Monday, 4 April 2011

Tun Razak unveils Second Malaysia Plan in 1971

We need to be constantly reminded of our past so that we could appreciate our current condition. Overall Malaysians are enjoying a higher standard of living because of past economic plans that were put together by our leaders back in the 70's pave the way for a new platform that opens up Malaysian economy.

We owed an incalculable debt to these leaders of old.

11th July 1971

With national unity as its overriding objective, the RM 14.35billion Malaysian Second Development Plan was designed to steer Malaysians through a crucial stage in the nation's history, Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak, its architect, said.

It aims at creating a viable and dynamic commercial and industrial community of Malays and other indigenous people , he added.

It will also see the emergence of a new breed of Malaysians-living, and working in unity to serve the nation. He said the people would see a transformation of the social framework of production and distribution. This would lead to more equitable distribution of income and wealth, and to more balanced regional development. It would also provide expanded opportunities and enduring economic stability.

In a foreword to the Plan, Tun Razak stressed the need to be fully committed to meeting the challenges of the times and TO FORGE A STRONG , UNITED MALAYSIAN NATION WITH CONTINUED PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY.


  1. Not only our past post-independence, Sir. Also our past pre-independence.

    In fact, more of the pre-independence one. Because that's what these DAP goons are made of, or from. They use secret societies, thugs and gangsters then, they still use thugs and gangsters now.

    Even the PKR ADUN and the PKR MP said one DAP Exco Selangor met "the underworld" in the very offices of the Selangor State Government. You know better of the DAP Government in Penang. Even movie goers behave like DAP goons in your previous post. Such blokes may even be DAP goonns themselves. The kind who shouted rude words and made utterly obscene gestures to Malays in KL the day before 13 May 1969 race riots.

    Menteri Larut brought Chinese from Penang to modernise his tin mines in the 1860s. Even gave a few of them mining land PLUS capital to open up tin mines that he could tax. He already had a lot money from tax collected from the rudimentary Malay tin mines which at one time numbered some 250. Instead of being thankful to him and returning his gesture, the blokes brought in secret societies, thugs and gangsters, fought for control of rival tin mines, started the Larut Wars, petitioned the British in Penang to help, leading to British intervention and British colonial rule in Malaya. See the dastardly and bastardly acts of those blokes. Read the History of Perak by M.A Fauzi Basri published by Yayasan Perak for more of the crooked deeds of the Ghee Hins and the Hai Sans in early Perak.

    We cannot have these irresponsible blokes and their DAP masters wanting to lead this country. There'll be chaos and anarchy with them at the helm.

  2. Ini DAP punya orang tak sedar langsung bahawa Tun Razak boleh teruskan pemerintahan dibawah Undang Undang Dharurat (Emergency Laws) berpuluh puluh tahun di tahun 1969. Seperti Hosni Mubarak buat diMesir (Egypt), Muamar Ghadafi diLibya, Asad diSyria dll. Pegang kuasa, buat apa depa suka, 30-40 tahun.

    Tun Razak serah kuasa itu balik ke parlimen hanya selepas 1 1/2 tahun. Pulak jenis celaka ada yang kata Tun Razak yang buat keadaan genting meletus pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969 sebab nak gulingkan Tengku A Rahman. Tak elakkan orang terus menuding jari kapada depa menyebabkan peristiwa berdarah 13 Mei.

    Cukup tak berterima kasih depa. Tak t.kasih dapat hak kerakyatan diMerdeka 1957. Tak t.kasih dapat balik kerajaan berParlimen hanya selepas 1 1/2 tahun selepas 13 mei 1969. Memang jenis gengster punya orang. Itulah DAP. Setuju, tak boleh kasi depa perintah lama diPenang. Tak boleh kasi depa dekat Putrajaya.

  3. If it is true that he (DSAI) is in the picture and that your naked eyes says it is him, than your eyes must also say that the person in the VK Lingam tape is VK Lingam. The other footgate about BN wrong doing is true too. Why until today there is still doubt on those picture. The so called phrase Looks Like Him, Sounds Like Him,But That is not him was used to date.I will impose the same saying to this. And why is Chua can still be in the cabinet after he openly said that it is him in the video. So is it a fair goverment we have. We will have to ask this Q ourself. My friends, remember we need both sides of the coin to see a complete picture. If we dont, than one day Malaysia will be like some dictactors country.

  4. What a fussy logic by I presume one of Anwar Ibrahim goons.

    First and foremost, the VK Lingam and Anwar videos are different in nature. I think you should agree on that. If you cant , than you are being brain washed and it is a waste of time talking to you.

    I am not sure that as you are commenting in a hurry because of the denial factor perhaps you mistaken DP Vijandren video with VK Lingam.

    Anyway the VK Lingam video, the matter was brought forward to a RC. They deliberated. In law , the adminsibility of the evidence is important. There is no evidence whatsoever that the man Lingam was talking to is Ahmad Fairuz.

    Lingam was also called before the Royal Commission, where he claim he did not recall the phone conversation he made to Ahmad Fairuz. He said he might have been drunk at that time and denied he had ever tried to influence judicial appointments

    The VK Lingam video is a video clip of a telephone conversation.The intention behind the conversation was unknown. Nevertheless with all due respect it went through the legal process of being verified and people were questioned.

    How on earth could you compare VK Lingam video to Anwar Ibrahim pornography. They are two different types of video clips. I think an 8 year old can differentiate that.

    I am sorry but must admit that your VK Lingam argument is a very stupid one. It shows how desperate people like you wants to defend your god Anwar the Pervert Ibrahim.

    Then we go to Chua Soi Lek. Mr Chua Soi Lek is a Chinese. In his tradition, he is allowed to keep mistress. The most important thing is that, he humbly admit that it is him.

    Go and ask Anwar to admitlah..Then he will be more believable. Anwar is a Muslim. He potrayed an Ustaz figure to mesmerize people. Hence that potrayal is a deceit indeed with his immoral activities.

    I pity people like you who still believe in him. That video showed that it is him 100% without doubt. Then his DNA...Why didnt he give it readily..? Where is the Omega watch ? Kantoi lagi.....

    The perut buncit..kawan is because of the wide lense angle..When Anwar comes near the camera...of courselah eveything looks bigger cause it is a wide lense and short range shot..Apalah...itu pun you guys kena tipu dengan Anwar Al Jubri ni...

    Asked Mat Sabu...why he called Anwar Al Jubri..?

    Do you want a sexual pervert as a prime minister..I think at this point, you just dont care because you went and support the wrong horse in the first place.

    Anyway..both arguments failed badly.

    Anwar is guilty. That is him in the video. Period !

    I will ensure that our team will blog until Anwar is taken out from Malaysian politics completely.

    I know Anwar personally..We supported him. Many of us went to jail for him. He betrayed us. He lied to us...He must be removed from Malaysian politics or else this country will go to the dogs.


  5. Anonymous 5 April 2011 06:18,

    Where got compare DSAI and Chua Soi Lek, man. DSAI wants to be PM, arranged katak lompat but failed 16 Sept 09, still trying, willing to betray his own race, talk ketuanan rakyat and so on. Pengkianat bangsa cannot rule this country. After, he pengkhianat negara, how?

    Of course lah we need both sides of the coin to see a complete picture. But must be the same coin brader.

    You think Anwar won't be dictator ha? Look at what he does to his party polls - many top leaders cabut, man. I know, they are all not much principle type. But his blue eyed boy Zaid also lari kuat kuat.