Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tikkun Award - Sheikh Hamza Yusuf - March 2011 - Muslim given Jewish Honour !

Rabbi Michael Lerner, {Tikkun Magazine}, delivered the 25th Anniversary’s keynote address on creating a caring society, restoring meaning to progressive politics, and striving for our highest vision in creating the society we truly want to see manifest.

An award for interfaith community service and key roles in supporting 'muslimness' was given to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf (Zaytuna College).

Tikkun was started with the intention of challenging the left for its inability to understand the centrality of religious and spiritual concerns in the lives of ordinary Americans. With his associate editor Peter Gabel, Lerner developed a "politics of meaning" to speak to the hunger for meaning that was characteristic of the thousands of people that Lerner and his colleagues were studying at the Institute for Labor and Mental Health. Tikkun was formed to educate the public about the findings of the Institute and to develop some of the implications of that work. However, because it also had an interest in being an "alternative to the voices of Jewish conservatism,"

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