Monday, 18 July 2011

PKR , DAP and PAS - Which One will be the Biggest Looser ?

In the next PRU 13, we are predicting a big loss for all three parties in Pakatan Rakyat. Loosing is definite for Pakatan Rakyat but who will be the biggest looser in the next PRU 13 is the main question ? 


Currently, Anwar Ibrahim polls rating , is having a free fall. He does not occupy the No 1 list of sympathizers among Malaysians who feels that he is a victim of political assassination. Days of sympathy had long gone by. He cant ride the chariot of Reformasi anymore. He must go by merit. Personally, the Liwat 2 case has a very big impact on Malaysians who now started to rethink about Anwar's position as the would be PM of Malaysia. Anwar's doggy style position in the Liwat 2 case is also being considered.

Anwar Ibrahim is no more that calm and charismatic leader that people see in him. Sadly, Anwar look like "Gila Isim"  or Power Crazy Maniac. There are no answers to a lot of questions which implicates Anwar Ibrahim towards all these allegations. The old tricks of brushing aside accusations by lumping it towards a political conspiracy doesnt work anymore. The people demanded truthful answers from Anwar Ibrahim. We can start with - [Where is the Omega watch ?]

Anwar constant refusal for DNA test on Saiful Bukhari case has been an eye opener to many. Being the kind of person who works with facts and figures to expose the fallacies of the ruling government, it is very surprising to see Anwar to shy away from killing this case using a simple DNA test. Being a devout Muslim, Anwar even shy away from a Mubahillah but his accusers (Eskay) do not even think twice about going to a mosque to swear in the Name of Allah. These are all issues that will eventually sink in into the Malay mentality that Anwar was indeed a sexual pervert. The kampung Malays are not that difficult to convince. 

Anwar is a desperate man. Drowning man clutches on straw just to stay afloat. The Bersih 2.0 is an uncalled rally. The rally is actually a deception to fool the people away from his August 2011 Sodomy 2 on going trial. As people are linked in the cyber world, it looks like the alternative media is slowly working against Anwar Ibrahim. The Altantuya case was indeed a lie created by Anwar as revealed by RPK. That was Anwar biggest case against the PM but all went in the drain just like that when RPK opens up that can of worms. Recent revelation by Chandra Muzaffar about Anwar Ibrahim's Zionist link will hurt Anwar's image badly. Little wonder that Anwar Ibrahim is talking about creating a revolution in Malaysia. A desperate man talk indeed.

A political activist summarized succinctly about Anwar Ibrahim - likewise “ As for Anwar Ibrahim, he fooled all UMNO members as no one saw what was coming next and it all boiled down to betrayal of the highest order when Anwar was caught with his pants down ! No one in UMNO expected immorality issues of the worst kind coming from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim . He came in to UMNO as an angel but went out a devil incarnate. “

Anwar Ibrahim will be a very heavy liability for Pakatan Rakyat. PR will be drag down into the deep ocean because of Anwar Ibrahim. Again, [where is the Omega Watch ?]


Currently, the Malays just do not know where this so called Islamic party leading to. PAS appeared to be scared of DAP. That is the current image of PAS. At home in Kelantan, local issues involving land swap from Malay ownership to Chinese tauke, is a very big concern. PAS supporters even urinate on Tok Guru's picture. Thats a very grave signal for PAS to heed. The Pasar Lama MPKB scandal also is causing a big stir.  Kedah PAS reversal order on the entertainment ban during Ramadhan had caused the Chief Minister of Kedah to look like a complete moron in front of the Rakyat. Just to appease the Chinese , PAS had to reverse its stand. But DAP is not willing to move an inch for the Muslim Malays on any matters at all. Sooner or later the Malays will begin to realize that PAS dah kena kerat teloq or in English, emasculated. 

PAS biggest mistake is to allow Anwar Ibrahim to step in and meddle in their affairs. DAP is just using PAS to show the extremist among their Chinese supporters that they can tame a crazy horse like PAS. It will boost DAP's image among the Chinese but on the other hand, it will definitely kill PAS in the next PRU 13. Ulamak PAS takut Pemimpin DAP. Thats the Malays conclusion.


DAP has not been without fault. The KG Buah Pala issue will definitely be a show stopper among the Indians voters.  DAP meddling into the mosque issues in Penang will definitely cause the Malays to fight tooth and nail against this tyrant. Likewise in Sarawak, DAP will retain its Chinese majority constituencies. Thats all.  The killer issue will be Mohamad Razali revelation about DAP's plan to make Christianity as the official religion in Malaysia. Why must DAP support Christian Missionary efforts in Malaysia ? Simple. Money is the answer. If DAP puts in the plan to make Christianity as the official religion of Malaysia, then all the evangelical movements all over the world will pour in billion of dollars to ensure that this plan is being put into actions. Malaysia is the only Muslim country whereby the Protestant and Catholics sit in a common council. This will be a big boost to the Christian ego.  Even the Chinese are also rethinking about their votes to DAP as with the weaken PKR , they saw what happened to PR in Sarawak. Chinese business community are worried that if a riot broke out between Malays and Chinese, the Chinese businesses will suffer the most. DAP is leading them (the Chinese) to a very hollow black hole. MCA and Gerakan must make the effort to take the DAP bull by its horn now !

PS - Last desperate move by Anwar Ibrahim to implicate Datin Rosmah Mansur with a ring just blew off the cover. Its a hoax.

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Our Prediction. PAS will be the biggest looser in the next PRU 13...Insya Allah.

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  1. Yes, PAS will be the great loser of all. That's good for Malay unity.