Friday, 25 November 2011

Five Pillars Formula for Malaysia to be A Great Nation

By People Against Opposition

These five pillars constitute the country's own enhanced version from what it is now, of a partnership between the public and private sectors to foster economic growth. 

1st Pillar - Provision of Public Mass Education

The government must provide up-to-date education to more and more Malaysians from all walk of life as technology has improved, the country must prepare people to exploit new inventions-from paddy-cultivation machinery to steamship, to assembly lines, to laptops, to the Internet and the latest craze IPad and ICloud. Abolishing PPSMI will only bring the education of this country backwards as English is the soul language for the pursuit of knowledge.

2nd Pillar - Continuous Improvement of Infrastructures

The building and continual improvement of roads, bridges, ports, airports, bandwidth, fiber optic lines, and wireless networks -so that Malaysian workers and firms can communicate and collaborate effectively and deliver their goods and services swiftly and cheaply to their destinations.

3rd Pillar - Total Control to Immigration Doors

We need to control the influx of foreigners to our country by allowing more professionals to come and develop the country to a ratio that exceed the influx of laborers and unskilled workers. We need the best minds in the world to enrich our universities, start new companies, and engineer new breakthroughs from medicine to manufacturing. We are a not a dumping centers for third world refugees.

4th Pillar - Government support for Research and Development

There must be government support for basic research and development which not only increases the store of human knowledge by pushing out the frontiers of basic chemistry, biology, and physics but also spawns new products and processes that will enriched Malaysian entrepreneurs and workers. For the Malaysian economy to keep growing in an information age in which innovation will have a greater economic importance than ever before, research on every front must be more vital than ever before.  

5th - Implementation of Regulations on Private Economic Activities

This implementation includes safeguards against financial collapse and environmental destruction, as well as regulations and incentives that encourage capital flow to Malaysia, lead innovators to flock to this country to lodge their patents and intellectual property because if they know that these things will be protected here than it will inspire small businesses and venture capitalist to start up in Malaysia. 

In short

To change the chapters to our history, these five pillars will make it possible for Malaysians to apply their individual energies, their talents, and their entrepreneurial drive to make themselves , and this country, richer and more powerful. Taken together , the five will make up a uniquely Malaysian formula for prosperity, one in which the government creates the foundations for the risk taking and innovation delivered by the private sector. This will eventually increase the living standard here and make Malaysia the world's greatest magnet for dreamers everywhere.   

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  1. These five Pillars should be given consideration on who to vote for the next 13th Election.