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Lim Guan Eng - The Chinese Pharoah of Penang

Lim Guan Eng is not as good as he is made to appear. It is only a political gimmick created by the DAP machinery that make him to appear as though he is doing a good job.

Why must we praise Lim Guan Eng as he is merely an administrator who has done nothing to uplift the current status of Penangite ?

Since 2008 till now, no significant new job oppurtunities created for the People of Penang. How many new factories did Mr Lim Guan Eng opened from 2008 till now ? Any new economic models did he unveiled to the Penangites since taking over Penang ?  Did he open up any new schools ? Any new hawker centres ? Any new sports centre ?

The WIFI initiatives is given priority  because , the Opposition propaganda works well over the Internet. The Oppositions is communicating with the people via Facebook, Tweeter and Blogs. Little wonder Lim Guan Eng wants the whole of Penang to be freely wired as soon as possible. I am asking..Is that number one priority for Penangite ?

The people around Lim Guan Eng started to pocket money for their own benefits which we term cari makan and he is not aware what is going on. Sources close to Penang Administration, revealed to us that Lim Guan Eng political aide has a three storey house in Penang. This is accountability indeed for the State Government.

How many new house ownership programs that Mr Lim Guan Eng launched since taking over from the BN adminstration ? The BN Government  built thousands of Tsunami houses since 2007 till now. The monthly payment for these Tsunami houses are only RM 50.00 per. month. These houses design like a small bungalow lot, with built up area of 1000 sq.ft is very spacious and it was given to Malay , Chinese and Indians alike in Penang.

Kindly visit SPNB website to see what Housing Projects installed for the people in Penang that the BN Government planned and executed since 2007. The BN government did not even discriminate the Penangites eventhough Penang is under Pakatan rule.

Since taking over in 2008, what has Lim Guan Eng done to help reduced prices of consumer products in Penang ? Did he work with any agricultural associations in Penang who are responsible to import fish, vegetables , poultry, dairy products into Penang from elsewhere ? Did Mr Lim Guan Eng ever plan with these people to ensure that Penangite enjoy low prices of consumer products ? Did he ?

Truly these few indicators shows that there is nothing really good since 2008 that Mr Lim Guan Eng brought for Penangite. His only success is to hold Pakatan Rakyat Conventions by using the state facilities all over Penang , to allow PAS and PKR leaders to talk to the Penang people. They have been talking together since 2008 till now. NATO. No Action, Talk Only.

Race relations in Penang especially since the Adun Komtar incident at the Nasi Kandar Restaurant causes extreme unhappiness among Indian Muslims in Penang. The Indian Muslims community is one of the most influential community in Penang and hurling racial remarks like "mamak balik India" is totally malicious and unforgiven. It is devilish indeed. During BN tenure in Penang, the Indian Muslims were a happy lot. DAP is a Chinese extremist party. We must get rid of this extremist party from Penang.

Transportation problems in Penang. Did Lim Guan Eng do anything at all to ease the transport problem for Penangite ? None at all..Apart from doing some rescheduling over vehicles movement on the Penang Bridge, he did nothing.

But on the contrary....

Prime Minister has announced on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year (2007) that Rapid Penang would be launched in Penang, modeled after Rapid KL, to solve the public transportation problems in Penang.

This project would involve RM50 Million from Federal Government which would be used to procure buses, as well as building bus stops, bus schedule sign boards etc for Rapid Penang implementation. It would involve the planning by those who have transformed public transportation in KL through Rapid KL.

Now people from Penaga, can just sit in one Rapid Penang bus and they can go straight to Komtar via Penang Bridge. Even the Penang people voted for the Oppositions, but our PM kept  his promise.

Here is a reproduction of one experiance from a rakyat  with this Chinese Pharoah of Penang.

"Recently, the limousine service monopolising the Bayan Lepas Airport increased their fares by a heft 15% for no apparent reason. For e.g. the trip from the airport to Batu Ferringhi went up from RM67 to RM75 for a mere 30 km journey. I wrote this in his (Lim Guan Eng) Facebook account and his loyalists & handlers called me an idiot, a BN-paid cybertrooper, called me stupid, and all kind of vulgar names. It was a sincere feedback to him thru his Facebook & this was the reception I get.

So, unless CM Lim cleans up the acts around him or else he will just be unapproachable...

His communication team then insisted I write to him on his e-mail, no response. They even passed the buck to another Putrajaya party…

On the subject of road signs being wrongly worded, like Batu Ferringhi becoming Batu Feringgi on road signs, Air Itam becoming Air Hitam, Tg Bungah becoming Tg Bunga etc, it was the same. They harangued and harassed me for posting the feedback".

What kind of a Chief Minister if he cant even manage road signs ? It is the small things that reflects your mentality and accountability towards the people ?

Jom pakat-pakat UBAH .....this visitor from Melaka...

I  leave you with a quote - 15 July 2009, from Liew Chin Tong, who is adviser to the Penang chief minister

" we don’t necessarily have a very loyal and effective civil service"

"..we do face incompetency and some uncooperativeness"

 "state power is also very limited while people’s expectations are sky-high"

All these were said in 2009. This is  "Tai-Chi" Theory..just after one year ruling, PR government declared that they are blaming the civil servants of Penang for their incompetencies and lack of power whereas for any single good thing done all credit goes to Lim Guan Eng who is  an Anugerah for the People of Penang..

Why dont tell Penangite before the 2008 Election that we cant do much in Penang even after we are voted by the people caused the civil servants are not loyal and not effective and the power we have in Penang is also limited. This is deceiving method employed by DAP. You inherit a state and you declared that you cant do much. Your hands are tied. All this while, you are condemming the previous Government !


Penang needs a local Chief Minister. Period. What we have now is a Pharoah from Melaka.

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