Saturday, 2 April 2011

Kua Kia Soong - An Attempt to Character Assasinate our PM

Who is Kua Kia Soong or Ah Kua ?

I dont know whether he should be allowed to remain in Malaysia. This Apek has written a lot of books to discredit Malaysia. He earns a living by writing books , to condem and discredit Malaysia in what ever manner possible. He is the Malaysian Chinese Salman Rushdie of Satanic Verses.

He is a director of SUARAM. He is a good example of a Chinese extremist but is still allowed by this good government to remain in Malaysia.

He claimed that the current government is one of the most corrupted government and would even resort to murder just to cover its fault(s).

He wrote many books and one of the latest is " Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia".

In this book , he devoted pages upon pages of his self created theories and made many assumptions based upon newspaper resports (local and foreign), statutory declaration , etc.

Chapter 3 was entitled - Altantuya and the Scorpene Deal.

He alleged in this chapter that , there was a company , Malaysian company which receives million of dollars in kickbacks for two submarines purchased from France. Then there was this link to Altantuya and her muder in Malaysia.

The fact that he did not mentioned his sources to support his allegations was something very strange.

I look at his endnotes and there were no proof of anything that he alleged in his book. In his endnotes for Chapter 3, he refered to among other stuff ;

a] Far Eastern Economic Review Magazine article.
b] The Asia Sentinel.
c] Malaysian Parliment Hansard
d] The Star (Online)
e] The Sun
f] Asia Times
g] Balasubramaniam Statutory Declaration
h] Malaysiakini
i] NST
j] Bernama

This Ah Kua, writes his most important Chapter supposedly to proof that our Prime Minister is link to the murder of Altantuya by quoting newspaper reports, online media and SD...The way he writes is as though God spoke to him and he has all the evidences with him.

In that Chapter 3, he quoted Balasubramaniam SD. This Balasubramaniam drama was designed and planned by Anwar Ibrahim as revealed by Zulkifli Zainordin (Kulim MP). Bala was supposed to appear and disappear and then re-appear as well as the drama of changing lawyers and diasappearing with his family to re-appear back to inform us that he was given 5 million. Than Bala was featured (strangely ) in RPK interview via RPK web-blog. All this sandiwara was  to smear the name of our Prime Minister in the most malicious way by a group of people paid by Anwar Ibrahim. No one did solat hajat on this Politik Fitnah when Anwar did it.

So Ah Kua , unaware that all this was a big drama by Mr Y - Anwar Ibrahim the Liar, jump in the band wagon and wrote a book full of lies just to discredit our Prime Minister. Of all the malicious charges made to the Malaysian Government, the one in Chapter 3 was most malicious.

Here Ah Kua uses a defamation tactic in his writing style , whenever Razak Baginda name was mentioned, he will quickly follow up with " and he was the aide of Najib Tun Razak, the Defense Minister, our current Prime Minister", again and again. By doing this several times, he uses something we call a tautology in literature and logic.

What is a tautology ?

Tautology [from Greek , 'tauto': the same, and 'logos': word/idea] is an unnecessary or unessential (and sometimes unintentional) repetition of meaning, using different and dissimilar words that effectively say the same thing (often originally from different languages). A rhetorical tautology can also be defined as a series of statements that comprise an argument, whereby the statements are constructed in such a way that the truth of the proposition is guaranteed or that the truth of the proposition cannot be disputed by defining a term in terms of another self-referentially. Consequently, the statement conveys no useful information regardless of its length or complexity making it unfalsifiable .

Razak Baginda was the aquitted accused. By repeating the name of the accused often enough with our Prime Minister's name, he maliciously intended to form an idea that some how our Prime Minister was implicated.

The true facts about Altantuya was a love affair gone wrong. Razak Baginda was just trying to protect himself  from being black mail by her. The two police officers went overboard by killing her in the pretext of relieving Razak Baginda of his problem once and for all. Razak Baginda just went beserk when she came to Malaysia. Of course-lah, who wouldnt. If Razak Baginda's wife were to know about it, Razak will be a dead meat. The fact that Razak was our PM aide doesnt mean that our PM was involved. Altantuya was pregnant when she came to Malaysia. This sounds like Michael Jackson song , Billie Jean, not my lover. She just a girl who said that I am the one but the kid is not my son. The story about the submarines commission claimed by Altantuya was a crappy story. The contract to build the Scorpenes won by DCNS International of France and Spanish ship maker Navantia. Altantuya cant neither speak French nor Spanish. Ah Kua also wrote these facts in that chapter as well. Then suddenly Altantuya was link to Sukhoi jets. Which one was it ? Submarines or Jets ?

My argument would be likewise. Saiful Bukhari was Anwar Ibrahim aide. When he was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim (accused) why dont people believed him. Even when Anwar Ibrahim refused to give his DNA, no one ever come to the conclusion that Anwar did it ? In Altantuya's case, just because Razak was working for Najib, if Razak were to shoot a kangaroo, that means Najib was involved. What kind of logic is this. 

Ah Kua was the Director of Suaram. If he was very concerned about justice in Malaysia, why dont he writes a book in defense of Saiful Bukhari, the alleged sodomy victim.

Kua Kia Soong is a liar and he on purpose with devilish intent, attempted to character assasinate our Prime Minister.

In Chapter 3 , he wrote about the attempted act by Altantuya cousin to talk about a photograph featuring Razak Baginda, Altantuya, our PM and several others. If that is true, why cant Altantuya father just give the photo to the press. The fact is that, there was just no photo at all and all these lies were planned by Anwar Ibrahim the Liar.

Now, the sex video featuring Anwar Ibrahim was declared as genuine. I suggest that Kua Kia Soong write a book about this. That is a challenge. I would suggest the tittle of his new book should be - " Questioning The Man in the Video " First Full Expose of Anwar Ibrahim Missionary Position.

"There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say and how we say it " 
 Dale Carnegie.. 


  1. I believe tautology also is the base word for 'taunt', 'taunting' etc, which would equal to brainwashing in terms of the effects it has on one's brain. This is a psy-war. Has anyone noticed how many bloggers (oppositions) has emerged for the past 5 years? If we migrate to one country, we tend to miss the teh tarik, nasi lemak, roti canai and what naught... but after a while, we will grow accustom to the local dish (wherever we are)..right?

  2. Ah Kua is said to have a PhD. One wonders how come he was given one.

    A PhD is supposed to be some one with analytical mind, able to do research on a scientific basis, considers and provides the pros and cons when writing. Heck, they have to write a thesis to get a Phd.

    But what kind of research and result did he produced? Completely one-sided, slanted and fact-distorting stetements and opinions. Look at his book on the race riots of 1969. And on the defence purchases of the country.

    Again I ask - how come he was given a PhD? He does not deserve one, writing completely biased books?

    And he is a bloody commercial fellow, too. Commercializing his writings and putting out nasty angles in order to get sales. He even had the launching of his book done at a restaurant in Edgware Road, London. Wanting publicity in London, running after the higher British purchasing power.

    But fortunately the British are generally well educated and broad-minded. They can smell a scoundrel when they see one.

  3. Unfortunately for Malaysia, you and the comments left here will continue to hurt my beloved country. From my opinion, your opinions are very much one sided. What have you all done for Malaysia? Dr.Kua have been fighting to uncover corruptions and bad things in our corrupted government. Who are the one who are being brainwashed?? Dr.Kua have been detained by ISA before and yet refuse to leave Malaysia when he was given all the opportunities to do so.

    And when was the video of Anwar Ibrahim found to be real?

    I cry for Malaysia for this ongoing battle to open people's mind.

    We do not support opposition because we think they are the best to govern malaysia, but to have two strong political party system, this will keep both parties busy and govern malaysia to be a better place for all.

    1. Tautology [from Greek , 'tauto': the same, and 'logos': word/idea] is an unnecessary or unessential (and sometimes unintentional) repetition of meaning, using different and dissimilar words that effectively say the same thing (often originally from different languages). A rhetorical tautology statement conveys no useful information regardless of its length or complexity making it unfalsifiable .

    2. If we were to travel from Perlis right to Johor, we see nothing but well built roads, majestic universities, housing estates, ports , factories and whole area of Free Trade Zones comprising of thousand of factories, research centres, majestic buildings, places of worships for Malay , Chinese and Indians, shopping malls, R&R, cultural centres, hotels, police stations, post offices, Internet cafes, blogger centres, teh tarik stalls, nasi kandar restaurants, food outlets by the road side as well as kopitiam of the highest standards, Banana Leaf outlets, Mcdonalds, KFC , Pizza Huts, Secret Recipe, Victoria Stations, Starbucks, Burger Kings, ethnic based schools, tuition centres, shops houses, office buildings, golf courses, gold centres, cinemas and cineplex, book shops, spa , massage parlors, hospitals and clinics, private education centres, tourists destinations, tourists, foreign workers, airports, Rapid buses , MRT , LRT, Rapid Putra, KTM, factory buses, twin towers, bridges and tunnels, smart tunnels, smart schools, school buses and vans, taxis, so many types of cars and motorcycles and most importantly Malaysians with steady jobs going back and forth picking up children from and to schools and going and coming back from work places and during holiday season, all hotels all over Malaysia are fully booked. Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia.

  4. by the way, i don't foresee my comments will be published but i pray that one day you will see why BN needs to go and that all malaysians are looking for is not to support pakatan to kick BN out. We are looking for a government who is free of corruption, who is capable and competent and will help all malaysians regardless of race. Race based politics will only destroy malaysia. We are all from one Creator, why should one be discriminated because of his/her race.

    We are now running into problem because we allow BN to go on governing Malaysia without transparency. The transparency claimed by BN is blatantly a self illusion. Our current leaders just point to some "success" without real facts and you believe them. Those "opposition" produces real evidence and you discredit them. Look at all those minister. Law Minister, Nazri's son driving porshe, Najib spending hundreds of thousands of ringgit to just birthday/wedding bash, Taib of Sarawak - family owning multiple properties in the UK, Ling Liong Sik in the PKFZ mess. All I can see is that BN ministers are trying to rob all Malaysians of our painfully earned tax money into their pocket. Why can't you see this? Why these wrong doings don't make sense to you?

    I am not saying that by voting opposition and they won't commit to corruption. Humans are tempted by Devils but if we have a strong government with a system that is transparent and anti corruption agency that is functioning on its own can keep track of things, we will have a better government. I will vote BN if BN has finally comes clean. All i wish is a government that will do its job.

    I do hope that you can come out of the shell and look at what is truly happening with your heart guided by Allah. Please do not use your own mind but the one pure from Allah without devil's influence

    1. Tautology [from Greek , 'tauto': the same, and 'logos': word/idea] is an unnecessary or unessential (and sometimes unintentional) repetition of meaning, using different and dissimilar words that effectively say the same thing (often originally from different languages). A rhetorical tautology can also be defined as a series of statements that comprise an argument, whereby the statements are constructed in such a way that the truth of the proposition is guaranteed or that the truth of the proposition cannot be disputed by defining a term in terms of another self-referentially. Consequently, the statement conveys no useful information regardless of its length or complexity making it unfalsifiable .

    2. Extremism is the by product of ignorance ! When a person is ignorant, he gets fascinated with even the slightest amount of information. Ignorant people normally idolizes other people whom they feel are superior to them. This feeling of inferiority among the ignorant masses, is being used by political parties like DAP , PAS and PKR, to exert their intellectual capabilities to enslave the thoughts of the people from their very own minds.

      With all the hate campaigns, lies and deceits being circulated around to champion the cause of so called reform, these PAKATAN of Evil, manage to divide the good people of Malaysia to make enemies among themselves.

      The hate rhetoric of Pakatan Rakyat leaders who are greedy to take over this rich country founded by the well intention founding fathers who brought us Barisan Nasional whom had served the people completely , which in turn brought prosperity to this country which are enjoyed by Malaysians from all walks of life.

    3. You are wrong mc. The moderator did publish your comments as I see this blog being fair. Your comment actually leads me to support this blog. Anyway, as a matter of fact in Malaysia no doubt there are cases of mismanagement of tax payer money, poor services, criminals intimidation , graft , corrupt practices and other irregularities but it hasn't reach an epidemic proportion. Even in states occupied by Pakatan Rakyat we see mismanagement of public funds, sexual misconduct , injustice to people , racist leaders , unjust laws, corrupt practices and cover ups which lead to death and so on. So the Pakatan Rakyat cannot give us Malaysians 100% assurance that they will do better than BN. What BN did for Malaysians took them at least 24 years to accomplished. Pakatan need at least 48 years to do better. They fail to manage the people for the past 4 years. What will happen if they were to manage for another 40 years ?

      I took a ride from Gurney Plaza in Penang on the PORR, Penang Outer Ring Road then straight into Jelutong Expressway and onto the Penang Bridge and connect onto BORR - Butterworth Outer Ring Road and safely to my house. Who plan, organise , lead and control all these projects ? Not the Pakatan goons. It was the leadership of Barisan Nasional which bring us all the prosperity and wealth we are enjoying right now.

      My friend who is a staunch Pakatan supporter changes his third car within 5 years, He works in an offshore oil platform in Malaysia owned by a foreign company. I asked him how come you said that our government is bad but you are working in an offshore oil platform owned by foreigner in Malaysia who believes in the Malaysian government to invest in this country so that you, a Pakatan supporter can work and within 5 years change 3 cars ? Surely there must be something that our Malaysian government did right that FDI kept on coming in ?

      He was dumb founded. I told him ...straight on his face..You are being brain washed by Pakatan Rakyat and you have turned into a complete asshole.

      The level of ignorant among Malaysians opposition supporters are so bad that they forgot that they are enjoying good deeds done by the current ruling government. That is how they are being brain washed so badly that they became extremist and ungrateful.

      The type of political tactics deployed by Pakatan coalition since the arrival of Anwar Ibrahim is nothing but pure hate mongering, facts twisting , racialist as well as ideology supremacist which is politically incorrect.

      Within a short few years, we have seen young Malaysians becoming intolerant towards each other and the recent case being a PAS brain-washed religious teacher tortured a 7 year old boy till death.

      It is time that we Malaysians wake up..There is no wake up call. We must wake up and reject extremist politics.

      We are a simple , humble society. We don't need vicious and angry politicians to lead us to destruction.

      mc....pls fuck off and BN will win in the pru 13...

    4. 2nd July 1978-Kuala Lumpur

      Message from Datuk Hussein Onn
      3rd Prime Minister of Malaysia

      My fellow Malaysians,

      Once again the time for decision has come. The nation's future is in your hands.

      As Prime Minister, I have tried my very best to do what is right for Malaysia and for the people of Malaysia. The office of the Prime Minister carries with it a heavy responsibility and I have tried to discharge it without fear or favour and with the fullest sense of honesty and integrity. In carrying out my duties, I put first the safety , honour and welfare of the country, my own ease, comfort and safety will always come last.

      I would rather do the right thing and be cursed than do the popular but wrong thing and be applauded. I will always be guided by God's Commandments, the dictates of reason, the interest of the nation. I am ready to continue with the responsibility of office, to soldier on, to serve the country and the people.

      I come to you to ask for your support in our struggle to eradicate poverty, to build upon the foundation of racial harmony and national unity a peaceful, clean, just and prosperous Malaysia and a secure future for our children.

      Our record is one of achievements, not promises. Let no one demean what the people of Malaysia and the Government of Malaysia have accomplished.

      Malaysia today is at peace. The economy is sound. The nation is securely on the road to social justice and a better life for all , for all races, all citizens, whether they live in the countryside or in the towns.

      We should thank God for all these blessings. We must take nothing for granted-not our harmony, not our prosperity, not our achievements in bringing social justice to all our citizens.

      I urge you to entrust your today and your children's tomorrow to us again.

      There is still so much to be done. The agenda for the nation is a long one.

      Give us again your trust. Give us again your support. Without your help, we cannot succeed. With your help, and the guidance of the Almighty, we cannot fail.

      God bless you.