Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pakatan Rakyat Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star vs Barisan Nasional Punjabi Idols.

As shown from the above video, this is the Pakatan Rakyat drama all over Malaysia. It is the same song sang again-again in little-little different tunes. That is the Pakatan Rakyat show. It sounds nice but it is actually the same song.

The below video is the Barisan Nasional dance show . It is  a better show that puts the people  off their feet because it combines Punjabi Bhangra with the dance of Michael Jackson. Barisan Nasional must do both. This is actually the forgotten dance of Barisan Nasional. BN is coming with this dance show for PRU 13.....As Nike puts it - JUST DO IT !


  1. wei, new blogger meh?

    btw, gd piece!

  2. Not just one "gd piece", man. Many bloody good pieces. I enjoy reading the analyses in here. These are people of substance, it seems to me.

    And I like the response to Meh - maa!

  3. keep it up bro .. hg dah lama lupa kat aku no ..
    tanam jagong sama sama bro ..
    Goreng jgn tak goreng.