Saturday, 9 April 2011

You Think You Have The Right To Talk About Corruption....

By : Abu Hamzah Hitman

Today, I met up with a few friends and we chatted over a glass of "teh tarik". The discussion started with EPL then followed with Champions League result...which I don't really care as long as both MU and Chelsea loose..I am a happy man. Anyway, one of them will definitely be in the semis and I hope their journey ends there...heheheh. Of course the conversation moves around to politics and it finally lands on the MACC investigating the customs officers and a few of them are the top notch.

And one thing that I am blaming MACC is they never learn. This week another man who supposed to be investigated by MACC fell off and died from the 3rd floor of MACC building. What was the corrective or preventive action taken from Teoh Beng Hock's case? But the most that concerns me are the theories coming from my "teh tarik" buddies. The most popular theory is that the deceased was under tremendous pressure to keep the secret as there are many "big fish" involve in this case. There was even an accusation that 1 or 2 cabinet ministers might be related to the case too.

The investigation was made public because it could not be covered anymore. It was just a "sandiwara" by the goverment to show that MACC is taking action but unfortunately the "informer" died. Therefore, don't rule out that MACC is part of the conspiracy. Believe it or not, a few of my "teh tarik" buddies are civil servants. I told them that they are a bunch of people who fail to use their brain to evaluate news. Everything boils down to politics.

They don't uphold Islamic principles when expressing their thoughts to the public. They have negative perceptions towards the goverment and nothing from the goverment can be translated as a good deed. Even the goverment's plight and effort to fight corruption will be twisted by these brainless people. Like I said, some of them are civil servants too and what makes them different from other civil servants from the other departments.

They will admit that there are corruptions going on in their department but its not them because they are the God Fearing People. My me those who bribes are no less dirtier than a pig or a man who accepted the bribe. And those who claim knew about the hanky panky thats going on within his or her circles but do nothing are also a sinner.

He or she is also as dirty as a pig when trying to escape summons from a traffic offense by offering money to the officer to let him/her go ( I happen to know a few of them did that recently..heheheh) is still a bribe and considered as corruption. Are you less dirtier than the pig who committed or involve in a RM50 million bribe.

I say hell NO...both of you are as dirty as the pig too. So readers, if you committed bribe before and will do it again should that will safe you from the offence that you matter how small the amount of money got no bloody right to say others because like I said you are also a sinner and as dirty as those pigs. The perception now is that those who take will go to hell but No my brothers and sisters, both who give and receive will go to hell.



  1. Corruption is a scourge and a menace to society. Like India, China has been having about the largest population in the world. But it was regarded as a pariah by the international community until only 1-2 decades ago. The economy was often in shambles. Corruption played a large part.

    Corruption became rampant in Chin even since over 2,000 years ago. It began with the Emperors who took commoner wives, the lowly kind who became known as Consort Families. The Consorts and members of their family made full use of their positions and influence, amassed great wealth and fortune through corruption.

    Then, one after another, over hundreds of years, the Emperors got lazy. Not interested in administering the country. Did not listen to their Ministers. Instead, listened to and depended on the palace eunuchs to check and verify situations on the ground for them.

    These eunuchs were really ordinary palace workers like butlers, handymen, cleaners and the like - men who were castrated (their penises actually cut off) to ensure no hanky panky with the Emperors' wives and numerous concubines. They were from peasant families, hardly any education and they exploited the Emperors' dependence on them. They asked those wanting good words to the Emperor to pay - in gold - for good reports to be furnished to the Emperors on the State Officials and others who want official titles, positions or anything from the Emperor. Corruption became rife in China since over 2,000 years ago. History books tell us those.

    Now China's laws are so stiff that so many crimes are punished by death. Yet they still do such things as fake eggs!

    Corruption must therefore be abhorred, detested, spitted upon, the culprits brought to book in this country. Including the Money Changers involved in money laundering and the Menteri Besar reported to be sending RM10 million to UK through one of the blokes.

  2. What is this fellow saying? (NST report) -

    "Peninsular Malaysia Customs Officers Union president Ibrahim Ahmad said MACC should investigate first before arresting anyone.

    He said many arrested Customs officers were later released without being charged as investigations revealed that they had done nothing wrong.

    "But their names have been smeared. A senior officer in Malacca was arrested recently after she was involved in a RM500,000 land transaction.

    "She was later released as MACC could not find any evidence of wrongdoing."


    WTH is he blaming MACC for when it's extremely unusual for a Customs Officer to be buying ("involved" what?) a RM500,000 piece of land?

    Releasing the woman without charging does not mean that she is completely exonerated from blame or the file closed forever.

    If they do not want their names "smeared", for God's sake explain how they get such big sums of money. Do they think the rakyat is stupid and do not know their salaries? Or the fellow made a slip by quoting a wrong example. Or other examples "involve" much bigger sums? Crazy.

    Is the Customs Union gangsterish or something. Now they want to see the PM. Already there's talk of them "working to rule". Planning to strike now? Najib should get the military ready. If the Customs go on strike, get the military to man their posts until some sense is knocked into their heads.

    Najib wd get a lot of votes if he lets the MACC go on cracking corruption dens and telling the Union one or two things about corrupt practices.