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Pariah by Bob Fingerman

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From Tamil பறையர் (paṟaiyar), from பறையன் (paṟaiyaṉ, drummer), from பறை (paṟai, drum). Parai refers in Tamil to a type of large drum designed to announce the king’s notices to the public. The people who made a living using the parai were called paraiyar; in the caste-ridden society they were in the lower strata, hence the derisive paraiah and pariah. Now the term is used to describe an outcast in English.

pariah (plural pariahs)
  1. An outcast
  2. A demographic group, species, or community that is generally despised.
  3. Someone in exile
  4. A member of one of the oppressed social castes in India.
  5. A person who is rejected (from society or home)


  • 1842William Makepeace Thackeray, The Fitz-Boodle Papers (Fitz-Boodle's Confessions, preface [1])
    What is this smoking that it should be considered a crime? I believe in my heart that women are jealous of it, as of a rival. They speak of it as of some secret, awful vice that seizes upon a man, and makes him a pariah from genteel society.

  • 1985Robert Holmes, The Two Doctors, p 14
    ‘I’m a pariah, outlawed from Time Lord society.’

Pariah may refer to:
Coming back to the term "pariah" in Interlok, it is best that either the text be withdrawn or the term removed from the text. Here is one reason why this should be so. Non-Hindus may wrongly understand that all Hindus are pariahs and start labelling them so.
Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Our question is, just by removing the word "pariah" from interlok, will that ensure that  Non-Hindus may NOT wrongly understand that all Hindus are pariahs and start labelling them so. This is extreme prejudice on the part of the Indians motivated by people like Anwar Ibrahim. Kindly refer to the Wikepedia entries on Pariah..There are songs, books , state, video game, film, quotations, etc..Do we have to ban all these just to ensure that all Hindus are not wrongly labelled as pariah ? The word pariah even Indian in origin has been absorbed in the English vocabulary as well. Now it also means an outcast among the English. We need to understand used or mentioned of words. When you mentioned a word or describe it, it does not mean an insult. It is when you used it against a person, people or anything, then it turned to be an insult.

No Malays or Chinese in Malaysia ever considered any Indians as pariah, with or without Interlok. Period !

Look at this book below...


This is an American publication entitled Pariah. It is available in Malaysia. Do we ban this book now.

From Publishers Weekly-This is the review of the Book - Pariah

Starred Review. When a zombie pandemic sweeps the land, a group of survivors hide out in an Upper East Side apartment building. As food supplies dwindle tensions rise, and their only salvation appears in the form of Mona, a mysterious girl who repels the zombies. Though Mona brings food to the survivors and a new sense of possibility, they wonder why she's impervious to the zombie hordes and endeavor to discover her secret. But their decision to put it to the test could shatter the safe, careful world they've built for themselves. Fingerman's latest is a spectacular entre in the zombie genre, largely due to his focus not on the undead but on the living, investigating our humanity and how easily we can turn on each other. But what truly distinguishes Pariah from other worthwhile entries is its humor in the face of bleak and extremely disturbing events (the sociopathic jock, Eddie, for instance, enjoys fishing for zombies in a manner that will turn readers' stomachs). The lack of resolution is unsettling, but what could be resolved in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead? Readers should shamble to the store for this one. (Aug.) (c)
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