Thursday, 19 May 2011

University Science Malaysia - Senior Lecturers Inciting Students to Hate BN !

This is an exposure of USM, Penang, being the centre of hate mongers among Senior Lecturers getting involved in politics and advising students to hate the BN government.

We have people whom have attended various education courses at this prestigious government university where during lunch break , Senior Lecturers were openly condemning the current BN ruling government with malicious defamation remarks. These lecturers are from the School of Social Sciences, School of Computer Science and School of Distance Education.

There are Senior Lecturers from within the School of Social Sciences whom were ex-Al-Arqam followers whom have incited students to develop hatred against the BN government during their lectures openly and have also asked students to come to their office to discuss politics.

Opposition Leaders were also seen visiting these Senior Lecturers at conferences and at one Seminar on Islam , the meeting was even stopped so that to allow Opposition Agents to announce their political meeting dates so that students could attend these Opposition Ceramahs..

An Opposition Officer also organised public lecture entitled - Maqasid Syariah in support of PAS Hudud Law and the Seminar was actually organised by USM Academic Staff and Lecturers for Opposition Party.

We regret that Institution of Higher Learning being used to disseminate anti government propaganda subversively to pollute the young minds of Malaysian students and many of these PHD Professors were once sponsored by MARA to obtain their PHD's abroad. This is how they pay their tribute to a government whom sent them abroad to be educated and they came back poisoning the minds of our children with CHEAP political agenda.

We cant exposed the names of the people whom have given us this information as some of them are still working in USM currently. We do hope that the Ministry of Higher Learning can look into this matter by sending moles to infiltrate all education institutions throughout Malaysia to check these un-healthy practices among lecturers before it is too late.




  1. Betul.. di USM Transkrian pun ada .... Harap staff kena ada AUKU juga. Aku anggap mereka ini seperti Anjing. Setelah kenyang diberi makan, perut dah buncit, duduk rumah mewah, menggigit tuannya kembali... CIS anjing...

  2. Patutlah rangking USM terus merosot.

  3. There are also lecturers who keep on inciting students to hate the opposition as if the opposition is the country's No 1 enemy.

  4. Lecturers ar supposed to teach..period ! They should NOT get involved in politics during working hours. In USM , there are more pro oppositions Senior Lecturers than pro BN....I dont believe that there are lecturers inciting students to hate the oppositions...You brought this up as a respond to our exposure.

  5. With the current trend of Oppositions HATE CAMPAIGN using religion and racial issues, I think you are blind NOT to realise that the Opposition Parties like PKR with Awwar Ibrahim No 1 Porn Star, Lim Guan Eng - No 1 Christian Supremacy Leader , and Nik Aziz - Islamic Extremist, they are definitely Malaysia No 1 Public Enemy..!