Sunday, 8 May 2011

CM Lim Guan Eng Chased by Ketua Pemuda UMNO P.Pinang

The most embarrassing moment for CM Lim Guan Eng occurred yesterday at an area in Butterworth called Taman Bagan where he had his Press Conference.

Look at this picture.

At the end of the PC after a thorough UMNO and BN bashing sessions, CM CAT Lim Guan Eng asked arrogantly, ada apa-apa soalan lain kah ?

Then , our Hero...Ketua Pemuda UMNO Negeri P.Pinang enters the frame coolly. He asked first question after a strong statement...

This guy is Ir Shaikh , the KP Pemuda UMNO Penang, starts with - Ketua Menteri Penipu...!!! Lim Guan Eng jaw went down a little....Then Ir Shaikh continues...dulu you janji mau abolish itu 5kupang punya toll dekat Sg tak buat...sekarang you pakai duit rakyat RM 5 juta buat jalan pintas...Mana you punya janji mau abolish toll ? You tipu rakyat dengan janji tipu...

Lim Guan Eng retorted back with some crude answers but Ir Shaikh kept on pressing on his promise to the people of Penang..This is actually a rhetorical question...Dont promise what you cannot fullfil...The Rajauda Guy..Lim Hock Seng steps in to save his boss....Ir Shaikh Hock shut-up..Itu rumah hijau Mak Mandin pun you tak boleh settle, you jgn cakap banyak..I am talking to my CM...

Then in come the 2nd question....Apa pasai Jeff Ooi...(one of Penang Adun)..hadirkan diri dalam mesyuarat paderi-paderi Kristian yang berikrar akan jadikan agama Kristian, agama rasmi Malaysia...??

CM Lim Guan Eng...unable to uphold the last alphabet in his CAT slogan..Transparency...and turned into a coward dog....This CM admitts he doesnt know what the hell Jeff is doing..A very convenient way of CUCI TANGAN....Is this what is meant by CAT ? No..I don't think so...

So unable to answer two simple questions, CM forsook and fled the scene..The first CM of Penang to abandon his own PC..

Ir Shaik chased him till his car and kept on asking him to own up to his promise....This CM just cannot tahan the harassment of this young KP UMNO P.Pinang...

I wish Gerakan / MCA and MIC youth leaders were with him when this guy single handedly take on the CM of Penang Government...

What a shame..Ir Shaikh then took over Lim Guan Eng's press conference and astonishingly the crowd who were Chinese majority ,  gave Ir Shaikh a good applause...Its like a change of heart...

The Chinese are back with Barisan Nasional..Thats the spirit in Penang..Our brothers ..the Chinese of Penang..are back with us....They even booed Lim Guan Eng in his own parliamentary constituency.

Excellent Job - KP Pemuda UMNO P.Pinang...



  2. great work! keep it up bro shaikh..continue the momentum n dont stop till all dogs are chase away!...amin

  3. learn from mistakes... once bitten twice shy.

  4. well done Shaikh !!! Keep it up bro !!

  5. Good Job about the article...if you don't mind please put link of my blog in your bloglist...
    Thanks you...keep it up bro

  6. Anak Mami Jarum10 May 2011 at 18:04

    Jom kita peghambat Guan Eng pi balik Melaka !!! Depa bukan oghang Penang. Buat nyebok sakan kat Penang, buat apa???

  7. Your posting well noted. However, the true reflection of the support of the people of Penang will be made known during the next GE. Let's wait and see...


  8. Looking at things for the next coming General Election...with these issues on hand..

    a] Indians lost of trust with Pakatan Rakyat as to Kg Buah Pala issue..

    b] Anwar the Wacko Back and Front Hantam sex videos..

    c] Sarawak Election - The Chinese realised that Pakatan Rakyat is a loosing horse..

    d] Malays awakening of unity and support for UMNO...

    e] Our PM 1 Malaysia efforts and all those Transformation Programs..

    f] Pakatan Rakyat poor performance in Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Penang...

    g] Chinese concern over DAP support for PAS..

    The next election..Pakatan Rakyat will be loosing a very big lost....

    We are very sure of that !

  9. Dream on you....LMAO

  10. Patutlah Penang tidak seaman dan damai seperti dahulu walaupun diperintah oleh kaum yang sama. Dalam apa kaum pun ada yang baik dan tidak baik kalau kita tersilap pilih, maka kita sama-sama terima sajalah padahnya. Nampak gayanya experiment hangpa dulu tidak menjadi di Penang. Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna.