Sunday, 3 April 2011

Penang Build Up Racial Tension

Kindly take a look at the above picture. This incident occurred at Gurney Plaza , Penang Island on 3rd of April , Sunday at a Cineplex somewhere around 7.55pm. I was there to witness this whole incident.

If you can see the Chinese man in the stripe shirt folding his hand. He is the aggressor. Then at the back of the counter is a group of Malay boys grouping together. They are employees of this Cineplex.

What actually happened was , the Chinese man (the one in stripe shirt) came in with few girls and one boy. He came in the first time into the counter and then he came out again. On his second entry, he brought along his group of friends.

There are few Malay boys manning the counter. Sensing something is not right, one of the boys requested to check the Chinese man  pocket for any recording devices. This is a standard random practice done in any cinema.

Rather than complying , he shouted at the Malay boy who wanted to check his pocket. The Malay boy spoke to him nicely and politely. This guy out of a sudden shouted at the boy.

Apa lu ingat , u Melayu u banyak besak ka ?

Semua u mau check..

Apa u mau check ?

Ini negeri bukan u punya…tau..

Ini kita punya tempat..U jangan kurang ajak…

The Malay boy was calm and said politely and showed him the notice board where it says that cinema goers will be randomly check.

Then the Chinese man kept on raising his voice..

Kalau u ingat u pandai..ini undang-undang

Lu check lah semua orang..

Apa pasai check saya saja..

Undang-undang untuk semua orang…

So the Malay boy again politely said that if they suspect something than they will do random check. If he were to comply, there would not be any problem. At this time , a crowd of onlookers already gathered in front of the cinema.

The Chinese man behaviour was extreme indeed. He kept on repeating…

Lu Melayu, semua mau check..

Ini negeri bukan u punya…

Then suddenly the Malay boy lost his temper..

Woi Cina …..kita bukan cakap pasal bangsa tau…Kita semua orang Malaysia..

Ini bukan pasal u Cina ka , India ka…Ini pasal u kena ikut peraturan..

Kita tak boleh check semua orang..nanti u orang tak boleh tengok wayang..

Ini negeri bukan u punya..tau…Ini negeri 1 Malaysia tau….kurang ajak..

Apa u cakap pasal ini bangsa-bangsa…U mau mati kah..?

The Chinese man saw something in the Malay boy character that he was angry with principle..By this time the Malay boy was about to assault the Chinese man but few guys (Malays) came and calm him down.
Then there were some discussions with the cinema supervisor and the Malay boys stood their ground and did not allow the Chinese man with his friends to enter if he did not want to be randomly check. He was refunded.


The Pakatan Rakyat government with their hate campaigns are creating zombies among the Chinese in Penang. They were not like this last time. Now they became arrogant and this is because, they have a Chief Minister who allows his State Adun to behave likewise. Look at this video. This is the source which motivates Chinese in Penang (extremist Chinese) to behave in a racist manner.

Where ever we are in Malaysia, we must think like Malaysian. This is proof that the Pakatan Rakyat State government in Penang is corrupting the people with racist mentality.


  1. May I say that, specifically, it's the DAP that has been arrogant, rude and crude. Like their so-called malaysian malaysia slogan. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak.

    They had behaved badly during the period prior to and immediately before the race riots of 1969. Racist and inflammatory campaign speeches and utterly rude and intolerable behaviour during the post elections victory celebrations. It's that kind of blokes coming out with racist accusations and remarks. Taunting and instigating others.

    The authorities must take action on this kind of fellows. Apply the Police Act, the Sedition Act and, where necessary, the ISA when there are seen to be breaching such acts. Do not wait for abundant proofs. Because gangsters, thugs and hoods may deny the getting of abundant proofs. Just have them charged in Court on the basis of "sufficient reasons to believe" their breaching of the law. No need to count on winning. There's a need to get the message across that they cannot maintain in such racist behaviour.

  2. I am glad you said racist Chinese because I am a Chinese but I would NOT act in such a manner. It is biadap.


  3. The authority like KDN should come forward and show to the people and prove to them that such behavior will not be tolerated. Baru la rakyat boleh rasa yakin bahawa negara ini ada undang-undang. Sampai bila racist DAP dibiarkan berbuat sesuka hati mereka. Ingat sebelum terlambat

  4. These kind of people lives everywhere around us not only in Penang.There will always be people from all races that are morons like this guy who rants about race.If by your example here do it also mean that Penang malays are all arrogant and racist like that UMNO fellow who call the chinese pendatangs and stamp on Koh Tsu Koon.Then we should really not vote BN because of this one guy?The people of Penang will know who to vote.Vote for good governance.Whoever that can perform.Not race or colour.

  5. I am sorry. I have never come across any Chinese in Malaysia in my life experiance who hurl racial insult against Malays for such a trivial matter.

    My example here shows the man in the street being programmed to do whatever their leaders are doing.

    The Malays have never been arrogant except untill he is challenged. The UMNO guy was challenged when his right(s) was questioned.

    How many Chinese shops do you find in Malay kampung ? They are all doing well because the Malays have never been racist.

    DO you find any Malay shop in Chinese area manage to survive ?

    By the way, the Malays even allowed Chinese to prosper in Malaysia.

    We Malays are even proud of Lim Goh Tong, Loh Boon Siew and others prominent Chinese tycoon.

    I am not Chinese but I do speak Hokkien. I was brough up in Chinese community. I know them well.

    As a people, Chinese are very humble and polite.

    The extremist Chinese are slowly becoming very racist in Penang.

  6. I dont know why, but not so long ago, my chinese/indians school mates in the primary (70s/80s) have no qualm over even learning 'Agama Islam' and 'Tulisan Jawi' in class. They chose to stay in the class even though optional. Still in good contact with them, 1 or 2 still can even recite the AlFatihah which the learned back then.
    Now...? what actually happened along he way? Im puzzled with all the hatred and racism Im reading in blogs, articles, as far as I see it on the ground in real life. Every ethnic background are still mingling freely without worries.
    Is this also part of the 'tautology' syndrome?

  7. The hatred and racism that came out in DAP campaign speeches and during post-election victory celebrations in 1969 came back during Tuan Abdullah's rule.

    DAP went back to their so-called malaysian malaysia slogan, wanting even the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak be done away with.

    DAP has been and will always be a chauvinistic and racist party, dangerous and cannot be allowed to govern this country even under PR.

  8. This shows the by-product of racial party which had been dominating the political scene in Malaysia.

    I am strongly disagree with this chinese boy of such rowdy behavior and will not be tolerated.

    But hey, PEKASA openly making such racial statement and YOU make no such fuss about it? Hypocrite of you indeed.

    On the other hand, DAP should bring in more Malay representative.

  9. Perkasa is responding towards Chinese who are questioning Malays special privilages. Perkasa is like the Malay boy depicted in my blog entry. You are against the chinese boy than obviously you support the reaction of the Malay boy. Thats is primary reason why Perkasa was created in the first place. To ensure that Chinese Kiasu do not go overboard. How come Chinese in Kelantan, Pahang, Perlis, Kedah, Trengganu or Perak can behave modestly ? They realise that they are among the majority Malays.

    Chinese become kiasu when they are the majority. In Malaysia, the Chinese is only 25% of the population. So behaving like a majority will only cost you to loose more. The Malays will never vote for DAP Malays. The remedy is for Chinese to revote back for MCA and Gerakan.

    Perkasa is just an NGO. They are not a political party. My crusade is against Pakatan Rakyat...Didnt you read my blog name - People Against Opposition (Pakatan Rakyat)...You called me a hypocrite just because you dont read my blog name. It doesnt matter to me. At least you are reading my blog. Thank-you.