Thursday, 31 March 2011

On Datuk T Sex Video - PAS Ignored Quranic Principle !

If a profligate (fasiq) comes to you with news, make sure you understand it (tabayyanu) and make sure you know it indeed happened (tathabbatu), or else you will attack people out of ignorance and end up in great remorse
(Qur’an 49:6).

What is a profligate ?

An immoral or wicked person.

The Quran stressed on the importance of verification of the truth even if the news bearer is an immoral or wicked person ? Why ?

Verification of the news is important because the personality of the person or person(s) is to be seperated from the news that he/she brought forward. The information brought forward should be ascertained as the action of verifying the truth will benefit the people if it is the truth and might also avoide people from wrongly attacked and caused future regret.

The Quran uses two words here.

a] (tabayyanu)
Make sure you understand it.

So the Quranic principle applies in information filter as well as journalism, is that any news, before we comment on it, need to be understood. This is fardhu ain as it is strictly enforced in the Quran. To understand a message , news or piece of information is extremely important as it is considered as ibadah.

make sure you know it indeed happened .

Secondly , we must find the means to ensure that , the news brought forward by even a fasiq, indeed happened. This is our responsibility as required by the Quran in Surah 49:6

So in Islam , we should NOT even defame a sinner(s) , immoral person(s), wicked person(s) if he/she bring news to us. We should ascertain that news so that we could arrive to the conclusion whether the news is trusworthy or not. If it is proven false than we should take it up against the rumour monger and if it is proven otherwise than we take appropriate action(s) fittingly against people or condition or situation that was truthfully described by the news.

If PAS is truly an Islamic party which uphold Islam, this simple principle which the Quran clearly describes should be held up. Instead , on the said Datuk T video here are some statements made by leading PAS leader ;

Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat menyifatkan perbuatan menayangkan rakaman video seks yang dikatakan membabitkan seorang pemimpin pembangkang bersama seorang pelacur warga China di sebuah hotel kepada pihak media sebagai perbuatan tidak bermoral.

Mursyidul Am Pas itu berkata, lebih memalukan apabila perbuatan itu didalangi tiga 'individu bergelar' dan pernah menjadi pemimpin sebuah kerajaan negeri.

Katanya, beliau berasa amat malu untuk membaca berita mengenai pendedahan skandal terbabit ­kerana ia dilaporkan oleh ­semua media massa di negara ini.

Here is the irony. Rather than telling the people that as Muslim(s), we must ascertain  ](tathabbatu)make sure you know it indeed happened , or else else you will attack people out of ignorance and end up in great remorse” PAS and all the leadership together with them ignored injunction from the Quran but rather follow their NAFSU in supporting Anwar Ibrahim blindly and attack the people who brought the news to be certified by the Media.

As far as the Quran is concerned, Nik Aziz , Haji Hadi and even Anwar Ibrahim are indeed wrong for attacking the trio Datuk T. 

I end with the verse again for us to ponder...

If a profligate (fasiq) comes to you with news, make sure you understand it (tabayyanu) and make sure you know it indeed happened (tathabbatu), or else you will attack people out of ignorance and end up in great remorse
(Qur’an 49:6).

"They who are born of chickens scratch the earth." (Corsican proverb)


  1. This is another well written post. With quotes and proverbs that are relevant.

    I don't know much about Islam beyond the basic for one's ordinary religious duties. But I think Nik Aziz is mengarut. Saying "Tuhan pun mencarut".

    Even if his Arabic knowledge led him to interpret any verse of the Qur'an that way, he is an old man and should not say to the public such an interpretation. What more he has positions of responsibility. Mursidur - whatever that means - and especially as Menteri Besar.

    Maybe in Kelantan many people are "kagum" (the word he used for Karpal Singh) on him. But not elsewhere. That's why in other states PAS has not made much headway. PKR Ulu Selangor, Tenang, Merlimau and Jerantut(?), showed that.

  2. Saya minat mahu tahu bukti "Tuhan pun mencarut". Mana satu Firman Allah yang begitu.

    Saya dah tanya 2-3 kali dibeberapa blog. Termasuk blog "kickdefella" yang banyak pembaca orang PAS. Takda satu pun yang menjawab. Walau pun banyak komen menunjukkan mereka orang PAS atau penyokong kuat.

    Saya akan tanya lagi disana sini. Mana satu Firman Allah diAl Qur'an yang dikatakan mencarut?

  3. Has anyone never wondered about the profligacy of the PAS leadership? Pretty obvious isn't it? In the statements they make, the way the statements are made, their dismissive attitude, just to list a few of their profligate ways. Look at their faces too when they issue statements, the bile that comes out accompanied by saliva sprayed all over the place.

    No imagination needed, just watch and listen.

  4. Hopefully with PAO's permission, I wish to address ayah, if I may.

    I have many a time been aghast at the wanton disregard for mainstream opinion shown by PAS leadership, especially Nik Aziz. I have often been wondering aloud as to why he goes the way he does, including a disregard of the expectations of Islam in the video case as pointed out by PAO above. Read here and there but can't find a satisfactory answer. Perhaps you can give one.

    So many insensible words and utterances by the old man. Kafir mengkafir, Tuhan mencarut, kagum dengan Karpal when Karpal blasted his Hukum Hudud proposal by harshly saying "Over my dead body", now DAP, a partner in the PR coalition, hitting at his anti-gambling policy actions. Yet PAS leaders allowed Nik Aziz to continue as MB and carry the title Mursidur. I suppose it's politics but what kind of politics is that?

  5. Saya fikir Nik Aziz mahukan jawatannya sehingga mati. Dia akan lakukan apa yang dia telah laku selama 20 tahun yang lalu dan kebanyakan orang Kelantan yang kurang mahir dalam agama akan angkat tangan, sengeh dengan kata kata dia dan pangkah dia bila mengundi.

    Saya sudah lama bosan dengan dia dan mengaku terlintas dikepala dari masa kemasa mengharapkan orang pangkah dia dari segi ajalnya. Tapi saya sekat fikiran begitu sebab salah dari segi undang undang agama dan undang undang sivil.

    Terbaca pulak dipos lama blog kegemaran saya Jebat Must Die bahawa Fadzil Nor Presiden PAS dahulu pun ada mengetuai upacara sembahyang hajat beramai ramai agar TDM meninggal duni cepat (pada masa itu berlaku saya tidak berapa minat, tidak banyak komen, hal politik). Selepas Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang diundang makan malam diIstana Trengganu dimana Najib dan Muhyiddin pun dilaporkan ada, nampaknya tidak ada jalan lain bagi mendapatkan perpaduan Melayu dan memecahkan barisan pembangkang. Terlintas dipemikiran saya lagi jika ada pihak yang mahu mengadakan sembahayang hajat agar Nik Aziz menemui ajalnya dengan cepat. ("Terlintas" ya, saya tak kata lain).

    Kalau ada jalan lain bagi mendapatkan perpaduan Melayu dengan cepat, silalah beri tahu.

  6. Not really off-topic but “on the importance of verification of the truth even if the news bearer is an immoral or wicked person”, the PR Slangor Government should encourage and promote the calls for the video verification made here and there because they have just passed the Freedom of Information Bill on 1 April 2011.

    They chose to table and approve the Bill on April Fool’s Day not without significance because the DAP Exco who tabled it was Elizabeth Wong. Isn’t she the woman who was photographed practically naked by the married man boyfriend, involved in an affair without freedom of information.

    That it was passed on April Fool’s Day perhaps was designed as part of the hula baloo to gain publicity. The Bill allowed a lot of discretion at the hands of the State Information Board. No one can do anything substantive on freedom of information laws as the Federal Constitution and other Acts passed by Parliament have covered that subject pretty well. In fact, it was reported that the draft had to be amended and re-amended until it lost much substance because the legal minds working on it did not want any conflict with the Federal Constitution and become ultra vires.

    Much ado about nothing. That’s lawmakers’ time squandered and money wasting Opposition allowed to rule Selangor at PRU12. Let’s vote wisely at PRU 13.

  7. The PR supporters will again cry out loud "Theory Conspiracy".

    A conspiracy can only be arranged based on one's weakneses.

    In the case of Anwar, it is his sex drive that proves to become his weakness.

    It is nearly impossible for Anwar to live without sex. Being a well known political figure he needs a middle man to supply him with girls and boys.

    In the past, he has Datuk Nalla and Sukma as his middle man.

    From Datuk Eskay's press conference, it is obvious that Datuk Eskay knows too well of Anwar's sex activities. It is not only about the sex video but Datuk Eskay also opened up another question mark on Anwar' credibility as a leader when he posted the 5 cunning questions of Anwar's activities in Thailand for the past 2 years.

    In other words, Anwar is a leader at risk. Why at risk? It is of his own weakness. His wild and uncontrollable sex drive, prostitution and homosexual activities will kill Anwar.

    Giving PR benefit of the doubt, I say that this is a conspiracy. However, the imporatnt factor here is that he did it..Anwar did it and lets admit that Anwar has a problem.

    He is an easy blacmail target. He will be blacmail now and in the future. The blackmailing will only stop when he died.

    If you love Anwar...then bring him down.

    Abu Hamzah Hitmen

  8. The police said...The video is genuine....and now we wait for...and the Oscar goes to ....we have three nominees...

    Mr X - Movie / Depan Boleh....
    Mr Y - Movie / Belakang Saja....
    Mr A - Ayam Cina Datuk T...

    Somebody sent me this comment....very funny lah !