Friday, 15 July 2011

BERSIH, PAS and Parti Ambiga Sreenevasan.....!!!

By Abu Hamzah Hitman. 

As expected, 90% of those who turns out for the BERSIH demonstration were Malays. These are  Malays who supported Parti Kencing Rakyat (PKR) and Parti Ambiga Sreenevanasan (PAS). There was never any intention that this is going to be a peaceful demonstration. From the beginning it was planned that this demonstration will be the bloodiest ever. In every area there will be a small group among the demonstrators that will be functioning as provokers.

There is even a man who pretends to be dead just for the sake to burn the emotional of the demonstrators to turn them wild. Tian Chua burn the fuel of hundreds of demonstrators with him to attack the police. He drew the first blood and then watch happily the malays going on each other's throat. 

Tian Chua needs to be sent to ISA. He is a bloody instigator with bad intention at the expense of the malays. At the end of the day, the BAHLUL (morons) are the malays of Parti Kencing Rakyat but the BAHLUL IBNU MANGKUK AYUN  of all are the leaders of PAS. These hypocrites will be burn in hell if they do not repent. 

Among PAS leaders who are aware of the devil's conspiracy, co-conspired by Anwar and they kept quiet about it will also be responsible and I pray that Allah will punish them too for dividing the ummah. PAS leaders always ever ready  to portray the dirty image of their UMNO muslim brothers. The PAS leaders knew very well what is right and what is wrong and yet they choose these paths. PAS leaders has prostituted Islam in the name of politics. 

They are conspirators for the collapse of muslims ummah in Malaysia by supporting and helping Anwar executing his iblis plans. PAS leaders are at the forefront in encouraging DAP Aduns quoting Quranic verses in the name of politics.

Recently another opposition assemblyman quoted a hadis in the Dewan. Datuk Hassan Ali and Khalid Samad got no balls to defend his muslim brother of UMNO when he stood up against it. Mat Sabu and Hj Hadi even lied and acted as if they were injured during the BERSIH rally..subhanallah...repent my muslim brothers. Pemimpin PAS sanggup menipu untuk orang kapiak macam Ambiga atas saranan Anwar Ibrahim...Ambiga adalah peguam yang berperanan untuk memurtadkan Lina Joy...PAS pi support pulak puak yang macam ni..

Today onwards PAS is now known as Parti Ambiga Sreenevasan.

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  1. i 200% agree with you brother..i can say no much had been said of their wrong paths and teachings, and may the PAS leaders will be burn in hell as they had deviated the muslims aqidah with their non sense fatwas and play a major role in dividing the ummah while spreading liars and call their muslim brothers and sisters with bad names and infidels. And a fatwa that who ever succeeded in ruining or killing UMNO members will be considered syahid as declaring war againt UMNO is wajib. PAS ..i can say is Parti Anu Syaitan. That's the best word to describe it..