Tuesday, 22 March 2011

We dont have credible Opposition !

I have attached a video of President Obama as an example for our Opposition to emmulate. Over the years, looking at members of our Opposition, we have not seen anything that resembles an alternative to Barisan Nasional. Here are few reasons why they are not.

  • The current opposition, just cannot co-operate as a solid front due to differing ideologies among them.
PKR is a multi-racial populist party which currently embroiled not in governing and administering the people towards any real improvement but in defending their current President from allegations upon allegations. Good people among the PKR must stand up againts the President and advise him quitely to step down and retire peacefully to seek for atonement. He is the heaviestt liability for PKR currently.

PAS on the other hand is an Islamist party who promised the Malays that they will set up an Islamic state for them and try to persuade the non-Muslim to accept this idea. The problem with this notion is that, PAS is using politics to champion their Islamic cause. The real method in making Malaysia a total Islamic country is by doing da'wah and showing real good examples that as Muslim, they are modern, learned, successful, and professional in whatever they are doing, Good examples I mean only good examples will attract non-Muslim to embrace Islam. They are not doing that. The fact that they cant reconcile with UMNO , is a fact that they are not true followers of Islam. Muslim are suppose to be ever forgiving and look forward to forge brotherhood rather that spreading hate towards other Muslim. PAS hate UMNO so much that they regards UMNO members as non-Muslim.

DAP is an ultra non-Malay party. They are the sheep in wolf clothing. They main agenda is to remove the special rights of the Malays whose land they are a welcome and equal guest but they do not want to acknowledge the rights of their host. They reject PAS , Islamic state.

  • On the ideological level we can see that the Pakatan Rakyat is not a strong coalition and how can they expect to be a rival or dream to be an alternative to Barisan Nasional.
  • Pakatan Rakyat are more embroiled in party issues rather than isuues concerning the people whom they are governing.
  • Support for the Pakatan Rakyat is not a support which reflects that the people had seen and experianced the development and the good governance brought by Pakatan Rakyat. It is more of a protest vote for Barisan Nasional. PAS was once part of UMNO and PKR without doubt was UMNO. A soon as Barisan Nasional development program for the people, the ETP's starts to bear fruits, the pendulum will swing to the other side.
  • Support for the Pakatan Rakyat is also due to misunderstanding of the people of the global economic recession. The people attributed the recession to bad administration of Barisan Nasional but actually it is not. Even Singapore is affected by the global recession and it has not nothing to do with PAP governance. This is a lie brought about by Pakatan Rakyat.
  • Pakatan Rakyat does not have Improvement Programs to rival Barisan Nasional grand Econimic Development Programs. PAS , DAP and PKR just dont have the money to do anything as the money is with the Federal Government. The money with the Federal Government is due to good governance over the years on the nation finance which was developed and improved upon at its height during the tenure of Tun Dr Mahathir. Our current Prime Minister , exercise prudency in his financial approach and the coffer of the Treasury is in the surplus despite allegations of malpractice charged against the Barisan Nasional government. Only yesterday MITI announced over more than RM 430million will be provided for 10 major projects for Kelantan alone. This shows that for the sake of the people, the Federal government doesnt discriminate between Pakatan and non Pakatan states.
  • Till to date, we dont know what is the Long and Short term economic development programs of the Pakatan. All we know is cutting of all kinds of taxes and tolls when PR rules over us. Till today in Penang, all the inner ring roads toll have not been abolished. Perhaps they realised that they too need revenue in order to operate the state government.

Review the video and thats how our Opposition suppose to speak and act. Not giving great rhetoric to the people telling them he is no Mr Y or Mr X......Anwar Ibrahim is one of the most least beneficial person for this country. He has wasted a lot of our time, divides us Malay, Indian, Chinese and plans to bring Malaysia down to the lizard hole.

We must wake up to realise that, at times, the people who is going to govern us is not important but what they can do for us is much more important. So far, Anwar Ibrahim has done absolutely nothing and that is true as well for Pakatan Rakyat...

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