Monday, 11 April 2011

Malaysian First or Ketuanan Rakyat - An Analysis !

Soon after the 2008 Election result, among the opposition parties, we hear this phrase , Malaysian First. This phrase is being used to ask the common people to aspire to become Malaysian First. This is a good suggestion but there is a catch in this aspiration.

To create a Malaysian first Malaysia, there are few things that we need to understand. Firstly, language is the identity of a country. To be a citizen of a country, you must first show that you are able to speak the native language of that country. Only morons dispute this fact.

If the Arabs all over the Middle East want to champion their national identity, the Libyan must be able to speak Libyan Arabic, to show that they are Libyan first. Similarly, a Saudi, an Iraqi or a Syrian must all show their ability to speak their local dialects of their respective countries in order to proof their relationship with the country of their origin.

If an Indian in India wants to champion Indian First, then he/she must first show their ability to speak Hindi. That is the national language of India. Therefore one must show the mastery of Hindi in his or her speech in order to claim that he/she is an Indian first. America is dominated by English speaking people. English is America national language. So to be American first, even Chinese American must be able to speak English and put English above everything else. Even Mandarin is to be discarded if they truly want to be Americans. Only morons will dispute this.

So what is the first requisite to declare that you are Malaysian First. The first requisite for any immigrants citizen of Malaysia is to identify with the language used by the majority of the people that are dominating the country your are living in. So in the case of Malaysia, the Malays dominated this country likewise the Englishman who dominated Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom requires any other person who wants to be their citizens, they must be able to put their mother tongue second and the national  language of their country first. Only morons dispute this.

For a Chinese or Indian in Malaysia, to be Malaysian First is to put their mother tongue aside and adopt the national language as their first language and they must be proud to speak the Malaysian national language so that they could be identified as Malaysian when they travel abroad. To a Malay, to be Malaysian first is actually to be Malay first because his/her mother tongue is the national language of the country. To a Malay, he is Malay First and that makes him Malaysian likewise the Englishman in America.

But sadly for Lim Kit Siang, he thinks otherwise. Very funny how this old man operates his mind. He is being supported by a porn star Anwar Ibrahim.

Here is a reproduction of Lim Kit Siang - Malaysian Malaysia and Malaysian First..

The present Prime Minister, Najib Razak, to gain popularity , announced reforms to win back support after losing the two-third majority in Parliament. He proudly announced his 1 Malaysia policy but his 1 Malaysia is a poor imitation of Malaysian Malaysia. When challenged, PM Najib dared not declare that he is a Malaysian first, and Malay second.

He could not because his party UMNO is still championIng its KETUANAN MELAYU (malay supremacy) policy. The ordinary man in the street will easily see that 1 Malaysia is not compatible with a ketuanan melayu policy.

Anwar Ibrahim has announced that Pakjatan Rakyat would adopt a Ketuanan Rakyat ( Malaysians First) policy. This policy will unite the people, as all Malaysians whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans or Kadazans would regard each other as equals under the Malaysian sun. With unity there will be progress and prosperity.


In the UK, the dominant race in that land is the Englishman. In Ausralia, again it is the Englishman. In New Zealand again the Englishman. In the USA likewise the Englishman. They also have the concept of Ketuanan Rakyat but their Ketuanan Rakyat is for all Americans, Australians and New Zealanders to recognise English as their First Language and adopt the ways of the whiteman including their religion if possible in order to be true Americans, Australians or New Zealanders. That is their Ketuanan Rakyat.

The US have got their first Afro American President. He has a Muslim name but to be American, he embrace Christianity and adopt English as his mother tongue in respect of the dominant race ruling America.

So in Malaysia, in order to enforce the Ketuanan Rakyat, Malaysian First or Malaysian Malaysia, the people must recognize Malays as the dominant race, adopt Bahasa Malaysia as their first language and respect the special privileges of the Malays as the dominant race as the Englishman in America requires every other race in US to recognize the Englishman as the primary race in America and aspire only for the American Dream. Only morons dispute this.

1 Malaysia is compatible with Ketuanan Melayu as to be Malaysian, you must be identified with the dominant race of Malaysia, speak Bahasa Malaysia to show that you are truly Malaysian. Only morons dispute this fact. To be equal doesn't mean the Malays have to renounce their dominant status. The humility of the Malays as the dominant race is exemplified when the Malays gave  the Chinese and Indians equal citizenship of this country. That is the core of 1 Malaysia. Giving due recognition to other races even though the Malays is the dominant race.

Here is a video , how a Chinese ought to speak if he adopts the Malayian First aspiration....I leave you to ponder over this matter. Lim Kit Siang is a liar. This country is dominated by Malays and hence, he must acknowledge that dominance.


  1. If the slogan came out from the Establishment, especially if thought out by the bureaucrats like those responsible for integration and national unity like in Bureau Tata Negara, PM's Dept, it'll be meaningful to me.

    But when it came out from the Opposition, especially the fellows who are known to exploit each and everything and turning them into political issues, no Siree, it appears only as the Opposition's political gimmick.

    True enough. Look at what the say of the courses organised by the BTN. DAP has been spinning whatever they can find to fault the Establishment. Attempts to get scholarship holders remember their scholarship obligations they also twist saying they are propaganda.

    And Malaysia First, Chinese second did they say. And bloody hell, Lim Guan Eng ask people to admire Sun Yat Sen, the mainland China's leader. Officiated the opening ceremony of a building named Sun Yat Sen. Sun Yat Sen First, China Second those DAP fellows.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    When I wrote that blog entry on Malaysian First, it is a re-phrasing of the whole concept with new meaning. Citing example of other countries, the Malaysian First concept must recognise Malay dominance as the majority in Malaysia. Adopt the Malay language as their First Language because Bahasa Malaysia is the Bahasa Kebangsaan of Malaysia.

    This Malaysian First of the Pakatan Rakyat is actually asking Malays to give up their status as the ruling majority and be equal with everyone else and to discard any legitimacy of the Malay language , customs , etc.

    Malaysian are being urged to be like Singapore. Why must we be like Singapore because the ratio of Malay, Chinese and Indian are unlike Singapore ?

    UMNO alone hold 36% of the representations in Dewan Rakyat. UMNO is the ruling power and Malaysia is the land of the Malays first. Like Indonesia, the Chinese and Indians there follow the customs and language of the dominant race.

    PAS and PKR are so stupid , that they are willing to give up their rights as majority to a handfull of Chinese and Indians.

    That is very sad indeed. The Malays in PAS and PKR, dont realised what the hell they are doing. Dia nak Melayu hilang penguasaan walaupun merupakan bangsa terbesar di Malaysia. PKR dan PAS nak Melayu hilang semua hak di bumi sendiri. Itu yang DAP suka sangat dengan PAS dan PKR...

    Disebabkan Anwar Ibrahim, orang-orang Melayu PAS an PKR adalah di antara orang-orang Melayu yang paling bodoh di dunia. Melayu yang tak dak maruah dan harg diri...

  3. The talk about so-called ketuanan rakyat is all nonsense. PKR picked it up and Azizah echoed it. They will sell their mothers for the right price. They'll sell Ketuanan Melayu for the price of political power. Damn them.

    The Ketuanan Melayu is the Special Position of the Malays enshrined as Article 153 of the Constitution. The position of the Malay rulers and the special privileges of the Malays. The British Foreign Secretary told the British Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill in 1956 that the Special Position has always been there "since day one". Recognized by the British since their first contact with this country. They approached the Sultans for tarding rights in Penang and, later, in Singapore.

    What the bloody ketuanan rakyat are they talking about? Political nitwits and goons they are.

  4. In the UK, the dominant race in that land is the Englishman. In Ausralia, again it is the Englishman. In New Zealand again the Englishman. In the USA likewise the Englishman.




  5. You argument is without any solid basis. No deep thinking. Only shallow emotional outburst. No offence take cause it just showed that you are ignorant of the Englishman history.

    The Englishman do not need Bumuputera status ! Why ?

    The Englishman simply denied the non English citizens any rights of their own. The Englisman domiated the non English citizens as they were known as immigrant citizens. There were never equal citizenship. The Englishman do not allow any ethnic based schools to be opened up by non-English citizens any where in the world. The Enlishman simply dominated over every other race which came to live in their midst either in UK, Australia, New Zealand or USA. They even forced non English students to stick to English only in their studies.

    From - The Chronicla

    Students debate making English official language
    By Jessica Cobaugh
    November 14, 1996

    Both representatives added that a knowledge of the English language is essential in order to participate fully in American society.

    "If you don't speak English, you probably don't have a firm grip on politics, and in that case, maybe you shouldn't vote," Bowling said.

    In rebuttal to Bowling's argument, Patel said that forcing people to learn English would be extremely expensive because of the cost of educating non-speakers. Such a policy, Patel added, would also isolate the government from a huge voting block that consists of about 14 percent of American families that do not speak English in the home.

    Audience members supporting Patel's position said that making English America's official language would deny possibilities for bilingual instruction, thereby denying non-English-speaking students sufficient education. They said that this insufficient education would relegate non-English speaking citizens to lower social classes.

    Representatives from the College Republicans and the Duke Review, however, denied that such a situation would arise because English would unify the nation. Fluency in English would allow all citizens to communicate with one another and to better interact with their legislators.

    "Basically English is recognized as the de facto language of America," Kessler said. "It is a powerful symbol.


    On Obama, I did acknowledge the he is America first black president but he has to confirm to the dominant Englishman language
    , religion and culture before he could be made a President. If you apply that in Malaysia, that would be like having a Chinese PM but he must speak 1st class BM and must be a Muslim.

    Thats how things work in countries that the Englishman dominated. The non-English citizens have no enthnicity based rights. They Englishman do not need Bumiputera status. They dominated over everyone else in their countries.

    My mind operates well...Your mind is to rigid to understand what I am trying to put accross.

  6. Thank you for such an informative post. It all makes sense why nationality in Indonesia is much more stronger. Everyone regardless of race can speak fluent Bahasa Indonesia and am proud to use it even at home. We Malaysians should adopt this policy. Malaysia was formed when the Malays agreed to allow immigrants to be equal citizens, this sacrifice was exchanged with the Malay Rights. Yes, if there is no more Malay Rights, then it is only fair to revoke the citizenship of non-Malays as this was the contract to form Malaysia. Everyone agreed to it in the past and lived happily until this last few decades, when some of us forgotten our country's history.

  7. We all need to realise that in SHARING, we also demand less from each other. No place in the world, where the dominant majority race is so concern and tolerant of the needs of other races. All discussion is about making everybody happy and we can all progress together. In this togetherness, we must also learn our limits and our rightful position. We recognise the majority and feel the need for their support. We must not exert our request more than what we should be asking. We must always be grateful with whatever we received. I believe, there is enough for everybody if we learn to be happy with what ever we have. The cake is expanding. Dont spoil the party. 1Malaysia.