Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Chinese and Anwar "The Barua"

By Abu Hamzah the Hitman

The Chinese again showed to Malaysian on their current political orientation. This time they did it in the 10th Sarawak PUN.  DAP won 12 seats compared to 6 in the previous election. The Chinese first stamped their mark in the 2008 general election.

These followed in the few by elections that we had after the 2008 general election when BN lost in the ballot boxes from the Chinese majority area. Did the government really neglected the Chinese community in the past or the Chinese is taking advantage of the "lelaki Y" factor?

In my opinion, the Chinese is taking advantage of "lelaki Y" this case it is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. DSAI claimed in one of his speeches in sarawak recently that the BN is accusing him of becoming a Chinese agent. This is what we call in malay as "perasan"...DSAI is not fit to become a Chinese agent but he is a DAP "barua".

The Chinese is turning their heads towards DAP because with the current situation, DSAI will be the leader of PR. DSAI has many problems and one of his biggest problem is that apart from liking woman, he likes boys too. Top leaders from DAP and PAS knew this for a long long time. It is so sad that this time around DSAI has to bent down to the DAP. 10 years ago, it was Karpal Singh that "anwarized' DSAI in the parliament by claiming that he has evidence of DSAI homosexual activities.

Now, the DAP stalwart is representing DSAI in an another sodomy case involving DSAI. DSAI is the only person in Malaysia that can unite DAP and PAS. Together with PKR they formed PR and it has been proven that PR posed a bigger threat to the BN goverment than any other oppositions that ever lived to challenge BN for the last 50 years.

If PR made it to Putrajaya, then we will have a gay prime minister which at the same time will be a DAP's "barua" altogether. Malaysian PM who is a DAP proxy.  Don't be surprise that DSAI will not repent because he will be provided with more boys and girls by one of the PR component party. This "barua" will be blackmailed and Malaysia will in fact has "many prime ministers' behind the curtain apart from some handsome looking coffee boys.

After all this Permatang Pauh "barua" only interested of becoming a prime minister and sodomize young be it that way. Even if PR fail to capture Putrajaya, the Chinese will remain as a strong decisive factor in any elections. They might not be the majority but the population is significant to turn around the table. Therefore, their voices and demand will not be taken lightly by the government.

Is it wrong to listen to the Malaysian Chinese? No, it is not, but in this multi racial country it is difficult to make everybody happy. Decisions has to be made based on priority not base on race. But the Chinese will utilize this situation in order to maximize their needs in the exchange of votes.

Are we getting the votes? Often being questioned whether the MCA and Gerakan would be able to win the Chinese hearts? In my opinion, it is not that the MCA and Gerakan has not worked hard, but it is simply because the Chinese has made up their mind in choosing the DAP, for now I believed. It is not up to the MCA and Gerakan anymore, the ball now is in UMNO's court.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is doing fine in dealing with this problem. He prefers a diplomatic strategy. The government seems to be willing to listen to their grouses and concerns.

But until when?

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