Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why Sarawakians did not vote for Pakatan Rakyat ?

Anwar Ibrahim ran back home early yesterday without waiting for the result to be announced like a dog with its tail in between its legs back to Sodomy 2 trial and Omega watch.  Here are some preliminary analysis why PR lost in Sarawak.

  • The Anwar Ibrahim factor.
Anwar Ibrahim is the primary reason why Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties lost in Sarawak. The people of Sarawak  primarily are soft spoken and very gentle in their manners. Anwar Ibrahim kurang ajar approach, really put them off. The Pakatan Rakyat top leaders, should stop Anwar from going to Sarawak to campaign. Instead of sending Anwar to Sarawak, they should send only DAP top leaders to Sarawak. Anwar Ibrahim present is one factor that lead to Pakatan Rakyat defeat in Sarawak. In lieu of this fact, DAP and PAS should really consider their coalition with PKR. It is time to face the reality. Anwar Ibrahim must step down as the PR Opposition leader in order to revive PR chances of winning the next 13th Malaysian General Election. DAP and PAS suffered most by embracing Anwar Ibrahim and by supporting his sexual activities, DAP and PAS have to be very apologetic to all Malaysians. Is it worth it ?

  • Anwar Ibrahim's sex scandal
The people of Sarawak heard and saw how Anwar Ibrahim attack an innocent journalist who asked him about the Omega watch ? They saw clearly, the real Anwar Ibrahim who was emotionally unstable, defending every last drop of dignity he has and attacking an innocent journalist. Can such a person bring any real progress to Sarawak if he cant even manage a very simple question of where is his Omega watch because the existence of that watch is actually Anwar's only defence to proof his innocence. That evidence now is un-available but somehow if he tried to show that watch now, i think it is a bit too late. Like a parachute opening after you fall on the ground. It does not matter anymore. So the good people of Sarawak saw this. Anwar Ibrahim thinks that somehow, the people of Sarawak are stupid enough to ignore this fact. Actually they are not stupid at all. Anwar Ibrahim needs considerable number of stupid people or zombies for him to survive. Sadly , all of Anwar Ibrahim zombies are in the Peninsular.

  • Anwar Ibrahim's speeches
Pakatan Rakyat top leaders must stop Anwar Ibrahim from talking at least untill all the legal matters against him settled. The death blow for Pakatan Rakyat actually begins when they gave a free ticket to Anwar Ibrahim to go all over Sarawak to deliver " I HATE YOU" speeches. The people of Sarawak could see clearly , like an emotional housewife who was divorced by her husband, running amok accusing her husband of everything but good. There is nothing in Anwar Ibrahim's speeches. The Altantuya accusation doesn't work anymore as the truth has already been revealed by Ezam, Zulkifli Zainordin , Datuk Zahrain and recently even RPK, dumped Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim is a liar and the people of Sarawak could sense that. What the people of Sarawak wants is more development ! Anwar Ibrahim accused Pehin Taib Mahmud of corruption but the physical infrastructure clearly showed that there are enough evidence that the ruling government developed Sarawak to what it is from the 1st day Pehin Taib Mahmud became its Chief Minister. BN campaign speeches are full of what the state government will do if the people gave its support to BN. The people of Sarawak has renewed their faith in Barisan Nasionl.

  • Was there a Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak ?
This is a question that people from Peninsular must ponder upon. There was no Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak. DAP , PAS, SNAP and PKR, all broke their coalition and went on to fight for what they wanted for themselves like a pack of hyenas each trying to devour the lions share on its own. Pakatan Rakyat is cheating and deceiving the people , in the peninsular as well as in Sarawak and Sabah. There is no Pakatan Rakyat actually. This Pakatan Rakyat is just a sandiwara to show the people that PR is an alternative to BN. There is no such thing as Pakatan Rakyat. There are only DAP, PKR , PAS and other kucing kurap parties cheating the people , line , rod and sinker . wholesale and in reality  there was NO such a coalition called Pakatan Rakyat. Under pressure, this Pakatan Rakyat, breaks into pieces. We saw that in Sarawak clearly.

  • Conclusion
The people of Sarawak has spoken. Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat. Makhal Sakhthi. So we in the peninsular must heed the advise of our brethren in Sarawak. JOM UBAH. Let us get rid of Pakatan Rakyat for good !


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