Sunday, 17 April 2011

FBI will do polygraph Test on Anwar Ibrahim ! Must Read !

Where is the Lelaki Y now ? From newspaper reports , he was reported heading to the United States of America. At this moment of crisis, Anwar Ibrahim should go to Mecca and seek Allah's forgiveness for all the trouble that he had caused thus far to Malaysia.

He is running towards his protector and benefactor asking for more money from the Jews so that he could used all those money to buy all the votes he could and as an exchange he would sell off Malaysia, lock , stock and barrel to the Americans.

While in America, Wan Azizah should ask, is he travelling alone or with someone else ? Anwar might end up falling into some other trap(s) as Datuk Jamaluddin Jarjis our Malaysian Ambassador to the US is there. He might be lucky to get some video shots of Anwar with some gays or  call up girls or perhaps both.

Looking at everything from Anwar point of view, all these doesn't look good for a 70 year old man. He might get a heart attack and die from all these mess. You just might not know. Than there will be waves of speculation that the Malaysian government poison Anwar Ibrahim with radioactive substance. There will be another series of sandiwara Malysians have to endure because of Anwar Ibrahim.

The way I look at it is to ask Anwar Ibrahim to go for a polygraph test.


It would be interesting to put Anwar on a polygraph test because there are so many questions that we can ask him while he is on the polygraph machine...Here are some of the questions ;
  • Did you screw Azizan your driver ?
  • Did you screw Meor your wife's tailor ?
  • Did you screw Sukma your adopted brother ?
  • Did you give the KDEB Advsior (in Selangor) position to your brother Rosli Ibrahim ?
  • Did Datuk Nallakarupan supplied you with girls to screw ?
  • Did you have sex with Norlaila without even touching her breast ?
  • Due to political reason did you ask your brother Rosli Ibrahim to resign from being KDEB Advisor and replace him with Badrul Hisham Shaharain your nephew ?
  • While you were the Finance Minister, did you allotted shares to your late father from these companies, Saag Corporation Berhad, Saag Engineering Services Sdn Bhd, IOI Corporation Berhad, Microlink Sdn Bhd, Zaitun Berhad, Gomann Holdings Sdn Bhd, Pan Malaysian Industries Bhd, PPH Country Resort (Port Dickson) Sdn Bhd, Pengkalan Holdings BHD, Lembah Tenang Sdn Bhd, Pengkalan Capital Berhad, Pharm Malaysia Berhad, City East West Travels Sdn Bhd, Boral Concrete (M) Sdn Bhd, Westflex Sdn Bhd, Ketara Ihsan Sdn Bhd,Cegapi Kibar Sdn Bhd, MS Construction and Engineering Sdn Bhd, Boral Resource (M) Sdn Bhd and Teluk Sepanggar Quary Sdn Bhd ?
  • While you were the Deputy Prime Minister, did you appoint or made to be appointed your step sister Farizon Ibrahim as the Director of Metrojaya Berhad from May 1998 till 2006  ?
  • While you were the Deputy Prime Minister did you provide capital to your step sister Farizon Ibrahim so that she could become the distributor of Proton cars ?
  • While you were the Deputy Prime Minister did you appoint or made to be appointed your step sister Farizon Ibrahim as the Director of Pengkalan Security Berhad ?
  •  While you were the Deputy Prime Minister did you create two companies which will be put under the charge of  your step sister Farizon Ibrahim ? The two companies were - FDI Travel Services Sdn Bhd and Muhibbah Travel and Tour Sdn Bhd ?
  • While you were the Finance Minister , did you alloted shares  to your  father in law (Wan Ismail Wan Salleh ) from these companies, Dewina Food Industries Sdn Bhd (Brahim's brand), Tatab Consecessioners Sdn Bhd, Torque Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, Index Computer Sdn Bhd, Real Resort Sdn Bhd, Fuji Properties Sdn Bhd, Octaworld Sdn Bhd and Dae San Sdn Bhd ?
  • While you were the Finance Minister , did you alloted shares  to your adopted brother Sukma The Ass Banger from these companies Megareka Holdings Sdn Bhd, Megareka Trading Sdn Bhd, Megareka Sdn Bhd, Megareka Busana Sdn Bhd, Megareka Furniture Sdn Bhd, Megareka Technology Sdn Bhd and Asas Mega Holdings Sdn Bhd,
  • Are you aware that Azmin Ali holds AP for importing cars of Wald models into Malaysia ?
  • Have you ever use your position to influence others to make  your close friend Kamarudin Jaafar as the Director of Institut Kajian Dasar and made him as the Executive Chairman of Syarikat Lankhorst Pancabumi Contractors Sdn Bhd ?
  • Did you ever used your influence to get Shamsidar Tahrin a high profile job with Phileo Allied Bank with thousands ringgit salary, a car , driver and she doesnt even have to go to office ?
  • Did you screw Shamsidar Tahrin ?
  • One of the daughter(s) of Azmin and Shamsidar , is actualy yours. True or False ?
  • Is it true that your house at No 11, Jalan 3/61, Bukit Segambut Dalam, Kuala Lumpur, cost RM 7million ?
  • Is it true that you are aware that Azmin Ali's house cost 2 million ringgit ?
  • Is it true that you screw Saiful Bukhari and you left your sperm in his asshole ?
  • Is true that the real reason you do not want to do DNA testing is because you are Lelaki Y ?
  • Is it true that you screwed a China Doll provided by Eskay ?
  • Is it true that you don't have the Omega watch ?
  • Is it true that your wife knew that you are suffering from Hyperactive Sexual Desire Disorder ?
  • Is it true that you cant answer Eskay five questions - namely - “Over the past two years, how many times has you been to Thailand? Who greeted you in Thailand? Which hotel did you stay in? What were you doing in the hotel? And who paid for the travel expenses?”
  • Our last and final question, out of desperation did you asked your supporters to create a German video using Hitler as a character to support you to say that the sex video is fake and Hitler himself acted on your behalf impersonating Najib Tun Razak that the sex video was UMNO conspiracy ? If you say no than kindly watch this video below ?

While the Sarawakians voted for BN , the real joke is on Anwar Ibrahim ? Where is Anwar Ibrahim ?

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