Sunday, 17 April 2011

How Big is the Chinese Vote or will the Chinese be the next biggest looser ?

The Sarawakians have spoken indeed. The majority of Sarawakians have voted against Pakatan Rakyat. What will happen to the Pakatan Rakyat constituencies won by DAP and PKR ? The whole of Sarawak will develop without them.  

Watch closely all of you who have voted for DAP and PKR. Their agendas are not to serve you,  the people. As soon as they saw signs that they are not accepted in a certain place, they will move around and abandon the very people that supported them.

Anwar Ibrahim left Sarawak on Sunday itself. Why in a hurry ? There are people on the ground especially the PKR people, who worked tirelessly for PKR day and night for the last 1 month. At least be with them since PKR lost , they need a leader who could be with them in good and as well as bad times.

Back to DAP, what could the Chinese get out of all the speeches given by DAP to inflame racist  remarks against the Melanau in Sarawak ?  The biggest looser in the Sarawak Election is the Chinese. They won for the benefit of DAP in their constituencies but what they lost is the support from the Federal Government as well as the Sarawak State Government. What a lost indeed it is ?

So how big was the Chinese vote actually ? Not that big. They (the Chinese who voted for DAP), fail to realised that in politics, you go with the herd. There is no point standing your ground when the majority goes on one side and you go to the other side.

The Chinese are not a majority in Malaysia. The current census showed that the Chinese population stats shows only slightly above 25%. Somehow, the other races, Malay, Indian, Melanau, Iban, Kadazan, allowed the Chinese to prosper in this country. The Chinese are even allowed vernacular schools as well as vernacular news paper. The Chinese are allowed to have their own vernacular political parties to represent them.

BN is not asking the Chinese to vote for UMNO. You vote for your own Chinese representatives in BN like MCA, Gerakan , SUPP etc. These leaders have learned their lessons from the 2008 elections. UMNO is gracious enough to share with other races as the Chinese can see for themselves the prosperity they have gained as the Chinese controlled more than 30% of Malaysia's economy.

Let us see, is it beneficial for the Chinese to vote against BN and go for DAP who cant even manage Penang because they have got no money. To the Chinese voters elsewhere, what have DAP done for your constituency so far ? Be realistic. Without the Federal Government support, DAP can do nothing. There are just not enough Chinese in the whole of Malaysia to take over the Federal Government. The Chinese need the Malays and Indians votes from PKR and PAS to achieve any success of bringing down the Federal Government.  As the Sarawak Election results showed, other races in Sarawak realised the folly of PKR. DAP just cant do much if PKR and PAS looses its power.

Thank you to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a.k.a Porn Star @ Buncit, the Malays are slowly realising his great theatrical performances. The Indians realised much earlier after the defection of Datuk Nalakarupan (who was Anwar's chief pimp) that this Anwar with his more than 30% Indian blood in his DNA, can do nothing for them. Everything else are just talks and speeches. Anwar is just NATO....No Action Talk Only.

So again how big is the Chinese vote ? Here is an analysis...

Malaysia's  States Seat 
Party %State
Sabah / Sarawak15.00%

If we look closely at the above analysis, this is what its looks like on paper. These are the Malaysian States 2008 election results plus the recently concluded Sarawak state election.

UMNO is still the power house for a total control of 41% of  the whole states DUN seats all over Malaysia. These states seats are the build up of UMNO domination in Parliament as the Parliamentary seats consist of more than one DUN seats.

The Chinese overall if they are represented by DAP,  has only 15% control of the overall Malaysian DUN's seats. Without the support of PKR and PAS, their votes count for nothing. It will be a big mistake to herd along PKR and PAS as the support for PAS and PKR among Malays and Indians are declining rapidly as revelations concerning Anwar Ibrahim are getting more difficult to manage as times goes by. Anwar Ibrahim is the Hungry Ghost for Pakatan Rakyat.  

MCA and Gerakan on the other hand has the support of the Federal Government. Both  parties have lost big time in the last 2008 Election but without support from the Chinese community, MCA, Gerakan and other Chinese based parties in Sabah and Sarawak cant deliver the goods to the Chinese. The Chinese need support from the Federal Government in order to progress further. There is no point giving 15% of your votes to DAP if PKR and PAS cannot deliver. The Malays and Indians have realised the drama played by Anwar Ibrahim. Even PAS is shaken.

If UMNO unites with PAS, that will be doom for the Chinese voters. Overall the Chinese voice has only 21.5% (MCA + Gerakan + DAP) in the states seats with 15% for DAP and balance 6.5% shared between MCA and Gerakan.

What is the benefit of that 15% states seats given to DAP ? Nothing. Even in Penang where DAP rules, they have done nothing. DAP cant even afford to do the paint job on the Rifle Range Flats in Penang, and with that how can DAP contribute to any constituency if they cant even do flats painting ? Sickening is it ? This is the reality that the Chinese must wake up to ?

When there is a racial riot in Malaysia, the Chinese will be the biggest looser. Think wisely. Do not create a disaster for your own community by refusing to support your ready representation in the Federal Government. There are just not enough Chinese , Malays and Indians in Pakatan Rakyat to bring down UMNO the power house of BN or BN itself.

The people have spoken in 2008. BN as we have said in all our blogs entry, already learned from past mistakes and likewise UMNO also learned from mistakes that contributed to poor performance in 2008. UMNO forced its President to step down and did all kinds of fine tuning of its own party. MCA likewise also did fine tunings to its party. Gerakan did some soul searching and came out with a new plan. MIC has a new president.

BN has got everything to offer Malaysians and Pakatan Rakyat has nothing to offer. DAP will create racial tensions as what happens in Penang. PKR only reason to survive is to take over the Federal Government so that Anwar Ibrahim could free himself of all allegations against him. He is making we Malaysians as his foot stools. Nothing more than that. PAS, cant even manage Kelantan even after more than 20 years. Our opposition has got nothing to offer. 

Overall here is the standing between BN and PR on the states DUNS.....Don't be foolish. Vote for BN..

Malaysia's  States Seat 

How big is the Chinese vote ? Just 21.5%.....The Chinese must think twice where to take their 21.5%  to on the poker table. The Chinese will benefit the most if they vote for Barisan Nasional. With Sarawak back under BN, the next Malaysian 13th General Election, will be a sure win for BN. The question is who will be the Malaysian 13th General Election biggest looser ? The 21.5% Chinese votes can determined that. Even if all the Chinese spent their 21.5% on DAP, they will still be a looser.

The Malays has a proverb for this..Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu ? Number 13 is a bad luck number for Chinese.

There is this report by Minorities at Risk or MAR. Let us end this blog with this report by MAR on Chinese in Malaysia.


MAR tracks 283 politically-active ethnic groups throughout the world from 1945 to the present -- identifying where they are, what they do, and what happens to them. MAR focuses specifically on ethnopolitical groups, non-state communal groups that have "political significance" in the contemporary world because of their status and political actions. Political significance is determined by the following two criteria:
  • The group collectively suffers, or benefits from, systematic discriminatory treatment vis-a-vis other groups in a society
  • The group is the basis for political mobilization and collective action in defense or promotion of its self-defined interests.

Assessment for Chinese in Malaysia by MAR

Risk Assessment

The ethnic Chinese in Malaysia have only one of the factors that increase the chances of future rebellion: high levels of group organization. Given that they are geographically dispersed, included in the ruling coalition, and not subject to government repression, there is little risk that the Chinese in Malaysia will engage in rebellion. Protest is unlikely to escalate beyond low levels. Ethnic Chinese will probably continue to rely on electoral politics -- and the presence of Chinese in the ruling coalition -- to protect their interests in the near future.

Analytic Summary

The Chinese are widely dispersed across Malaysia, although they are found primarily in urban areas . There has been significant group migration among the country's regions due to compulsion by the state and the threat of or actual attacks by other communal groups. There are two distinct Chinese groups: the rural poor and the urban commercial sector, which is economically advantaged in relation to the majority Malay community.

Group members use a common language, Chinese, which distinguishes them from the majority Malay-speakers . The Chinese follow different social customs than the dominant community and they are primarily Buddhists in comparison to Malay Muslims . Although both Malays and Chinese are Asian groups, they are also physically distinguishable .

Some Chinese have resided in the country for centuries while other group members immigrated to Malaysia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Tensions between the Chinese and Malay communities were exacerbated when Japan occupied the country during the Second World War. The Malays initially supported the Japanese against the British colonial administration. The Chinese, on the other hand, were mistreated by the Japanese and chose instead to join an armed resistance group, the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA). Following Japan's defeat, ethnic violence ensued as the MPAJA tried to establish political control in the Malayan peninsula by undertaking violent actions against suspected Malay collaborators.

To offset the communist MPAJA, the British chose to favor the Malays. The rural poor Chinese supported the MPAJA and its successor organization, the Malayan Communist Party (MCP), which was created in 1948 and soon after launched its insurgency (1948-1960). The rural Chinese became the victims of repressive government actions to counteract the MCP including a massive rural relocation program which clustered the Chinese in "New Villages" in the early 1950s. The urban Chinese, on the other hand, sought to protect their advantaged economic status by separating themselves from the MCP. In 1960, the government passed the Internal Security Act which granted arbitrary policing powers, and it has subsequently been used by the government to contain the activities of opponents to the regime.

In 1963, Chinese-majority Singapore was incorporated into the Malaysian federation but this arrangement was dissolved after two short years. More than eight hundred people were killed when tensions between the two communities erupted in violent riots in 1969. The following year the government instituted the New Economic Policy (NEP) which sought to redress Malay disadvantages through the provision of subsidies to Malay-owned businesses, job quotas, and requirements that non-Chinese personnel be included in large new ventures.

Some of the NEP's restrictions were reduced in 1997 as Malaysia sought to deal with the effects of the financial crisis that had spread across Southeast Asia and devastated countries such as Indonesia where widespread riots against the economically-dominant Chinese ensued. Foreign ownership was allowed in most sectors of the economy, excluding manufacturing. By this time, the country had also seen the emergence of a Malayan business elite community that could compete with the economically-dominant Chinese
Group interests are promoted by conventional political organizations  such as the Democratic Action Party (DAP) which regularly contests elections against the National Front (NF). The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) is a part of the ruling NF coalition which is headed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak. The Chinese are a factionalized group but there has been no intragroup violence between rival organizations .

There has been no significant outbreak of violent hostilities between the Chinese and the Malays since the 1969 riots. However, in August and December of 2000, anti-Chinese demonstrations were held by the Malay community against a newly-formed Chinese organization that was advocating equal civil and political rights for group members. No intergroup conflict was recorded from 2001-2006 .

Relations between the Chinese community and the government have remained harmonious, unlike the situation in neighboring Indonesia where there are many questions about potential government involvement in the 1998 anti-Chinese riots. A major reason has been Malaysia's ability to adjust and realign its economy in response to the financial crisis that spread across Asia.

Since the mid-1960s, the Chinese have persistently engaged in protest activities in support of group goals . Most recent protest has been limited to verbal opposition , though in 2006 DAP organized a small demonstration against the treatment of eleven elderly Chinese men by Malaysian police . There have not been any rebellious activities since the end of the MCP insurgency in 1960 .


  1. This is by far one of the most well written and well researched blog on socio politics that I have ever come across. Well done! I only wish I could be as good... I read an article in the Star today by a columnist who unsurprisingly focused on the 12 seats that BN lost to DAP. Fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion in this great country.

    What riled is when the writer opined that the reason the votes goes to DAP is because they are more concerned with real issues like corruption, transparency, justice, two party system blah blah blah.. I cannot tahan already - as if these voters are sophisticated thinkers! Come on...everyone knows that they are really in it because if DAP are in power, they would get the remaining 30% of the economy that they don't already own. Its just pure greed. They wouldn't recognise justice and transparency if they came and bit them in the leg! As for corruption, well, its part and parcel of their lives, bribing is just second nature.

    I'm sure not all of them are like that but it will be a miracle if I can meet at least one of them in person, in my lifetime, who doesn't show an overwhelming degree of greediness.

    I have only one word for them: Assimilate!


  2. You left 2 important points. No 1 The Chinese are inspired by Singapore.If Singapore can do it we can do it too through DAP. Number 2 Surely big brother China now with open door policy are not going to leave us alone if there is racial discrimination.
    If they are positive about these 2 points - Go ahead, Try your best. But if Singapore and China decide to let the majority decide and we do not want to interfere ? What happens?
    By the way don't forget Indonesia -they are also like Malaysia except the non-Chinese there may not be that tolerant compared to Malaysians.

  3. I read somewhere, Anuwar 'went-off' on Friday although he promised for PC with media on Saturday. Not Sunday as you wrote.

    Anyway, below is only my suggestion.

    As a Semenanjong Malay, I think this time around, the CM post should be given to a non-muslim pribumi. Give them another chance to prosper. It's been 30 years since. If they want more Church, so be it. After all Christian & Islam have the same 'roots' in religion. Let us show to the world that we can live in PEACE with each other. DCM, a muslim pribumi, is not too bad.

    Do not let PAS & UMNO into Sarawak. Muslim there, must practice tolerance & moderation. Religious practice or activities in school, during normal schooling hours, must not be allowed.

    PM must reshuffle his cabinet, too.


  4. Forgot to comment on what Anon 08:36 said above.

    You sound so naiive. Devoid of political reality. So much that I doubt you are a Malay.

  5. My friend. I may be naive..... You are living in fantasy. It doesn't matter whether I am a Chinese , Indian or Malay...That is not the point. The point is, we are not that big to show that we are TAI KOR....we must learn to assimilte and respect each other...nevertheless, the reality.....

    ....again how big is the Chinese vote ? Here is an analysis...

    Malaysia's States Seat
    Party % State

    UMNO 41.00%
    MCA+Gerakan 6.50%
    MIC 1.00%
    Sabah / Sarawak 15.00%
    DAP 15.00%
    PAS 14.00%
    PKR 7.00%
    Independent 0.50%