Monday, 4 April 2011

From UMNO to Pakatan Rakyat - to Fallen Angel - Anwar Ibrahim.

I have put together a series of videos like a documentary on Anwar Ibrahim. The Fallen Angel.

Video 1 - The good old days. Anwar the speaker.-1997

Video 2 - Anwar the Philosopher-2005

Video 3 - Permatang Pauh Election-2007

Video 4 - Sodomy 2-2008

Video 5 - Press Conferance - Datuk T-2011

Video 6 - Sex Video-2011

Video 7 - Desperate House Man or an angry mad old man.

Final resort of Anwar Ibrahim is to arouse the youth of Malaysia to riot to defend him from being judged upon. This man has created enough zombies among us. I think it is about time he is put under lock and key for good.

Final verdict on Anwar Ibrahim - Guilty as charged !

1 comment:

  1. Anwar is doomed. By his own actions. Come on la, people, even the Judges of Sodomy I found him having done sodomy but allowed his appeal on technical ground. They recorded it in their judgment, what.

    Having sodomized before, there's strong probability that he actually sodomized in Sodomy II. Now the video and Eskay are saying that Anwar screws prostitute also.

    Cannot have people like that as a leader.