Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Anwar's sperm..and what does it got to do with Najib & Rosmah

By Abu Hamzah Hitman 

Anwar wants to call 5 witnesses during his defense..among them are Datuk Seri Najib and Datin Rosmah. Anwar is supposed to prove that it is not his "sperm" in Saiful's what does Najib and Rosmah got to do with that? Saiful was Anwar's personal assistant which was hired by Anwar himself. 

Saiful was spotted by Anwar in one of PKR's gathering...Anwar fell in love with Saiful...makan tak kenyang mandi tak basah...tried his best to get to know Saiful...dengan lebih dekat..hahahahah...which he finally did and offered Saiful to become his "personal" assistant. 

And now Anwar is saying that it is a conspiracy..ahhahaha..Anwar should be calling Wan Azizah and Saifudin Nasution because there was a big huha when they found out about Saiful...hahahahah 

Why call Najib and Rosmah... Anwar...its not like "anu dalam botol"..its about your anu has gone in saiful's need to prove that it is not your anu..Najib & Rosmah will not be able to help you on that..I can understand if you are calling Wan Azizah...hahahhaah

In short, Anwar you used your dick to deposit your semen in Saiful's asshole. Awat pi tanya najib pulak...Bengonglah anwar ni...

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