Monday, 4 April 2011

Extremism is the by product of ignorance !

Extremism is the by product of ignorance !  When a person is ignorant, he gets fascinated with even the slightest amount of information. Ignorant people normally idolizes other people whom they feel are superior to them. This feeling of inferiority among the ignorant masses, is being used by political parties like DAP , PAS and PKR, to exert their intellectual capabilities to enslave the thoughts of the people from their very own minds.

With all the hate campaigns, lies and deceits being circulated around to champion the cause of so called reform, these PAKATAN of Evil, manage to divide  the good people of Malaysia to make enemies among themselves.

The hate rhetoric of Pakatan Rakyat leaders who are greedy to take over this rich country founded by the well intention founding fathers who brought us Barisan Nasional whom had served the people completely , which in turn brought prosperity to this country which are enjoyed by Malaysians from all walks of life.

If we were to travel from Perlis right to Johor, we see nothing but well built roads, majestic universities, housing estates, ports , factories and whole area of Free Trade Zones comprising of thousand of factories, research centres, majestic buildings, places of worships for Malay , Chinese and Indians, shopping malls, R&R, cultural centres, hotels, police stations, post offices, Internet cafes, blogger centres, teh tarik stalls, nasi kandar restaurants, food outlets by the road side as well as kopitiam of the highest standards, Banana Leaf outlets, Mcdonalds, KFC , Pizza Huts, Secret Recipe, Victoria Stations, Starbucks, Burger Kings, ethnic based schools, tuition centres, shops houses, office buildings, golf courses, gold centres, cinemas and cineplex, book shops, spa , massage parlors, hospitals and clinics, private education centres, tourists destinations, tourists, foreign workers, airports, Rapid buses , MRT , LRT, Rapid Putra, KTM, factory buses, twin towers, bridges and tunnels, smart tunnels, smart schools, school buses and vans, taxis, so many types of cars and motorcycles and most importantly Malaysians with steady jobs going back and forth picking up children from and to schools and going and coming back from work places and during holiday season, all hotels all over Malaysia are fully booked. Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia.

Are we not well governed ?  What bullshit reforms these so called idiotic intellectuals among the Opposition parties leaders are talking about.

There are cases of mismanagement of tax payer money, poor services, criminals intimidation , graft , corrupt practices and other irregularities but it hasn't reach an epidemic proportion. Even in states occupied by Pakatan Rakyat we see mismanagement of public funds, sexual misconduct , injustice to people , racist leaders , unjust laws, corrupt practices and cover ups which lead to death and so on. So the Pakatan Rakyat cannot give us Malaysians 100% assurance that they will do better than BN. What BN did for Malaysians took them at least 24 years to accomplished. Pakatan need at least 48 years to do better. They fail to manage the people for the past 4 years. What will happen if they were to manage for another 40 years ?

I took a ride from Gurney Plaza in Penang on the PORR, Penang Outer Ring Road then straight into Jelutong Expressway and onto the Penang Bridge and connect onto BORR - Butterworth Outer Ring Road and safely to my house. Who plan, organise , lead and control all these projects ? Not the Pakatan goons. It was the leadership of Barisan Nasional which bring us all the prosperity and wealth we are enjoying right now.

My friend who is a staunch Pakatan supporter changes his third car within 5 years, He works in an offshore oil platform in Malaysia owned by a foreign company. I asked him how come you said that our government is bad but you are working in an offshore oil platform owned by foreigner in Malaysia who believes in the Malaysian government to invest in this country so that you, a Pakatan supporter can work and within 5 years change 3 cars ? Surely there must be something that our Malaysian government did right that FDI kept on coming in ?

He was dumb founded. I told him ...straight on his face..You are being brain washed by Pakatan Rakyat and you have turned into a complete asshole.

The level of ignorant among Malaysians opposition supporters are so bad that they forgot that they are enjoying good deeds done by the current ruling government. That is how they are being brain washed so badly that they became extremist and ungrateful.

The type of political tactics deployed by Pakatan coalition since the arrival of Anwar Ibrahim is nothing but pure hate mongering, facts twisting , racialist as well as ideology supremacist which is politically incorrect.

Within a short few years, we have seen young Malaysians becoming intolerant towards each other and the recent case being a PAS brain-washed religious teacher tortured a 7 year old boy till death.

It is time that we Malaysians wake up..There is no wake up call. We must wake up and reject extremist politics.

We are a simple , humble society. We don't need vicious and angry politicians to lead us to destruction.

I leave you with Louis Armstrong..What a Wonderful World  featuring Kenny G. If you are reading my blog and listening to this song, be sure that you are living a good life to do just that. Be grateful. Vote for BN.

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  1. Extremism also comes out as a reaction to the acts and utterances of extremist and racist blokes.

    When they were given citizenship right, after the 100 years of being stateless in this country - including under British colonial rule - yet do not want to accept the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, are they not exremists? On top of that, bloody DAP want to eradicate that Special Position.

    Those who react may also go to extreme as a result. Too much to bear, for some who are passionate about their country and who expect them to be grateful and reciprocate the kind gesture by the Malays.

    The DAP fellas are extremists and attract others to follow their ways. They must be stopped for the sake of harmony and peace in this country. They cannot be voted into any position of responsibility. Because they are irresponsible people.