Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bersih 2.0 and Yellow Today !

By Abu Hamzah Hitman

There were so many cynical statements made about yellow shirt. So now we can't wear yellow shirt. This is a total bullshit! I wore a yellow shirt today and was at CIMB and HSBC in the morning. 

Then I went to the city council and Kedai TM to pay my bills. Lastly, I was at a Hypermarket shopping for groceries. Not only that I wore a yellow shirt but I even saw many wearing yellow shirts too. 

The accusation and jokes made by these BERSIH supporters are totally fitnah. Anyway, what do these chinese understand about 'fitnah" them everything is "halal" as long as you have a "halal" logo. 

Can we put a "halal" logo to BERSIH? Of course we can't but DAP will be using their "toyboy" aka PAS to brand BERSIH as halal. BERSIH must be banned. The authorities must assemble their strongest work force to nail down the conspirators. 

The gathering will be bloody if proceed. This is the ugliest conspiracy by DAP and some people from the BAR Council to undermine the government's capability to curb such issues. Lets frustrate these people by putting THEM in jail before something bloody happens worse than 13th May 1969.

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