Monday, 11 April 2011

Chinese Intellect Bias and UMNO is the House of Power !

This Ah Ooi (so called ) Chinese intellect , is actively involved in commenting about a lot of National issues especially when it involves the ruling government members. We take a look at  his unjust criticism and bias-ness towards the ruling party.

Here is a report on the PKFZ and see how shallow Ah Ooi mentality can be in analysing the situation. His conclusion is always racist in nature with the intention to create racial tension in Malaysia.

Dr Ling’s arrest leaves us all guessing — Ooi Kee Beng

August 06, 2010 - Malaysian Insider
Dr Ling has always been considered a powerful behind-the-scenes player in the MCA. The party is in a bad way at the moment. Along with other BN allies, it has failed to rejuvenate itself after suffering bad losses in the last general election. It has also just emerged from a painful internal struggle that has left it vulnerable.

The arrest is bound to cause confusion in the party ranks and severely test the relationship between the present leaders of the MCA and Umno. Whatever the hidden details are surrounding Dr Ling’s arrest, the uncertain nature of politics will continue for some time to come.

Again here we can see a clear example of this kurang ajar Chinese trying to create rift between MCA and UMNO by saying that Umno has given up on winning back a significant number of Chinese votes.

What he is trying to imply that, UMNO and the current administration is targeting Chinese leaders to be persecuted selectively as UMNO do not care for its Chinese coalition members anymore.

That is a lie and very malicious allegation made towards UMNO with utmost racial hatred. Even a primary school child can give few examples to refute that fussy logic behind Ah Ooi's stupid and racist arguments. PKFZ  is under the Transport Ministry and it so happens that a Chinese Minister is handling that portfolio. If there is a scandal involving the Transport Ministry, then the Chinese Minster must come forward to provide some explanations. In recent sweeping of MACC cases, Indians, Malays and Chinese , all are implicated. There are cases implicating Malay Minister as well. Thats how Datuk Azalina Othman got thrown out of the Tourism Ministry as well as from UMNO Majlis Tertinggi and replaced by Datuk Ng Yen Yen from MCA.

In 2008, UMNO won almost 90% of the seats it contested in Penang. MCA and Gerakan lost all their seats. Nevertheless, YB Koh Tsu Koon was transferred to Putrajaya and he was made a minister in the Prime Minister Department. Is this an UMNO racialist attitude towards its Chinese coalition members ? UMNO had never sidelined any coalition member as UMNO view Barisan Nasional as a smart partnership in good as well as bad times. UMNO never suggested that MCA and Gerakan President step down for the huge lost they suffered in 2008 but instead UMNO forced Tun Abdullah to resign.  Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting resigned out of his own conscience. Why dont write about this lah my friend. You are wearing a blinkers on your eyes that you see nothing but the bad about  UMNO and the Malays .
Ah Ooi knowledge of Malaysian history is also very poor. as he continued writing his racist remarks.... 

Some wonder if this is an early sign that Umno has given up on winning back a significant number of Chinese votes, and is instead coldly contemplating the feasibility of a unity government built on cooperation between Umno and the Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS).

Here again what this racist intellect is saying , if UMNO can unite with PAS, it has no use for either MCA or Gerakan.  Barisan Nasional survives not because of superficial relationship. The whole of Barisan Nasional developed care and understanding for all the races , needs and their requirements in this country. The recent stand the government made on matters relating to the use of the word Allah and the Bible issue as well as Interlok showed that the current UMNO lead government sometimes put aside Malay sentiments just to appease the Chinese and Indians in this country. The allegations made by Ah Ooi to UMNO is baseless and malicious. In 1974, PAS rejoined UMNO in Barisan Nasonal but UMNO did not ditched MCA even though MCA lost badly in 1969 elections. You have forgotten Malaysian history because in your black heart Ah Ooi, you are a flesh eating maggot. UMNO never viewed MCA and Gerakan as their stepping stones and used them for their own interest. UMNO respcted MCA and Gerakan because they represented the Chinese majority in this country. Sadly the Chinese now are becoming extremist thanks to DAP and people like you, they have become arrogant and thought that they dont need MCA or Gerakan and BN to champion their cause as they have hearken to the racist minded DAP that will only bring racial adversarial relationship among the major races in Malaysia. DAP has corrupted and poisoned the Chinese mentality as Chinese businesses will suffer the most if there is another racial riot in Malaysia. The extremist among the Chinese have forgotten the reality about the population statistics in Malaysia.

The key to cntrol the Federal Government is to form a coalition with the power house in Malaysia. The reality about who is the power house in Malaysia, lies with the party which has the most representation in Dewan Rakyat as such  UMNO IS THE HOUSE OF POWER !

2008 Election Results

Party %Parliament
Sabah / Sarawak17.00%

UMNO controls - 36% of the representations in the Dewan Rakyat. For any party to benefit itself, they must make an ally out of UMNO and that is the way it could benefit from the Federal Government. PAS and PKR is not strong enough to topple UMNO. Even if the whole Sabah and Sarawak defect to Pakatan Rakyat, it is still not enough to topple the Barisan Nasional because of the strgenth UMNO has. UMNO just needs 10% of MCA and MIC supports to ensure victory for Barisan Nasional. That is how strong UMNO is. The Oppostion Chinese party can fight till the cow jumps over the moon. It is a big mistake made by Chinese if they continue to support DAP because , on its own, DAP is useless.  DAP benefit most with support from PAS and PKR which holds majority votes of 25% in Pakatan Rakyat but yet that support is not good enough to form a Federal Government. Unable to form the Federal Government, Pakatan Rakyat State Governments are all useless organizations without money to do anything.

The Malays supporters of PAS and Pakatan Rakyat are the biggest loosers as they benefit nothing out of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition even in the states 100% controlled by either PAS or PKR. Thats why our friend Khalid , starts to sell cows, sand and land..Nik Aziz is disposing kayu balak like hell and getting Chinese from China to mine gold for Kelantan State government.

Nevertheless, the next election, there will be a sure comeback made by UMNO and BN as many of the Malays and Indians have realised that they  are just supporting a porn star to become a Prime Minister who gets angry when he was questioned about where his wife kept his Omega watch. You cant even care for an Omega watch and you have the chick to dream about becoming the Prime Minister.

PKR and PAS are traitors to their own bangsa kerana they will menang sorak and kampung tergadai. For the Chinese extremist, there will come a time, where your votes count for nothing. If the Malays unite, your lion share will be gone for good.

My advise to all Chinese voters, let DAP go to hell and come back to MCA and Gerakan. UMNO will always care for you. That is a promise or else, there will be disaster. You are surrounded by Malays. There is no way out.




  1. Good writing Sir.

    When a Chinese is arrested for 'huge' corruption, there must be some political game. When A Malay is arrested for 'petty' corruption, nobody is surprise, general election is near.

    This is what happen when greedy, wanabe rich quick people, with racial prejudice become a politician.


  2. I think you are brave to pen your lines towards people who cannot put you in isolation. You mean to say none of the ruling party leaders have not failed the Malays. Look man, drug addicts, rapist,
    throwing new born babies every where possible, killing their own family members, snatch thieves, corruption very rampant, malu ku tanya peranan mu sebagai seorang Melayu. Betulkan nasib bagsamu dahulu sebelum terkuburnya bangsa mu di tanah airnya sendiri. Hanya petualang bangsa tidak melihat gajah didepan mata. Jangan memecahkan lagi bangsa yang berada di hujung tanduk. Taubatlah jangan jual maruah bangsa mu dengan harga yang murah melalui pena yang berlumuran darah bangsanya sendiri. Be like the nons.

  3. In this time and age, any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. I think, I am braving my pen against these fools and I hope you are not one of them.

    Crime index is just one measure of the condition people are in. There are many causes which can be attributed to the high crime index. Why blame the government only ? People in the society as a whole is responsible to support the police to do their job. If we were to change the government overnight, the police force would remain the same. I dont know what is your logic here ?

    Kelantan has a 68% crime rate index. Why dont you take a trip to Kelantan and tell Nik Aziz...Hanya petualang bangsa tidak melihat gajah didepan mata.

    There are problems in the current ruling of the government but at the same time there are also progress made which in 1970 , Malaysian household income was only RM 240 but in 2003 that index leap to RM 3011. This is actually a huge progress for a developing country but sadlay, Malaysians are not aware of this. I am asking you , why make a devil of one and not an angel of the other ?

    The current corruption issues , i think , are being addressed with set up of the MACC. Teoh Beng Hock's death benefit the Selangor state government as he has knowledge on corruption deals which involves millions of ringgit ? Kelantan MB has his son in law running the state incorporated agency which mismanage millions of state funds ? Lim Guan Eng, making a deal with Red Zone to install wifi in 750 spots free for 1st installation but for 2nd installation, state funds pays 84million ringgit just for 750 spots ? Questionlah all these as well.

    Anwar Ibrahim is responsible to break the Malays vote into three. You go and tell him..Jangan memecahkan lagi bangsa yang berada di hujung tanduk. Anwar Ibrahim gave the Penang State to be ruled by racist Chinese untill, Malays traders are being targetted by the City Council to close down operation. Go and tell Anwar Ibrahim - Betulkan nasib bangsamu dahulu sebelum terkuburnya bangsa mu di tanah airnya sendiri.

    Overall i think, you are advising the wrong party. Yesterday, Sarawak has spoken. Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat. The people had enough of the sandiwara of Pakatan Rakyat.

    I think, you are wrong ! Thank you for your comments.