Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Message from History - Vote for Barisan Nasional !

2nd July 1978-Kuala Lumpur

Message from Datuk Hussein Onn
3rd Prime Minister of Malaysia

My fellow Malaysians,

Once again the time for decision has come. The nation's future is in your hands.

As Prime Minister, I have tried my very best to do what is right for Malaysia and for the people of Malaysia. The office of the Prime Minister carries with it a heavy responsibility and I have tried to discharge it without fear or favour and with the fullest sense of honesty and integrity. In carrying out my duties, I put first the safety , honour and welfare of the country, my own ease, comfort and safety will always come last.

I would rather do the right thing and be cursed than do the popular but wrong thing and be applauded. I will always be guided by God's Commandments, the dictates of reason, the interest of the nation. I am ready to continue with the responsibility of office, to soldier on, to serve the country and the people.

I come to you to ask for your support in our struggle to eradicate poverty, to build upon the foundation of racial harmony and national unity a peaceful, clean, just and prosperous Malaysia and a secure future for our children.

Our record is one of achievements, not promises. Let no one demean what the people of Malaysia and the Government of Malaysia have accomplished.

Malaysia today is at peace. The economy is sound. The nation is securely on the road to social justice and a better life for all , for all races, all citizens, whether they  live in the countryside or in the towns.

We should thank God for all these blessings. We must take nothing for granted-not our harmony, not our prosperity, not our achievements in bringing social justice to all our citizens.

I urge you to entrust your today and your children's tomorrow to us again.

There is still so much to be done. The agenda for the nation is a long one.

Give us again your trust. Give us again your support. Without your help, we cannot succeed. With your help, and the guidance of the Almighty, we cannot fail.

God bless you.

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  1. Dear reader of blogs...

    At times, we do not publish your comment because either it is full of vulgarism or just stupid comment(s). If you feel offended with our blog writings, there is nothing much we can do about it. At times we welcome good criticism even if it very harsh. If there is a point, we will publish and given an equal response.

    Kawan-kawan di luar sana...tak kira lah dari parti apa pun...kita hanya publish comment yang bernas. Kalau setakat n copy and paste ayat-ayat Quran, kita pun ada terjemahan Al-Quran dan ada yang baca Quran tak payah terjemahan sebab kita faham bahasa Arab.

    Jadi kalau ikut komen, cuma yang ada point saja kita siarkan. Orang-orang PR atau PKR, memang sejenis kaum yang kurang sikit akal pemikiran. Dia tak baca pun posting kita. Cuma selalu dia minta kita jangan fitnah tokong dia orang iaitu Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim dah jadi Tuhan atau Sembahan untuk kaum PR dan PKR...

    Untuk manusia yang suka menjadi pengikut manusia lain , atau mengikuti seseorang sampai ke dalam lubang cacing pun nak ikut sampai dah tak kira mana yang benar dan mana yang salah....maka kita ancam dengan ayat-ayat dari Al-Quran, mudah-mudahan menjadi ikutan..

    Quran - Al-Baqarah 2:165-166

    (Walaupun demikian), ada juga di antara manusia yang mengambil selain dari Allah (untuk menjadi) sekutu-sekutu (Allah), mereka mencintainya, (memuja dan mentaatinya) sebagaimana mereka mencintai Allah;........

    (Iaitu) ketika ketua-ketua yang menjadi ikutan itu berlepas diri dari orang-orang yang mengikutnya, sedang kedua-dua pihak melihat betapa ngerinya azab seksa itu, dan (ketika) terputusnya segala hubungan di antara mereka.

    Ada orang posting surah ayat Al-Qamar..terjemahan pun tak betul...lepas tu tak ada point pun langsung...

    Anwar Ibrahim ni..adalah - rijalul fasadul al ard...lelaki yang menyebarkan fasad (perkara-perkara buruk) di atas muka bumi..Orang macam ni, wajib di tentang habis-habisan...dengan apa cara sekalipun sebelum dia merosakkan umat manusia...

    Jadi komen atau nasihat yang tak bernas dari geng-geng PKR tu, korang letak tepi je lah...Buat perabih beraih...

    Lawan....tetap Lawan....Sarawak dah kantaoi...sekarang tinggai Semenanjung saja..