Saturday, 9 April 2011

The 2nd Jumper off the MACC Building

When a man jumps off the MACC building, somehow rather that is a clear indication that the government is trying to cover up something ! First we must establish whether the witness is hostile towards the government or  is he actually in support of the government ? Is the government loosing or gaining with the information he has ?

I happen to know a little bit about this Custom and forwarding agents making money through tax evasion. A container may contain goods worth RM 200K value of tax. The forwarding agent may ask only RM 50K from the owner of the container to save the company RM 150K worth of tax for one container. Supposedly for that day, there are 10 containers from that company X, for RM50K per container, company X saves - RM 1.5million. per day. That's how much the government looses just from company X. The RM 50K charged for tax evasion fee per.container will be shared among custom officers and forwarding agents.

Forwarding agents and collaborating Customs officers, make huge sums of money out of this corrupt practice. It is actually good for MACC and that Selangor Deputy Director, to shed some light on this matter. The government actually needs this informant. The government is the loosing party in this matter.

The immediate suspects would either be other high rank Custom officers or some very influential owners of big forwarding companies ! The government has got no vested interest in this fiasco as it only benefits corrupt custom officers and forwarding agents.

We should salute the government for having the guts to allow MACC to investigate this matter but unfortunately there are people behind this scandal who doesnt want the matter out in the open.

The TEOH BENG HOCK inquiry will reveal a revelation that the Selangor State Government and the respective ADUNS are involved in some misappropriation of millions of ringgit worth of state funds abused by Selangor PKR Government ADUNS. So it is not to the benefit of the federal government that TEOH BENG HOCK dies. It is the Selangor State Government which benefits from the death of TEOH BENG HOCK.

For the second jumper, the government has got no reason to murder this guy. Nevertheless , DAP immediately sprang on its feet to ask for Royal Commission of Inquiry.

For these two jumpers, the oppositions position themselves so that the federal government will be made to look bad. Apart from these two jumpers, there is one banger, who was shown on video banging a Chinese prostitute, they (the oppositions) call it dirty politics.

What an irony !  Anyway....that's why we have this blog..People Against Opposition.

We must get rid of Pakatan Rakyat.

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  1. We must not only get rid of Pakatan Rakyat. We must also remove all traces of chauvinism, racism, subversion and treachery they have been practising.

    Their chauvinism and racism is clear. The Dong Zong want to promote a China within Malaysia. DAP supports them. DAP glorifies Sun Yat Sen (one building in Penang named after the mainland China leader), wants us to be China first, Malaysia second. Not like they said Malaysia first, Chinese second.

    Subversion can be seen from their Malaysian Malaysia slogan. It subverts Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the Malays. How can they want equality without accepting the Special Position of the Malays. They don't want the Special Position, they should surrender their citizenship right. That was the consideration.

    It might not even be so. Because the British Colonial Secretary told the British Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill that the Malay Special Position has been there "since day one", respected by the British since their first contact with this country - they went to the Malay Rulers asking for trading rights etc. This fact is in the Hansard or the records of the debates in the British Parliament.

    Now the PR blokes jump at MACC the moment a mishap occurs in their premises. Lim Guan Eng even accused the MACC of responsibility over Teoh Beng Hock's death even as the Police were just beginning their investigation. Yet the cause of death has not been determined right to this very day. Bloody ultra kiasu them.

    Now they start pointing fingers at the Establishment soon after another death occurs at MACC Jalan Cochrane. What demented and warped minds these fellows are.

    Agree, get rid of them. Don't vote for them. Highly risky for the country.