Monday, 18 July 2011

This is a question to the Goverment..Now what is going to happen to the BERSIH IDOLS?

By Abu Hamzah Hitman

I remember a song that I used to sing during my kindy days..Are you sleeping..
Are You John..I would like to change Are you 
sleeping  brother Najib.  A week has gone and what are the actions going to be 
taken on ; 

a. Anwar Ibrahim  b. Ambiga Sreenevasen c. Tian Chua  d. Suhardi Mohd 
e. Mohd Sabu f. Hundreds or thousands of protestors arrested by police on 
9th of July involved in BERSIH demonstrations. There is no place for forgiveness 
to these traitors. 

The country is bigger than them and therefore these traitors need to face the music. 
Please use the ISA. Do not be scared because we are doing what is right for the nation. 
If there are claims that the rakyat did not approve ISA...let me tell you, there are 
millions of Malaysian that will be dancing on the streets supporting the move. 
They are cancerous to  the nation and need to be removed. 

Goverment, please do not sleep!!!

The people are getting a little bit uneasy due to lies being spread by the Pakatan Rakyat 
team especially Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim kept on lying about police brutality, his
sex porn movie, Omega watch, his Bersih injury and many other just to hood-wink the
naive Malaysian voters.

It is about time that ISA being used against Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts so that they stop 
spreading lies in their illegal assemblies and ceramahs. This will led to a precedent that
people are free to spread lies and do whatever they like to the detriment of the 
majority in this country.

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