Monday, 2 May 2011

Polygraph Test - 2nd Edition

By Abu Hamzah the Hitman

Husam Musa,Eskay and Anwar ..hmmm..... Not a bad Idea're using your brain now. PAO wrote about polygraph test last month. It is intresting to learn that Husam Musa, a Kelantan State Exco suggesting a polygraph test to be done on Datuk Eskay and the members of "Datuk T".

The objective is to find the truth. Since DSAI commented that swearing can only be done by those who are free from sins such as adultery (hahahahh yes I do understand after watching the full video.).. Yes, the polygraph test is not a bad idea after all.

Well done Husam Musa. Datuk Eskay has reponded and he is more than willing to take the test. How about DSAI? This is a question to DSAI supporters, should DSAI take the polygraph test to prove his innocence? I believed DSAI should take the test.

I also agree with Husam Musa that the test should be done with the presence of independent profesionals. We witnessed MU raped by The Arse (I think DSAI is a Gooners hahahaha) yesterday, I suggest RTM covers and provide a live telecast polygraph test between Datuk Eskay and DSAI. That would be fun!! First, it will be a single match between Eskay and DSAI. Then it will be a trio tag team match between The Datuk Ts and DSAI, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah.

I am throwing this to the menbers of the floor, what are the questions that you would like to ask to these 6 people, just post it in your comments. I got one for Wan Azizah, I am sure by now she had watched the full that your hubby's d*%^$##@? LOL.


  1. Arsene Wenger2 May 2011 at 21:47

    We at Arsenal , take a very strong exception against Anwar Ibrahim being a Gunners. As an ass banger, we dont accept Anwar Ibrahim in our fan club. H might as well support MU.. Anwar Ibrahim..


  2. Anti Konspirasi3 May 2011 at 03:33

    Anwar Ibrahim, ada berani ambil polygraph test? Please don't invent another 'conspiracy theory' lagi and accuse anyone involved in the polygraph to conspire against you. If you say that 'conspiracy' lagi, memang sah kamu ni sudah gila. Orang gila mana boleh jadi pemimpin. Jadi imam sembahyang pun tak boleh sebab akal kamu tak sempurna.

  3. Everybody have to do this and that..sumpah laknat la, polygraph test la..what about the man himself?