Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lesson We can Learn from Belarus

A Lesson of Belarusian is documentary from the former Soviet Republic of Belarus. The country is often labelled the last dictatorship in Europe, ruled by president Aleksander Lukashenko's arbitrary and ruthless iron fist.

If we listen to Anwar Ibrahim speeches, we were given the impression that the ruling government is a dictatorship government. There is no freedom. We believe that Anwar Ibrahim is in a delusional condition. He is desprate. All those people who puts him in trouble are people who were once close to him. Ummi Hafilda to begin with, is the sister of his right hand man Azmin. Azizan was his driver. These are people who confessed as a victim against him. He was given the choice to leave peacefully but he decided to fight. The complaint should be against him. He lobbied the people to start Reformasi and started street demonstration. We Malaysians, are PEACE loving people. Since May 13 , 1969, we have learned our lessons. Anwar is bringing us back to the law of the jungle. Anwar has his own agenda and personal interest and he doesnt mind to bring us back to May 13, 1969. All of Anwar Ibrahim supporters, are like zombies who could not think at all. All the Keadilan and Perjuangan is just to defend Anwar's back. One man, hijacked a whole nation. We called this being ANWARED.  He incited the Chinese and Indians , not to respect KETUANAN MELAYU. The Chinese and Indians in this country were never treated like a second class citizen in this country. Just look at Belarus. They cant have their own school. They cant speak their own language. They have to go underground to sing their songs. None of these happens to the Chinese or Indians in this country or to anybody. Dont be fooled by Anwar Ibrahim. Chinese and Indians are allowed schools, languages, religions and cultures of their own. The Belarusians were not even allowed to publish and sell papers in their language. Here in Malaysia  we see, even, Opposition Parties newspapers in the stand everywhere. We all should be gratefull to God for giving us this beautifull country Malaysia. We must uphold PEACE and HARMONY in Malaysia. Reject the Opposition. Watch the video. Malaysia will be just like that if the Opposition ruled over us. You have been warned ! PAS and DAP with Anwar in PKR is a time bomb, waiting to explode. We will just be like BELARUS then. The Komtar Adun incident in Penang is the beginning of this unrest. First time in the history of Malaysia, a Chief Minister receives a coffin from the people. What a shame !

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