Saturday, 2 April 2011

Russian Prostitute Mentality is better than Pakatan Rakyat Supporters

I have a chance of over-hearing a very interesting conversation. That short conversation makes me to realise a lot of things especially about being grateful. We Malaysians, generally are ungrateful lot. I think , the whole lot of Pakatan Rakyat supporters need a short  treatment by sending them to Russia for a short six months reality check training.
Coming back to our subject matter. Russian Prostitute.
Last week, Friday, last day of the week, but it is the first day of the month. April Fool night.  I was waiting for a friend at a prominent hotel coffee house. Then in came a very unusual couple into the hotel and as they walked towards me, they took the seat just  at the back where I was seated.
They struck as an unusual couple cause the lady is really  gorgeous. I was struck with her beauty. I am telling the truth. From her face I cant figure out her ethnic but she looks very European. Her man was an old Apek. I  think I don’t have to describe the Apek cause he is a typical Apek. Dont start writing petition to have this blog shut down cause I used the word Apek. By Apek I meant , old man. They were unusual of course and some Mat Salleh who were seated  in front of me did the non audible mouth gesture of “What the F******.  Apek took them all for a ride and he was aware of it. From the look of Apek’s face, he was proud walking in with his gal. Apek was like doing moon walking like a smooth criminal. With an arrogant smile on Apek’s face, he strode in victoriously with this fine looking European girl, very sexy and took their seats at the back of my seat, as I have just said. Then I overheard them talking...We were separated like a cubicle type seating arrangement in a circular fashion.  The conversation starts ;
I called the lady Ms G and Apek (Mr Albert).
Ms G
(In a very distinct Eastern European English)
Albert...what time is .......coming ?
Apek (Mr Albert)
I think aa..10 mins maa..
G ..u ok..
Ms G
Yes. I ok.
Why you think I not ok ?

Apek (Mr Albert)
No la...we good friend maa
You working here 5 months
I just asking la..
Ms G
I am very happy..
Your country..very good..
People very nice..
I got good tips..
Everybody good..
Apek (Mr Albert)
U say good maa...
This country no good..lah...
See ..gomen people take money
Minister..u know minister...
Take money also..
Ms G
I know minister
What is gomen Albert ?
Apek (Mr Albert)
Oh soli..
Gomen is
People work with minister..
Ms G
Oh Albert
I know that...
I think you are wrong Albert..
Apek (Mr Albert)
U say I wrong
Kanni na (Chinese vulgar word)
What u know....
U ayam..mahhhh
U do chicken work here..
Ms G
Ohh baby don’t angry me
No goooood...
But I say u wrong..
Apek (Mr Albert)
Ok ok la..
Why wrong ?
I like u say baby....ha ha..(laughing)
Ms G
I stay here 5 months
Everyday got work..
Lots of money...
People got money...
Last man..Indian
He said he work in factory..he give me 300 Malaysian
U work give me tips  300
My country...Russia...verrrrrrrry baaaaaaaaad..
No work.....f*** girl  like me....
No work....people no money
Here I see..many,many people got work
So why u see this country no good..
Apek (Mr Albert)
No that u right ma
But i say gomen..
Make lots money...we people must work for money..
Ms G
You no work Albert
I work (laughing)
You get my money from BOSS..
Ha ha ha..
You must working, working..
Our country...we want working, working
But very less work....many many people..
Working very less..
Here I see everybody working..
I got 5 brothers..
Only one working...
Apek (Mr Albert)
Hey G...
Your country how...
Ms G
Ohh..they don’t like you..they kill you..
My counsin killed..
My uncle killed..
Here very, very peace..
People can go Mall
Go shop....
Go talking, talking night..
My country..night time dangerous..
Cannot go out freely like this..
My house nearby border Russia/Chechnya
Very scared...
Apek (Mr Albert) that maa
Oh I see
No good....thats why you come here

Ms G
I like here very much
I make money
People good..
I see here, Chinese , Indian and Malay..
Drink in one coffee shop...
Very nice
No fighting...
You know..
My country..
We don’t have water...

Apek (Mr Albert)
What water..?
Ms G
Water from metal pipe..
We got very bad water..
No clean..
Here water very clean
Very nice..
What I like here go shop...
No need waiting..
My get 2 bread
My mozer (mother) waited 3 hours
And come back take bus to my house
2 hours...just for 2 bread..
Here very good...
Food easy....road very nice
My country..people must take out snow
From one help..
Some road...just mud...very bad..
Apek (Mr Albert)
Yeah...soli ah G
I think..u right..
Our country also good lah..
You clever mah...

Ms G
I no clever
Your country..really good..
I wish my country got leaders like your country..
Ah Albert...mister  come already...
 Albert took some money from the middle aged man and Ms G walked away with her customer.
 (Not Anwar)......

Do we need Russian Prostitute to remind us about the truth about life in Malaysia ? This is not a propaganda for political mileage. This is the truth. Foreigners appreciate our peace and security very, very much especially those from war torn countries. They have lost it because of their incapable government. They have no time to evaluate their government. We want a perfect government. Whoever that want to rule us must be perfect. That is the expectation of the Opposition supporters. The truth is , what we need is a responsible government ? Is our government responsible ? Go and ask Russian prostitute. They will give you a good answer perhaps. She is a prostitute alright. She might have her reasons but deep in her heart, I think she has a beautiful HEART for being truthful. She appreciated living in Malaysia very much because she could earn out of our country political stability.

Any fool can criticize , condemn and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.
Dale Carnegie (American lecturer, author, 1888-1955)


  1. Interesting story, Sir. Makes me proud to be a Malaysian. But I do hope it's based on a true story, not just a figment of your imagination, coz I really wanna meet that Russian. Which hotel ah? hehe..

  2. Wow, you sure have extremely good memory to recall the story and the dialogue