Confessions of an Enconomic Hitman by John Perkins. Here are some of it ;

"Economic hit men,” John Perkins writes, “are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe...John Perkins should know—he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S.—from Indonesia to Panama—to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative projects were contracted to U. S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts, these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S.-dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks—dictating repayment terms and bullying foreign governments into submission.

The people dont know these facts. None of the Opposition Candidates informed them about these. So when the State have issues like Kg Buah Pala where a dispute about land status occurred, and the matter was brought to the Highest Court in Malaysia.

 Land matter is under the State jurisdiction but in this case the state was render useless.  The State Government  refused to pay off the developer Nusmetro Bhd (out of the court settlement) because the state dont have much money firstly, secondly, the money spent was not worth it as Indians are not the majority in Penang. Thirdly the state cant get money from the Federal government. Malulah nak minta tolong...They hantam the Federal Government nicely during the 2008 election campaigns.

 So Lim Guan Eng declared, the state just got not enough money to settle off the law-suit. Then he blamed the previous state government. Easy way out to cuci tangan. If the previous state government was not voted out, of course they (the state government) will get support from the Federal Government to settle this matter by paying off the developer. The people voted for a new State government as such, they get what they voted for.

If for the Opposition to do any changes , they must control the Federal Government which they cant because there is just not enough stupid people in the whole of Malaysia to be cheated likewise they did with the Chinese , Malay and Indians in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor.

When PR  manages Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor, they cant do much for these states. Just check with Kedah state government, what good has the PAS government did since 2008 apart from giving state lands to the people ? Likewise , the Kelantan state government. The people sufferred because the state is being managed by an administration without money.

Thats why Nik Aziz prayed to Allah so that Najib will be struct by a deadly disease ,  cause our dear PM doesnt want to provide funds from the " so called Wang Ehsan" straight to the Kelantan State.

Money matters is the jurisdiction of the Federal Government and they have a right to deny any opposition states from any financial aid cause that is the meaning of Kerajaan Persekutuan.

The states once it received funding from Federal will use it - to show the people that it is running the State well without even giving credit to the Federal Government. At the end of the day , they will get rid of the good Federal Government. Anyway our Federal Government did released funds to even Opposition States for the sake of the people. Recently Kelantan was allocated RM 438 million for various projects under the Federal Government. Senarai Persekutuan. Not to the State Government.

In the first place where the Federal Government got its money from....It is from the people taxes and other taxes levied on businesses and other incomes from the services provided to the people. The Federal Government uses these incomes to build infrastructures to attract more FDI. With low tax levied to foreign investors, cheap labour and good infrastructure, FDI came in to Malaysia like red herrings. The planning and organizing of these activities , done by our  Federal Government from the Rancangan Malaya Pertama since 1957 till now.  We are where we are now because of all these planning and policies by our Federal Government. Here are all the policies and planning that were administered splendidly by our good Federal Government.

Economic Planning
Pradasar Ekonomi Baru
1956 – 1960    (Rancangan Malaya Pertama)
1961-1965       (Rancangan Malaya Kedua)
1966 – 1970 (Rancangan Malaysia Pertama
Dasar Ekonomi Baru
1971 – 1975    (RMK-2)
1976 – 1980    (RMK-3)
1981 -  1985    (RMK-4)
1986 – 1990    (RMK-5)
Dasar Pembangunan Nasional
1991 – 1995    (RMK -6)
1996 – 2000    (RMK -7)

Dasar Wawasan Negara
2001 – 2005    ((RMK -8)
2006 – 2010    (RMK -9)
Wawasan 2020
2006 - 2020
Model Ekonomi Baru
2011 – 2015    (RMK -10)
Empat Tonggak Transformasi Negara
·         1 Malaysia
·         Program Transformasi Kerajaan
·         Program Transformasi Ekonomi
·         Rancangan Malaysia ke Sepuluh

Other Policies

Dasar Pandang ke Timur
Dasar Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan
Dasar Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah
Dasar Penerapan Nilai-nilai Islam dalam Pentadbiran
Dasar Pengurangan Beban Perbelanjaan Awam
Dasar Peningkatan Daya Pengeluaran Negara
Dasar Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia
Dasar Pensyarikatan Malaysia
Dasar Penswastaan
Dasar Pertanian Negara
Dasar Hala Cara Baru Dalam Pembangunan Kampung dan Luar Bandar (DESA)
Dasar Kependudukan Negara
Dasar Urbanisasi (Dasar Perbandaran Negara)
Dasar Perindustrian Negara
Dasar Perumahan Negara
Dasar Negara Bagi Perpustakaan dan Perkhidmatan Maklumat
Dasar Keselamatan Jalan Raya (Kejara)
Dasar Automotif Nasional
Dasar Perhutanan Negara
Dasar Perindustrian Berat

Where is the charge that our Federal Government was administered by corrupted managers ? There are issues definitely and unhealthy practices but nevertheless anyone who broke the law , will nilly willy have to face the music. We read in newspapers, big fish as well as small fish are all taken to court.

Members of Parliment or State Representative needs money for their constituencies they are managing. Apart from managing these constituencies, people asked favours from them. They need to move around to meet and at times solve people problems there and then. Where do the money comes from ? Nik Aziz admitted, that the resources are limited but the request sky high. Lim Guan Eng said the same thing.

So to solve this problem at times the business communities will help  these MP's and Aduns with contributions and in returned their MP's and Aduns will get viable Government or State Projects for them. Example is like the Penang State Government giving Wifi project worth RM 8.4million to a company without calling for tender. That company in return will "dermalah" to Lim Guan Eng state government some money for them to use to prepare for the next PRU 13.

In the political arena, it is difficult to prove corruption. For this reason, there are often unproven rumors about many politicians, sometimes part of a smear campaign..Politicians are placed in apparently compromising positions because of their need to solicit financial contributions for their campaign finance and sometimes to support their constituencies.  If they then appear to be acting in the interests of those parties that funded them, it could be considered corruption. Though donations may be coincidental. This is a political dilemma.

Sometimes problem occurs that when the contract was given, the company bidding for it is not credible. Than the whole matter will be exposed as a scandal and the parties involved will have to face the music. When there are elements of fraud, then it will be investigated by MACC and other relevant parties. Sometimes to ensure that no leaks of privy information involving million of ringgit that will implicate state government likewise the Selangor State Government, you have people like Teoh Beng Hock falling from 7th floor of Wisma Ma Salam. Teoh Beng Hock death will cover up any wrong doing of the State Government as there is no reason for MACC Officers to murder him or the Federal Government ? 

So this call for reform and weeding out corrupt practices was actually most of the time to undermine the Federal Government to the advantage for the Opposition. Malaysia have not reached the level known as - neologism kleptocracy. Go check this word up..We the people only change the Government if the corruption level reaches neologism kleptocracy. Remember that.

This is an apt statement by our Chief of Justice - Tun Zaki Azmi on judicial matters ;

"There is a small group of vociferous people out there, who go onto the internet and blogs and Facebook and all that and make comments without knowing the proper background. Many are not even lawyers.

It seems to me that for these people, as long as you make a decision against the government and the party in power, then the court is fair and reasonable. The moment you make a decision in favour of the government or the party in power, then the court is biased. But they have forgotten how many election petitions the Barisan Nasional (BN) has lost. They (BN) have lost about three quarters of such petitions, if I'm not mistaken."

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Central Government is in charge. So to ensure that the states and federal work hand in hand, the people either give all to the Opposition or give all to the ruling Government...The current Government cannot be defeated just like that because it has proven time and again that they are an excellent administrator as we have stated earlier. As far as corruption is concerned, it is an individual matter.

The Opposition must paint a horrible picture of the ruling Federal Government so that they could demonstrate that the whole Government are corrupted. Again smear campaigns.  If the whole Government is corrupted, then there will not be any single development and for hundred of years Malaysia will remain the same. That is not true.

In Egypt, 30 years ago, there were high un-employement rate, slow growth but the Government is rich and  the poverty level is very high.Today after 30 years, still high unemployment rate, high poverty rate and no real development. The government remain still even richer. That is a sign that the whole government is corrupted. neologism kleptocracy. Than the people WILL get rid of the government without any opposition parties to tell them so. No need Anwar..no need PR...The people will do it on their own likewise in Egypt.

 What was Malaysia in 1960 and what it is now....? We can even see our own lifestyle 20 years ago and now. Look at the car we are using. Look at the cars and conditions our children are now ? Look at our children schools...Look at our roads, hospitals, post office , etc. There are enough evidence that the people and the government progress together.

Malaysia 1960

Malaysia 2011

 In other third world country, like Egypt, the people dont know how much money the Government has and how it is spending it  ?  In Malaysia just purchase any  Malaysia year book and you can verify our Government income and expenditures. Anyway our National Budget is debated and discussed in Dewan Rakyat yearly without fail..The Government even revealed losses when it failed to manage the income properly. Every year we have our Audit Department revealing in details all expenditures of the Government from agencies to ministries and where is the hanky panky stuff ?

So this whole mumbo jumbo about how corrupted our Government is was actually over exgerrated by our Opposition...led by a Tamil movie .. actor...Anwar Ibrahim the Liar...

We Malaysians must  NOT  put our fate in the hands of scoundrel like Anwar Ibrahim the Liar and a coalition like Pakatan Rakyat.

Untill now, for the Sarawak State Election, Pakatan Rakyat cant even decide on the candidates they want to field for this state election. They are still discussing about it. Imagine , we have  just another few more days to go for the state election and PR is still discussing.  They should finalise all these stuff one month ago or earlier than that.  They cant even agree for a State election ? Why ? Their coalition is just not workable.  Do you really think they can run this country ? Hell no !

There is no way for the Opposition to take over Federal Government in the near future and with our Prime Minister revealing one after another the success of his Transformation Program. Slowly but surely our PM is bringing all of us together and paving the way for the next wave of development and progress.

Things are working just nice for Barisan Nasional.

So think twice before voting. We elect ADUN or MP  to make live easy for us. Our Opposition is asking us to vote them so that their Parties can take over Malaysia because they think they are better. Pakatan Rakyat cant even form a workable and stable coalition, how the hell they are going to take over the Federal Government ?

Deng Xiaopeng ( a correction pointed out by my reader - Mr Garret).
This Chinese President once said - it doesnt matter whether the cat is white or black but what matters is that the cat must catch the mouse.

As far as we are concerned, since our current Barisan Nasional coalition is work-able, we give them the States and Federal seats with a minority Opposition as a watchdog. Thats all. The people have spoken in 2008 election and BN has hearken to the voice of the people. There are many changes done by BN and in the next election, we should give BN the benefit of the doubt.

Our cat, the Barisan Nasional , catches mouse since 1957 till now.

Next Posting - Analysis of Penang Parlimentary Seats.


  1. Sekarang baru betul-betul saya mula minat dengan politik. Terima kasih atas penyebaran maklumat serta analisis yang tepat saudara dalam bidang ini. So now the silence majority yang kurang arif tentang politik berpeluang mempelajari tentang apa itu politik.

  2. Another bloody good one, Sir. Well done, again.

    The matter has crossed my mind many a time. But ain't got the deep knowledge to explain it in detail like you have done.

    People ought to know what they get (or don't get) when they vote into power a party (or coalition of parties) that do not control Putrajaya. Kelantan has long been languishing under PAS, hardly any development, the construction sites sign boards often showing Federally funded projects, the state lacking in funds, the people going to other states to seek employment.

    DAP Penang has been basking in the glory of the State that was brought about by the past BN governments, hardly any major project carried out by the current DAP government, Lim Guan Eng trying to fight with the Federal Officer (Penang State Development Officer) in the mass media instead of trying to solve his problem through the proper channel.

    Know where your bread and your glory come from, folks, do think seriously when you vote and do exercise your vote, and vote wisely.

  3. Waaa tuan tuan, saya fikir lebih 1,000 pelawat sehari masuk sini, hit meter tu nampak cepat naik walau pun baru sebulan buka blog. Syabas!

    Banyak orang tak faham kerenah pembangakang mengangkang tak tentu arah tu, DAP mahukan porak peranda, anarkistik kata orang. Dentam dentum ngata orang tapi depa pun buat jugak, ada masa lebih teruk. Hal buat dinasti bapak beri kuasa kpd anak tu BN pun takda buat.

    DAP tiru PAP S’pore, Lim Kit Siang dewakan Lee Kuan Yew hingga kentot LKY pun dia kata wangi. LKY buat anak jadi PM, LKS pun buat anak jadi KM. Apa la ni, depa yang undi DAP tak nampak ke? Anak jantan dia, anak betina dia semua ada jawatan. Tak lama cucu dia pun dapat jawatan.

    Tapi dok mengata orang macam macam. Tun Mahathir anak dia pun dia tak bagi jawatan selama 22 tahun jadi PM.

    Kita keluaqkan apa saja hujah yang boleh buat depa PR, DAP, Lim Kit Siang lintang pukang tunggang langgang.

  4. Sir,

    I support and urge you to continue writing in English because many of the anti-national buggers don't understand BM well and the non-Constitution respecting blokes may get put off by BM.

    I think whether they agree with what you say or not is secondary, but the primary aim must be to get them to understand what you are saying to them.

    What may be meant primarily for Malay audience may be in BM.

    Just an opinion and an urging.

  5. I'm not sure whether the Federal List, the State List etc (Senarai Persekutuan, Senarai Negeri dan Senarai Bersama) are stated in the Federal Constitution. Whatever they are, they have been in existence and practised for over 50 years. No one can dispute that.

    Even if they are stated in the Federal Constitution only and not in the Constitution of the States, unless a particular State Constitution says otherwise, they are applicable to all states in Malaysia because the Federal Constitution is supreme and State Constitutions are subordinate to the Federal Constitution.

    We often hear the statement that no State Constitution must contradict or go against the Federal Constitution as it becomes ultra vires. We expect the PR Government in Selangor has learnt their lesson, been put to shame in the eyes of the public, for trying to dislodge the system for the appointment of the State Secretary, which system has been based on the Federal Constitution pertaining to the powers and prerogatives of the relevant Service Commission.

    The post of State Secretary, State Financial Officer and State Legal Adviser in the former Federated Malay States being on the Federal List, their salaries and expenses connected with their posts are borne by the Federal Government.

    Those State Governments concerned have to acknowledge that and be thankful for the services rendered by the Federal Government.

    Of course, those Federal Officers serve their Master - those who appointed them and pay them. So, jangan marah when the Perak State Secretary locked the State Assembly Hall when HRH Sultan Perak made a ruling on the legitimacy of the Nizar PR Government after a few of their members deserted them some time ago. The State Secretary was just carrying out his duty anyway, though seen as being Federal-ing by the frustrated lot who took the unprecedented and somewhat blasphemous and non-judicious action of holding "a State Legislative Assembly under a tree".

    Those ungrateful ingrates must never be allowed to control Putrajaya. With their kind of past record, racist election manifesto and campaign speeches, irresponsible post-election behaviour that led to racial riots in 1969, and their current political stand which includes attempts at the dismantling of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, they would bring disharmony, increasing racial tension, chaos and disorder in the country.

  6. Where got PR able go Putrajaya? Where have unity in PR? They fight themselvs. Look DAP say never to PAS Hudud. PAS objected to Anwar showing face in Tenang and other campaign. Anwar speaking only few minits. He always talk long one. DAP, PKR fight seats for Sarawak.

    Anwar Sodomy 2. PKR party elections many not right, leaders run away. Even Zaid cabut. Anwar, wife Azizah and daughter Nurul all in top PKR. Dinasti like lim Kit Siang. Lain olang tak bole.

    They kelang kabut one, cannot rule good.

    How to vote PR. Rugi undi only if vote them.

  7. May I say that before anyone thinks that it’s easy to get Jewish or whatever foreign money into the country and wanting to support Anwar, Guan Eng and group, they need to be informed that national monetary laws and regulations require that

    - any funds coming into the country for whatever purpose must go through Bank Negara, people who ar responsible to see that development projects are thought out prudently to avoid the country going into a financial mess, even bankrupt

    - State Governments cannot simply borrow funds and issue guarantees for loans taken. They may attempt to do so, but bear in mind that those, even far-away foreigners, thinking of lending millions of Dollars always check the laws, know the laws before they part with even a sen. They would have known that State Government guarantees are worthless if not backed by the Federal Government.

    - The Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department (which is larger than any Ministry any time in terms of qualified and senior officers) arranges for Federal Government guarantees. They are based on evaluations on economic feasibility, projected Rates Of Returns (Internal or whatever the economists call them) … etc. What is “etc” – remember that they are Federal Officers and must serve the interest of the Federal Government.

  8. PAO,

    You said, “Members of Parliment or State Representative needs money for their constituencies they are managing.” The PR Selangor Exco also get RM500,000 each per year. Got the one who spend it very fast. Got the one who spend it in crooked ways, with questionable invoices and receipts submitted to the District Officers/ Government Officers.

    The MACC was investigating DAP Exco Ean’s expenditures when Teoh Beng Hock fell from the window and died. Invoices etc in his computer were fishy. Then bloody DAP goons created hulla balloo, exploiting the case, trying to distract attention or whatever it might be. Gangsterish DAP Exco Ronnie Liu behaved thuggishly banging doors of MACC, even of the Klang Hospital mortuary. Not much information came out about the last chap seen with Teoh – the gangsterish-looking Municipal Councillor. Was there any gangsterish threat against investigators or whistle blowers by him or his ilk?

    And the Little Little (repetition intended) Emperor Lim Guan Eng jumped up accusing the MACC of responsibility over Teoh’s death – when the Police were just starting their investigations. Imagine that. Teoh was an MACC witness and only MACC had been disadvantaged by his death, showing unlikelihood of MACC wanting him dead.

    And the death has side-tracked the MACC investigation on DAP Exco Ean. And the cause of death is not known even until to day. See how gullible, insensible and incredible they are.

    How to allow these fellows be in Putrajaya like that? Can any one trust such buggers? No sireee.

    As the Filipinos say, if you vote them, you are looking for trobol.

  9. Yearly petty cash given to each and every ADUN or MP's for their constituencies are supposed to be regulated sums and fully accounted for.

    Nevertheless, ADUNs or MP's financial goes beyond that amount as far as the people are concern.

    What I am talking about is more of the development fund needed for the state. That comes from the Federal.

    To be in politics is a risky business. People look at you as a provider and problem solver. If you cant provide and cant solve problems than you are no good.

    Hence that answer the question why business community support politicians and vice versa.

    Even if Pakatan Rakyat takes over Malaysia, this relationship will always be there. No change. That time , they will justify it differently.

    Just ask-lah Khalid Ibrahim of Selangor. CM resorted to selling cows....

  10. nice writing and always get the fact clear...
    support this team to continue writing

  11. Dont be so naive that everybody is goody-goody and everything is done according to the letter of the law.

    The above statement is meant to many Malaysians simpleton(s) among the Oppositions who always think in a horizontal manner.

    The Opposition supporters are so conditioned that their thinking are always not attached to reality.

    In reality world, we will find errors, mistakes , misjudgements as well as criminal offences committed from people either from the ruling parties or the oppositions.

    The Opposition mind is that whenever any Opposition member / minister or anybody commit actions that go against the law, that is considered as total untrue and a scandalous smear campaign by the ruling parties.

    Whenever anyone from the ruling parties commit anything either big or small than the whole government is implicated and actions with severe punishment must be taken or else that will be considered as cover up..

    In reality...it is not easy to run a perfect government and there is no such thing as perfect government.

    At best I am addressing the naive and goody goody thinking among the oppositions supporters..

    At times it is a figure of speech to spice whatever I am saying...No offence intended..

    Thanks for your comments and advise. We must stay united !

  12. External financial support.

    There are many ways to bring in external financial aid to this country without even being detected.

    Legitimate business can be created as a front to receive payments for goods and services. A financial consultant can receive payment from abroad by just being a third party as an Introducing Broker from various foreign ECN's - Electronic Commerce Network. It will be reflected as either investment or payment for goods or services. Pay the Government Tax and the fund is yours.

    Secondly there are various NGO's in Malaysia whom activities were never verified. They may receive grants from overseas for the charitable works they are doing.

    There is a club in Penang called Heritage club. There are NGO's there operating solely on getting funds for single parent , Aids , abused childdren, etc...I used to work for them in writing Detailed Report Plans to get overseas grant. The amount given is substantial.

    The Jews have developed ways and means to control this world beyond our imagination.

    Anwar had been receiving funds by the millions from APCC...How ? You go and ask him lah...! Anyway, good comment.

    There are also syndicate who provide money transfer services for a fee..

  13. "Jiang Zemin
    This Chinese President once said - it doesnt matter whether the cat is white or black but what matters is that the cat must catch the mouse."

    Dear Sir,

    Not nit-picking, but for your information, the above statement was actually made by former Chinese President Deng Xiaopeng. Jiang Zemin probably just quoted Mr. Deng's famous words.

    By the way, I enjoy your blog very much. Your views are often logical and interesting.

    Thank you.

  14. Thank you very much Garret. I am open for correction. You are right..I will change that immediately..