Monday, 13 June 2011

Between Ryan Giggs, Anwar Ibrahim, John Terry and Mat Sabu - The PR Connections!

By Abu Hamzah Hitman 

First question, what is the similarity between Ryan Giggs and Anwar Ibrahim? The answer is both of them play angel in the eyes of the public but both are dirty old sick men. Ryan Giggs, is at the end of his career and is retiring as football Mr. Clean before Imogen Thomas hits the headline. 

Upon the revelation of Imogen Thomas, another storm hits the MU start when his younger brother's wife, Natasha, confessed that Ryan bedded her for the past eight years..until April this year. In Malaysia, we have the so called pious and god fearing man by the name of Anwar Ibrahim. Anyway, the beloved PR man is in many ways steps above Ryan Giggs because he whacks both men and women. 

Anwar has also turned himself into a film star, recently he acted in an half an hour movie titled "I Was Ass Kayed". When Ryan Giggs failed to convince the world and his MU fans especially on his adultery recent cases, Anwar Ibrahim (Buncit - memang tu perut berok makyeh tu)  managed to convince millions of Malaysians and a host of domestic and international Islamic scholars of his innocence. 

Anwar Ibrahim even successfully convinced the PAS ulamak not to watch his video as it is HARAM. So stupid and no wonder the ulamak lost in the recent PAS election. What about John Terry and Mat Sabu..the answer is both of them were caught screwing their best friend's wife. JohnTerry is a charismatic and no nonsense person on and off the field. Mat Sabu on the other hand is a fiery opposition and also an excellent and nonsense' orator. 

Should Mat Sabu participates in Maharaja Lawak, he will definitely gives a good run to Jozan, Jambu and Sepah..but not Nabil I guess. These are 2 very sick leaders that will be guiding Malaysia should PR wins in the next general election. Malaysians, think wisely. 

Kedah MB, Datuk Seri Azizan claimed that the BN is scared of Anwar and Mat Sabu combination. We are not scared of these 2 sick men, what we are scared of are the blinds (purposely acting as a blind person) in order to gain sympathy. Time will tell. Anwar and Mat Sabu..bertaubatlah.

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  1. Damm good article.....

    Anwar Ibrahim dan Mat Sabu memang cocok..Dua dua ada kes seksual...Tu bini Mat Sabu boleh bincang dengan Wan Azizah...

    Depa dua bini bini ni mesti tak ikut Obedient Wives Club...cause depa tak leh layan suami macam 1st Class Prostitute...kah kah kah..lawak lawak...Apa punya pemimpin dah ni dua samdul...