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Malays in PAS and PKR are BARUA for DAP ! ASK LIM KIT SIANG ?


Malays in PAS and PKR are BARUA for DAP !


People Against Opposition

This is an analysis of DAP stalwart – Lim Kit Siang about his views on May 13, 1969. The utterances this elderly politician made reflected his racist and bias assessment of Malaysia's worst racial riot ever.

Among the responsibilities of a responsible Opposition politician is to ensure that the Ruling Government manages and administer the country in a manner that benefits every strata of the society. The role of Opposition is definitely NOT to promote hatred among the people and to champion causes that would led the people straight on a collision course. 

To begin with this analysis , let’s take a look at what Lim Kit Siang wrote to Dr Chen Man Hin, then DAP Chairman while he was in detention dated 31st December 1969 (among others)…

We must get more and more Malaysians to accept, in principle and in practice, the following fundamental propositions of multi racialism;
  • That no race is a master or super race in Malaysia
  • That Malaysia should not be dominated by any one race, whether in politics, economics or culture.
  • That Malaysia is not exclusive home of any one race, but the home of all Malaysian citizens.
  • That a model Malaysian is not a Malay, Chinese or Indian, but any Malaysian-minded and centered citizen, whose primary affiliation is to nation and not to race.
The above statements shows that Lim Kit Siang is trying to brainwash the people to insist that the Malays, with entrenched deep roots  in the history of their very own native land, to let go of their ancestral right of having the rights of being the majority in this country. Let us put it this way for the sake of argument - if the Chinese are more numerous than the Malays and Indians in Malaysia and the Chinese Emperor(s) were actually Kings of this land, would they forego their rights of being the majority and assume equal rights with all minority races?  Singapore would be a beautiful case study where the Chinese in every possible way denied the Malays of even having rights to their birth right “wakaf land”.  The “apartheid” system in South Africa was practiced by the Afrikaans who is the minority race in a land where the majority blacks were denied their majority rights. This is what, DAP is asking for from the Malaysian Malays.  A Malaysian “apartheid” for the Malays of Malaysia. To quote a famous quote of Lee Kuan Yew - "utter rubbish" !

In his speech as MP for Bandar Melaka, Lim Kit Siang after saying that the Malays has no right to ask for their rights of being the majority, even gave a very bias assessment of the May 13, 1969 riot, just to give credential to his opinion. This speech was delivered in Parliament on 23rd February 1971 on the Constitution Amendment Bill 1971.

“ Mr.Speaker, Sir, the May 13 racial riots started because there were people who were not prepared to accept the verdict of the people at the polls on May 10, 1969, which returned an unprecedented number of Opposition candidates in both State and Parliamentary elections ………May 13, 1969 was also a victory for those who disliked the people’s verdict and started riots in the Federal capital to vent their anger and to frustrate the people’s will. Malaysians were murdered, mutilated and maimed. Chaos and carnage ruled the day.”

This is a very bias assessment. No mention at all of the provocations made by DAP victors of the 1969 Election whom started provoking the Malays until they became loose cannons. 

Herein are real reports on what actually happened during the May 13, 1969 riot.

The unruly Opposition Processions or “Victory Parades” in Selangor.

Between Sunday, 11 May and Monday, 12 May, DAP and Gerakan held numerous noisy and rowdy street processions in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya that had detrimental repercussions. With the exception of the procession organized by Tan Chee Koon on 12 May, none of the other processions, whether big or small, had approved police permits.
On 11 May, at 5.00pm..,a procession comprising five cars and about 15 motorcycles led by Goh Hock Guan of DAP entered Brickfields. Passing by the Brickfields police station, the participants shouted “apa polis boleh buat-kita raja” and “buang semua polis Melayu”.

The above is the mentality created by DAP in insisting that - That no race is a master or super race in Malaysia as urged by Lim Kit Siang, “we must get more and more Malaysians to accept, in principle and in practice, the fundamental propositions of multi racialism ;

 We continue with reports of the May 13, 1969 incident…

At 10.00pm on 11th May 1969, as marchers led by Goh Hock Guan from DAP, passed by Travers Road police station, they joined with participants in another DAP procession and they were shouting “mati Melayu, sakai pergi masok hutan”.

During the approved procession on 12 May, similar taunts and insults were hurled at Malays. They cried out “Melayu balek kampong”. They sneered “Melayu sekarang tiada kuasa lagi” and even proclaimed “sekarang kita control”. When this procession of about 500 scooters reached Kampung Baru, shouts were heard of “Melayu keluar, apa lagi dudok disini” and “Kita hentam lu; sekarang kita besar”.
All these were not even mentioned in Lim Kit Siang very out of context speech- on 23rd February 1971 during the Constitution Amendment Bill debate. This is almost 48 years ago and Lim Kit Siang still championing the cause of denying the Malays their rights of being the majority in this country. There are more than 55% Malays with more than 62% Muslim in Malaysia. Collectively they hold only less than 30% of the nation’s economic pie. How liberal could the Malays be in allowing the non Malays to have more than 70% control of the nation’s economy? Yet DAP insisted;

That no race is a master or super race in Malaysia as urged by Lim Kit Siang, “we must get more and more Malaysians to accept, in principle and in practice, the fundamental propositions of multi racialism ; That Malaysia should not be dominated by any one race, whether in politics, economics or culture.

How would Chinese forgo their economics dominance in Malaysia ? Give 30% back of what they earned to the Malays and Indians ! Again, utter rubbish....

It is an irony that there are Malays in PKR and PAS, (very stupid of them) to support this rally championed by DAP. In a Malay proverb, Menang Sorak, Kampung Tergadai ! How apt is this proverb attributed to Malays who supported DAP.

The hard truth is ; 
the Malays in PKR and PAS are BARUA for DAP.

The Malays fate in the hand of DAP leaders will just be like the Beer in this drinking vessel  below ;


  1. The hard truth is the current corrupt regime has run up a national debt of more than RM600 billion.And increasing. If the current trend continues your kids will be maids or singing to the Koreans, Taiwanese and Singaporeans in the not too distant future. Go think about this Mr thinker writer, if you can.

    1. In respond to Shadower -

      Yeah, the issue of DEBT RM 600 Billion. Wow ! This must be mind boggling fact which none knew about except for you and some privilage few among your PAKATAN friends.

      Yes I agree Malaysia did accumulate sizeable amount of debt over the years. In developing a country, DEBT is a measure of getting funds for development. The question is whether the acquired DEBT being used for real development projects ?

      The measure for this is to look at the RATIO of DEBT against GDP which currently stands at 53% for Malaysia and our ceiling limit is at 55%. Singapore is at 106%. Their DEBT vs GDP is way above the line but do you see Singapore falling apart ? No. Why ? It is because they are still able to repay all their debts in a timely manner and all the country's debt being used to developed the whole nation.

      One proof that Malaysia is using all its resources to develop this country is by looking at our GDP. Malaysia GDP in 1957 is somewhere above RM 5 billion but after 55 years our GDP increased to more than RM 1 trillion....

      We already hit the TRILLION mark. This is the HARD TRUTH that no one cares to check and verify. Another thing about DEBT, is that you dont pay your DEBT in one lump sump. There is this thing called staggered payment. You look at your overall income before committing to these debts. DEBT alone should NOT be a measure of government effectiveness.

      In economics, the debt-to-GDP ratio is one of MANY indicators of the health of an economy. It is the amount of national debt of a country as a percentage of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

      A low debt-to-GDP ratio indicates an economy that produces a large number of goods and services and probably profits that are high enough to pay back debts. Governments aim for low debt-to-GDP ratios and can stand up to the risks involved by increasing debt as their economies have a higher GDP and profit margin. In 2011 United States public debt-to-GDP ratio was about 100%. Remember, Malaysia is at 53%.

      The level of public debt in Japan in 2011 was 204% of GDP. The level of public debt in Germany in the same year was 85% of GDP. Almost a third of US public debt of USD 16 trillion is held by foreign countries, particularly China and Japan. Conversely, less than 5% of Japanese public debt is held by foreign countries.

      So go think about this Mr Thinker Shadower if you still have any shadow left !

    2. Politicalamity929 April 2013 at 02:41

      Wait till Shadower above sees the result of FOC everything policy. I dare not to imagine...perhaps Shadower would like to make ready a time travelling machine, just in case would want to return to pre-PRU13.

  2. Debt is often issued with a repayment plan (a "time to maturity" in some cases), repayment times may be between a few days (interbank cash flow management) and 50 years or longer (consumer real estate debt). The average repayment time of all worldwide outstanding debt is perhaps 10 years.

    The debt-to-GDP ratio is generally expressed as a percentage, but properly has units of years, as below.

    By dimensional analysis these quantities are the ratio of a stock (with dimensions of Currency) by a flow (with dimensions of Currency/Time), so they have dimensions of Time. With currency units of US Dollars (or any other currency) and time units of years (GDP per annum), this yields the ratio as having units of years, which can be interpreted as "the number of years to pay off debt, if all of GDP is devoted to debt repayment".

    This interpretation must be tempered by the understanding that GDP cannot be entirely devoted to debt repayment — some must be spent on survival, at the minimum, and in general only 5–10% will be devoted to debt repayment, even during episodes such as the Great Depression, which have been interpreted as debt-deflation — and thus actual "years to repay" is debt-to-GDP divided by "fraction of GDP devoted to repayment", which will generally be 10 times as long or more than simple debt-to-GDP.

    Debt-to-GDP measures the financial leverage of an economy; some economists, such as Steve Keen, advocate using it as the key measure of a credit bubble (both its level and its change – particularly of private debt and total debt), and high levels of government debt (public debt) are widely decried as fiscal irresponsibility.

    One of the EURO Convergance criteria was that government debt-to-GDP be below 60%. In Malaysia, we have set it at below 55%. Currently Malaysia's DEBT vs GDP is at 53%.