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On Datuk T Sex Video - PAS Ignored Quranic Principle !

If a profligate (fasiq) comes to you with news, make sure you understand it (tabayyanu) and make sure you know it indeed happened (tathabbatu), or else you will attack people out of ignorance and end up in great remorse
(Qur’an 49:6).

What is a profligate ?

An immoral or wicked person.

The Quran stressed on the importance of verification of the truth even if the news bearer is an immoral or wicked person ? Why ?

Verification of the news is important because the personality of the person or person(s) is to be seperated from the news that he/she brought forward. The information brought forward should be ascertained as the action of verifying the truth will benefit the people if it is the truth and might also avoide people from wrongly attacked and caused future regret.

The Quran uses two words here.

a] (tabayyanu)
Make sure you understand it.

So the Quranic principle applies in information filter as well as journalism, is that any news, before we comment on it, need to be understood. This is fardhu ain as it is strictly enforced in the Quran. To understand a message , news or piece of information is extremely important as it is considered as ibadah.

make sure you know it indeed happened .

Secondly , we must find the means to ensure that , the news brought forward by even a fasiq, indeed happened. This is our responsibility as required by the Quran in Surah 49:6

So in Islam , we should NOT even defame a sinner(s) , immoral person(s), wicked person(s) if he/she bring news to us. We should ascertain that news so that we could arrive to the conclusion whether the news is trusworthy or not. If it is proven false than we should take it up against the rumour monger and if it is proven otherwise than we take appropriate action(s) fittingly against people or condition or situation that was truthfully described by the news.

If PAS is truly an Islamic party which uphold Islam, this simple principle which the Quran clearly describes should be held up. Instead , on the said Datuk T video here are some statements made by leading PAS leader ;

Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat menyifatkan perbuatan menayangkan rakaman video seks yang dikatakan membabitkan seorang pemimpin pembangkang bersama seorang pelacur warga China di sebuah hotel kepada pihak media sebagai perbuatan tidak bermoral.

Mursyidul Am Pas itu berkata, lebih memalukan apabila perbuatan itu didalangi tiga 'individu bergelar' dan pernah menjadi pemimpin sebuah kerajaan negeri.

Katanya, beliau berasa amat malu untuk membaca berita mengenai pendedahan skandal terbabit ­kerana ia dilaporkan oleh ­semua media massa di negara ini.

Here is the irony. Rather than telling the people that as Muslim(s), we must ascertain  ](tathabbatu)make sure you know it indeed happened , or else else you will attack people out of ignorance and end up in great remorse” PAS and all the leadership together with them ignored injunction from the Quran but rather follow their NAFSU in supporting Anwar Ibrahim blindly and attack the people who brought the news to be certified by the Media.

As far as the Quran is concerned, Nik Aziz , Haji Hadi and even Anwar Ibrahim are indeed wrong for attacking the trio Datuk T. 

I end with the verse again for us to ponder...

If a profligate (fasiq) comes to you with news, make sure you understand it (tabayyanu) and make sure you know it indeed happened (tathabbatu), or else you will attack people out of ignorance and end up in great remorse
(Qur’an 49:6).

"They who are born of chickens scratch the earth." (Corsican proverb)

In respond to a Question ?

Anonymous said... (From my Blog reader)

Kudos ...i like what is written, to unite malays under islam, how about desolve pas and umno and all ex-members from both parties to join a newly form party based on islamic principles, all dealings are strictly based on the Quraan and Hadith....can or not ????

This is another example of a classical sickness. Detachment from reality.Number one, if talks for unity between UMNO and PAS is to be of any benefits to anybody, why set conditions likewise.Why must UMNO and PAS be dissolved just to unite ? Thats utter rubbish. Why must dissolve if you want to unite ? Did DAP, PKR and PAS dissolves when they form Pakatan Rakyat ? Did PAS gave any conditions to DAP before they went into Pakatan Rakyat ? Did PAS said to DAP, we will join Pakatan Rakyat if  all dealings are strictly based on the Quraan and Hadith ? No...PAS just walk in to Pakatan Rakyat without any condition at all.

 It looks very clear you don’t understand political science and PAS is one sided and wrong when dealing with a Muslim party like UMNO. Different political parties have different agendas, ideologies and methods in managing the people. If there is opportunity to unite, PAS should just join Barisan Nasional. Period.  Likewise PAS is now in Pakatan Rakyat.

Then learn a little bit of history. Please read up and make reading a habit-lah. PAS was actually from UMNO. UMNO has a religious section within it during the early 40's and 50's....That section of UMNO broke away and formed PAS. Tuan Ahmad Fuad Hassan lost his bid in UMNO election and he was not satisfied. He move out and formed PAS...So if UMNO and PAS were to unite, orang Melayu kata sireh pulang ke right the prodigal son (PAS),  is the one should be dissolve just like Semangat 46 or PKR...They were from UMNO. UMNO is the root for PAS, Semangat 46, Perkasa and PKR..
Let us discuss the Sharia Law. Issues pertaining to its implementations. Talking is easy. Implementation is another matter at all. There are various issues about the Sharia Law which need to be addressed.
There are more non Muslim than Muslim in the Parliament in Malaysia. Muslim are not the majority in Malaysia...If we combine all the non Muslim in this country , they are the majority. So Muslim must do da'wah work among the non Muslim to work towards making Malaysia a total Muslim country. Then implement Islamic Law. One thing about Islamic Law, there are not many injunctions in the Quran that are legal in manner. To implement that, we need to create a conducive environment whereby there are some considerations need to be taken into account. Most impotantly, the population must be at least 95% Muslim.  95% of Malaysian must accept Islam as the only religion in Malaysia.  A minority cannot exert its laws on the majority of the population. Da’wah work must be intensified so that the Indians and Chinese accept Islam. Than ,how the hell these people are going to accept Islam, if PAS openly said that UMNO is kafir.

There not many legal injunctions in the Quran but there are many legal opinions  that are man made out side of the Quran made by old Islamic jurist(s) and they are not even codified and consistent with each other. . Fiqh jurisprudence interprets and extends the application of Sharia to questions not directly addressed in the primary sources by including secondary sources. These secondary sources usually include the consensus of the religious scholars embodied in ijma, and analogy from the Qur'an and Sunnah through qiyas. Current context, the Sharia law can be organized in different ways:

Sharia can be divided into five main branches:
  1. ibadah (ritual worship)
  2. mu'amalat (transactions and contracts)
  3. adab (morals and manners),
  4. i'tiqadat (beliefs)
  5. 'uqubat (punishments).
Major parts of the Sharia concentrate on these areas of concerns ;
  1. Purification
  2. Prayer
  3. The Funeral Prayer
  4. The Poor Tax
  5. Fasting
  6. The Pilgrimage
  7. Trade
  8. Inheritance
  9. Marriage
  10. Divorce
  11. Justice
There are three categories of crimes in Sharia law, qisas, hudud, and tazir. Qisas involves personal injury, have several categories: intentional murder (first-degree), quasi-intentional murder (second-degree), unintentional murder (manslaughter), intentional battery, and unintentional battery. It is treated as a civil case rather than an actual criminal case. If found guilty, the victim (or in death, victim's family) determines the punishment. They can either demand retribution (qesas-e-nafs), which means execution in the case of intentional murder, imprisonment, and in some cases of intentional battery, the amputation of the limb that was lost, or they can request diyya, which is compensation (blood money), for the loss of life/limb/injury. The judge (or in modern sharia systems like Iran or Iraq, the state) can only convict, and legally punish a qesas crime on his own authority, the victim (or family) must determine that. However, the state/judge may prosecute for crimes committed alongside the murder. If the victim's family pardon's the criminal, he would normally receive a tazir prison sentence alongside the crime (such as 10–20 years in prison) for crimes such as "intentional loss of life", "tazir assault and battery" "disturbance of the peace", and such.
One of the major problems in the early centuries was to produce a system that was certain in its operation and predictable in its outcomes. After the 1st World War, many of the Muslim countries were under colonial rule. Since then, the Islamic Syaria stop evolving and was taken over by Western Legal System. There are many areas within the Syaria which still needs to be improved and added on especially the Legal Codexes or Statutes that involves Criminal Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Tort, Contract, Trust, Labour Law and Law of Evidence. Even the Family Law and Inheritance in Malaysia under the Syaria Courts differ between state to state in the whole of Malaysia. These differences need to be addressed before implementations could take place.
Islamic Sharia Law must be codified into one single unified codification which cover every aspect of Laws likewise the English Legal Systems which has evolved for a very long period. Sharia judicial proceedings have significant differences with other legal traditions, including those in both common law and civil law. Sharia courts traditionally do not rely on lawyers; plaintiffs and defendants represent themselves. Trials are conducted solely by the judge, and there is no jury system (like civil law in countries such as Russia and France). There is no pre-trial discovery process, and no cross-examination of witnesses. Unlike common law, judges' verdicts do not set binding precedents under the principle of stare decisis and unlike civil law, Sharia does not utilize formally codified statutes (these were first introduced only in the late 19th century during the decline of the Ottoman Empire, cf. mecelle).

What is  stare decisis ?

Stare decisis (Anglo-Latin pronunciation: /ˈstɛəri dɨˈsaɪsɨs]) is a legal principle by which judges are obliged to respect the precedents established by prior decisions. The words originate from the phrasing of the principle in the Latin maxim Stare decisis et non quieta movere: "to stand by decisions and not disturb the undisturbed." In a legal context, this is understood to mean that courts should generally abide by precedentsand not disturb settled matters. This doctrine requires a Court to follow rules established by a superior court. The doctrine that holdings have binding precedence value is not valid within most civil law jurisdictions as it is generally understood that this principle interferes with the right of judges to interpret law and the right of the legislature to make law. Most such systems, however, recognize the concept of jurisprudence constante, which argues that even though judges are independent, they should judge in a predictable and non-chaotic manner. Therefore, judges' right to interpret law does not preclude the adoption of a small number of selected binding case laws.

Instead of precedents and codes, Sharia relies on jurist's manuals and collections of non-binding legal opinions, or hadith, (ulama, particularly a mufti); these can be made binding for a particular case at the discretion of a judge.
The second category of crimes is hudud (or hadd). Hadd crimes are crimes whose penalties were laid down by the Quran, and are considered to be "claims against God". Hadd crimes are: adultery (zina): includes adultery, fornication, incest/pedophilia, and rape, pimping; sodomy/lesbianism (or sodomy rape); hiraba (uniquely known as moharebeh/mofsed-e-filarz in Iran) waging war against God and society: armed robbery, terrorism, armed violence; theft; use of intoxicants (alcohol/drug use); apostasy/blasphemy; and defamation (meaning false accusation of any of these things). These cases not meant as actual punishments, but as deterrents, to simply to set an example to the general public, and to prosecute the most flagrant violations. Hudud is meant as a deterrent, not a general punishment. The process is extremely exacting, a minimum of two witnesses are required to corroborate the evidence, and in the case of sex crimes, four witnesses, thus making it in most cases hard, if not impossible, to receive the violent punishments. Circumstantial evidence is not allowed to be part of the testimony. When one does receive them, it usually would occurring in a case where the offense was so obvious, obscene or flagrant that it is impossible to not be convicted. In lieu of written evidence, oaths are accorded much greater weight; rather than being used simply to guarantee the truth of ensuing testimony, they are themselves used as evidence. Plaintiffs lacking other evidence to support their claims may demand that defendants take an oath swearing their innocence, refusal thereof can result in a verdict for the plaintiff. Taking an oath for Muslims can be a grave act; one study of courts in Morocco found that lying litigants would often "maintain their testimony 'right up to the moment of oath-taking and then to stop, refuse the oath, and surrender the case." Accordingly, defendants are not routinely required to swear before testifying, which would risk casually profaning the Qur'an should the defendant commit perjury; instead oaths are a solemn procedure performed as a final part of the evidence process.

I would like to see that PAS religious scholars apply the Sharia Law of Hudud on Anwar Ibrahim ? That is a good start.
Now , PAS cannot implement Hudud in Malaysia as long they are in coalition with DAP. Why is that so ? asklah....According to your Nik Aziz, DAP are not prepared as they dont understand Islam..So we (PAS) a dog putting tail in between the legs, will on hold the hudud law till further notice. What dignity is this ?
DAP or the Democratic Action Party rejected Islam in total as they viewed Malaysia as a secular state. This is the answer given by Karpal Singh when asked about Islam and Malaysia..

Do you think Malaysia should be a secular or an Islamic state? Why?

Malaysia is a secular state as provided for in the Federal Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. Islam, as provided for in the constitution, is the religion of the federation, with other religions being allowed to be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the federation. A multireligious and multiracial society requires a secular state.  (Karpal Singh) Source - Blog/Website:

PAS on the other hand wants an Islamic state so that they could exercise Hudud Law. The facts remain, the Hudud Law as intrepreted by PAS was actualy created out of their own opinions.  The brand of Islam that Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang feared most out of ignorant is the brand of Islam practiced by PAS and their cohorts.

KOTA BAHARU, Dec 22 (Bernama)

 The DAP has made it clear that it is opposed to PAS' pledge to implement hudud laws if the opposition coalition takes over the administration of the country. Its secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, said the implementation of hudud laws was not included in the Pakatan Rakyat's manifesto in the March 8 general election."The DAP does not agree and definitely opposes the plan," he told reporters here Monday.

PAS Admits Difficulty Getting Consensus On Hudud From Opposition Partners

The admission was made by PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa at a press conference, here, today as the three opposition components had signed an agreement in August, stating that any policy change should have a multilateral agreement among them.

"However, PAS will continue with its struggle to implement Hudud law, which is God's law, by explaining to all quarters, including the Pakatan Rakyat component parties, until they are ready to accept the law. (Datuk Husam Musa)

This is a beggary mentality that PAS has developed just for the sake of political ambition, PAS has to go around like a beggar to DAP and PKR to accept its version of Hudud Law.

There is no tolerance on the side of DAP and PKR for PAS Hudud Law and how on earth these TRINITY ever going to settle such issues , only God knows how and when.

It is Opposition Politics which causes Islam to be downgraded and eventually this will lead to anarchy as they fight each other either to accept or reject PAS Hudud Law. This is a result of failure of PAS to protect the dignity of ISLAM. PAS uses and abuses  ISLAM to score political points and at the end of the day Hudud Law is like an appetizer put on a plate which was not on the menu for DAP and PKR.
This is an apt statement by our Chief of Justice - Tun Zaki Azmi -  people on the net ;

"There is a small group of vociferous people out there, who go onto the internet and blogs and Facebook and all that and make comments without knowing the proper background. Many are not even lawyers.

I leave you with this video to ponder upon ? This Sheikh  is a former Islamic Dean of Qatar University. Based on his arguments, I believe PAS is an Extremist Islamic Party.

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Analysis of Penang Parlimentary Seats. BN Come Back Plan !

This a simple analysis of the Penang State parlimentary seats.

Penang has - 13 Parlimentary Seats. Currently BN has only 2 seat out of these 13. Herein is the table.

P41 and P42
Kepala Batas and Tasek Gelugor will remain with BN. The development for these 2 areas for the last 3 years shows the the MP's really worked hard to maintain the status quo of BN support. This is Pak Lah and YB Noor Mohamed areas respectively. YB Sharif Omar did a good job here.

Bagan - strong shift to BN PRU 13

This area has more than 70% Chinese voters. At least 35% of the Chinese of this area support BN. The swing in the Indian and Malay votes , is the primary factor that Bagan fell to DAP.
 So far all developments here basically attributed to the support of Chinese Chambers of Commerce.
The total combine of Malay and Indian votes = 29% will help to swing the vote back to BN....

P44 - strong shift to BN PRU 13
Permatang Pauh
M             I               C             Others


Looking at the race composition this is Anwar base support area. The Malays are divided - 70% PKR and 30% UMNO...The trick to Permatang Pauh is to get the Indian 6.30% , Others 0.41% and Chinese 24.79%. Basically there is no development whatsoever since PKR took over P44 for the last 10 years.

With Anwar Ibrahim implicated, the Malays are divided 50/50...another strong contender to fallback to BN.

Bukit Mertajam

This seat with 72% Chinese vote, still the trick should be on the Indians and Malays votes to neutralize the huge support for DAP...A lot of municipalities issue here especially congested traffic...

A 50/50 for PR and BN

Batu Kawan

With Indians falling out against DAP and PKR....and if the Malays unite, this is a sure deal BN area to claim.

P47 - BN - PRU 13
Nibong Tebal
M             I               C             Dll


The Indians will seek revenge here for the Kg Buah Pala issue with Malays traditionally strong UMNO supporters. Penang Malays are falling out against PKR...Good seat for BN to claim back.

Bukit Bendera

A DAP Strong hold...Exremist Chinese is the majority in this area. Latest initiatives by the Federal Government to install new furnicular train on Penang Hill might do the trick.

DAP strong hold


BN must garner support from Indians and Malays here. With 30% support from the Chinese, this one will fall down back to BN.

Bukit Gelugor
M              I                C           Dll


Gerakan/MCA must support to garner the 35% support from the Chinese here. The Malays and Indians will definitely swing back here. This is where the famous Kg Buah Pala located.


This seat is under Bebas and Datuk Zahrain is friendly towards UMNO. He will rejoin UMNO.

The PKR is loosing grip here as the Anwar factor is weakening. The Malays here are divided 50/50...

So far, we identified these Parlimentary Seats that will fall back to BN ;


These are main areas that the Federal must regain back to continue the development programs already planned for Penang.

Nik Aziz and PAS ! The Man and the Party that Breakup the Malays !

Our Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat confessed that, the in-ability of the Malays to understand Islam caused them to fight against each other ?

Is this true ? Let us analyse whether what was said has some merit or rather it is a political statement ? Is Tuan Guru Nik Aziz sincere in his observation ? At times, people who supported Pakatan Rakyat, have stopped thinking and swallow everything that were said by this man.

Do Malays really dont understand Islam ? Is islam that difficult to be understood ?

SHAH ALAM – 30th March 2011 - Sikap masyarakat Melayu gagal amalkan Islam punca perbalahan kalangan kaum majoriti negara ini masih berlanjutan.

Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata, kedatangan Islam ke Tanah Melayu (Malaysia) lebih 500 tahun lalu masih gagal dikuasai Melayu beragama Islam sepenuhnya.


I might agree that there are different intrepretations of Islam in Malaysia but generally the principle of Islam that Believe in The One-ness of Allah (Tauhid) and not to associate partners with Allah is a general understanding of Muslims or Malays in this country. More than 45% of Malaysians are Muslim. With just one sentence he (Nik Aziz) declared that we (Muslims) of Malaysia do not understand Islam. Why is he saying this ?

What he really wanted to say is this....

“Kita sebagai masyarakat Melayu menolak (tidak mengamalkan) Islam, (sebaliknya mengambil pendirian) nasionalisme sebagai keutamaan, sedangkan bumi yang dipijak adalah ciptaan Allah SWT.

Here comes the deceitful statement. This man (Nik Aziz) believes that his political Party PAS, a man made political party which was created in the 60's registered with the Registrar of Society with its man made constitution is equal to Islam. This is how he fooled Malays in Kelantan and all over Malaysia to support PAS as if PAS is equal to Islam. PAS and Islam is not equal. We Muslim accept Islam but that doesnt mean we have to accept PAS. They are poles apart.

About nationalism that he is talking about , what is nationalism in the first place ? You give a dog a bad name and you hang it. Thats the trick. Let us look at the definition of nationalism...

Nationalism involves a strong identification of a group of individuals with a political entity defined in national terms, i.e. a nation. It is the belief that a nation has a right to statehood.

Is there a single verse or any verses in the Quran that prohibit Muslim from being identified with his race or nation or tribe even ? 

Quran - Surah Al-Hujurat 49 : 13
: O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).
: Wahai umat manusia! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan kamu dari lelaki dan perempuan, dan Kami telah menjadikan kamu berbagai bangsa dan bersuku puak, supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan (dan beramah mesra antara satu dengan yang lain). Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang yang lebih taqwanya di antara kamu, (bukan yang lebih keturunan atau bangsanya). Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha Mendalam PengetahuanNya (akan keadaan dan amalan kamu).   

The Arabic for the underlined translation are - wa ja-alna-kum ( and We (Allah made you), syuuban wa qaba-ilah ( nations , races = syu-uban) , wa (and) , qabailah (tribes)......lita-arrafu (so thay you may know each other)...

The verse is very-very clear. Allah recognised that we are being recognised (ta-arafu)  through various nations, races and tribes. That is actually a definition of nationalism. Human beings are allowed to maintain their national identity and to fight to maintain that right. When the British decided to form Malayan Union, what the colonial was trying to do was to usurp the rights of the Malays to be recognised as Malays with special rights in their own mother land. The Union was met with much opposition due to its constitutional framework, which allegedly threatened Malay sovereignty over Malaya. Go and tell any Indians in India that, we want you to stop recognising yourself as Indians and give up your rights and be equal to all other minority rights in your country. What do you think the Indians might do...

When the British asked Mahatma Gandhi how is the Indian administration going to deal with the huge Muslim minorities in India ? Mahatma Gandhi said eloquently that every nation has its own set of problems and minorities. This will be an Indian problem to manage.

In Surah Al-Hujurat 49:11, Allah allowed racial as well as tribal identification but superiority of one race , nation or tribe over the other is strictly forbidden.  

This is actually 360 degrees against what was preached and encouraged by Nik Aziz. Nik Aziz is going against the Quran if he deny nationalism. So we can easily demonstrate that actually it is not that the Malays dont embrace Islam that cause political rivalry but the real issue here is PAS Malays identified UMNO Malays as kafir and not as Muslim as them (PAS) which is the main cause of division among Malays. Islam the way understood by PAS, even rejected established concept in the Quran that causes split among the Malays in Malaysia.

We analyse further.

Nik Aziz said -

“Sekarang ini bukan masalah Melayu dengan Cina, tetapi Melayu dengan Melayu,” katanya ketika sesi lawatan ke Universiti Antarabangsa Al-Madinah (Mediu) di Plaza Masalam semalam

So  Nik Aziz confessed again that, there is disunity among the Malays. So as a Muslim what is his responsibility as an Ulama about this ? Let us go to the Quran again ...

Quran - Surah Al-Hujurat 49 : 10
 The Believers are but a single Brotherhood: So make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers; and fear Allah, that ye may receive Mercy.
Sebenarnya orang-orang yang beriman itu adalah bersaudara, maka damaikanlah di antara dua saudara kamu (yang bertelingkah) itu; dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah supaya kamu beroleh rahmat.

So as Ulama, Nik Aziz is supposed to bridge the gap between UMNO and PAS. That is ideal for him as a religious man. The idea for unity should come from him as the follower of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be with him) who make peace between Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj. The two Arab tribes of Medina, Aus and Khazraj, made their living by farming. Before the arrival of the Prophet, they had been locked up in a war against each other which had lasted for more than five generations. They had fought their last battle only four years earlier, i.e., in A.D. 618, and it had left them utterly exhausted and prostrate.

Imagine, Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj fought wars against each other for five generations and they were brought together by our choosen Prophet. Nik Aziz should strive to bring UMNO and PAS together. From religious point of view UMNO Malays accepted Islam and Tauhid of Allah likewise PAS Malays. It is only differences in implementation of Islam in a multi racial society which causes PAS and UMNO to differ. Surah Hujurat 49 :10 urges Nik Aziz to unite the Malays not to disunite them. So when UMNO delegations met with PAS delegations for unity talk, Nik Aziz supposed to accept this gesture of peace and reconciliation. On the contrary what Nik Aziz did was he rejected flat this idea of unity with UMNO. Again Nik Aziz failed to uphold advise from the Quran and but instead this is what Nik Aziz said about UMNO ;

"Harapkan UMNO nak ajak Islam lagu mana, dia sendiri tolak Islam. UMNO tolak Islam, nak dia perkenal Islam pada MCA dan DAP macam mana.(Nik Aziz - 18/02/2011)

The above statement by Nik Aziz is careless and misleading. The Federal Government under Tun Dr Mahathir even introduced a policy called ;

Dasar Penerapan Nilai-nilai Islam dalam Pentadbiran -

Dasar Penerapan Nilai-nilai Islam dalam Pentadbiran adalah sebahagian daripada pelbagai usaha Kerajaan
Malaysia untuk memasukkan unsur-unsur Islam dalam pentadbiran dan kehidupan rakyat Malaysia. Rasional Kerajaan memberi perhatian kepada nilai-nilai khususnya nilai-nilai Islam ialah:

"Dalam usaha untuk memelihara maruah Warganegara Malaysia, maka perlulah ia mempunyai satu identiti yang kukuh. Dalam konteks ini, unsur yang terpenting sekali dalam pembentukan identiti Warganegara Malaysia ialah nilai. Ia merupakan satu faktor utama yang boleh memastikan kelahiran sesebuah masyarakat yang disegani. Sesuatu bangsa yang tidak mempunyai nilai kehidupan yang tertentu akan mudah menjadi mangsa kepada bangsa lain yang sentiasa berusaha mengembangkan nilai-nilainya dan dengan perkembangan ini akan dapat menguasai bangsa yang tidak mempunyai nilai-nilai yang kukuh."

Bagi masyarakat Malaysia yang terdiri daripada berbagai kaum dan agama dan menjalani cara hidup yang berbeza-beza, pengamalan nilai-nilai yang dapat diterima oleh semua rakyat adalah menjadi asas penting dalam usaha ke arah membentuk identiti dan perpaduan. Tanpa nilai yang universal ini rakyat akan terdorong untuk menerima dan menyanjung nilai-nilai lain yang sangat asing bagi masyarakat Malaysia. Ini akan menyebabkan kesetiaan rakyat Malaysia serta identitinya sebagai satu warganegara akan menjadi kabur dan maruah bangsa tidak dijunjung tinggi dan mungkin mereka akan memperkecil-kecilkan negara dan bangsa sendiri. Dengan itu rakyat Malaysia haruslah mempunyai identitinya sendiri dengan setiap individu, organisasi dan semua sektor yang melaksanakan pelbagai aktiviti menjalankan kerja yang boleh memberikan sumbangan kepada kesejahteraan negara. Urusan-urusan yang dijalankan dengan penuh rapi, teliti, amanah dan rasa bertanggungjawab boleh membawa kepada pembentukan identiti yang diperlukan oleh sesebuah negara seperti Malaysia ini. Tanpa penerimaan nilai-nilai hidup yang mulia tidak mungkin identiti yang membanggakan dapat dicapai.

Sebagaimana yang sedia dimaklumi 'identiti' tidak boleh pisahkan daripada nilai. Persoalannya ialah; "Apakah nilai yang boleh digunakan bagi mengukuhkan sesuatu identiti?" Ramai yang berpendapat masalah nilai lebih sesuai diserahkan kepada individu-individu dan komuniti-komuniti yang berkenaan untuk menentukannya. Tetapi ini tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah, malah ia akan  berakhir  dengan kekeliruan yang berterusan di dalam masyarakat. Oleh itu adalah sangat wajar sekiranya dijelaskan secara langsung nilai yang perlu diterima dan diterapkan dalam masyarakat. Bagi masyarakat Malaysia adalah tepat sekiranya nilai itu diasaskan kepada  kehendak  dan pengajaran Islam bagi membentuk sebuah negara yang produktif dan bermoral tinggi. Mungkin pada awalnya ia akan dipersoalkan menerusi kacamata agama atau budaya lain kerana memilih nilai yang diasaskan kepada satu agama sahaja. Tetapi dengan merenung kembali dan memahami negara Malaysia itu sendiri, setiap rakyat akan mendapati dan menyedari bahawa langkah untuk memilih nilai Islam itu adalah langkah yang wajar. Sebaliknya pula mereka yang tidak memahami tentang kedudukan Negara Malaysia dari segi geografi, sejarah, kebudayaan, perlembagaan dan lain-lainnya akan terus mempertikaikan perkara ini. Walaubagaimanapun, setelah melihat secara objektif, maka tidak akan ada satu sebab pun untuk menolak bahawa nilai yang berasaskan kepada agama Islam itu ialah yang paling sesuai untuk membangunkan masyarakat Malaysia umumnya. Nilai-nilai Islam itu  boleh menjadi penggerak ke arah membanteras unsur-unsur keburukan yang menjadi musuh utama negara ini seperti fahaman komunis, kemiskinan, rasuah, kecuaian, kejahilan,  penyelewengan  dan sebagainya yang sentiasa mengancam usaha-usaha perpaduan rakyat dan  pembangunan negara.

Al-Quran juga telah menamakan agama Islam sebagai agama yang bernilai. Penamaan ini memberikan keyakinan kepada semua orang bahawa kandungan yang terdapat di dalam kitab suci Al-Quran itu adalah merupakan nilai-nilai yang mulia kerana ia merupakan bimbingan-bimbingan (hidayah) yang datang daripada Allah s.w.t. dan ditujukan kepada semua manusia, bukan sahaja kepada yang beragama Islam. Di antara bimbingan-bimbingan yang terpenting ialah perkara-perkara yang berkaitan dengan moral (akhlak). Ini bererti bahawa apa yang dimaksudkan dengan Dasar Penerapan Nilai-nilai Islam dalam Pentadbiran ialah bimbingan pembentukan akhlak yang berfaedah dan berfungsi dalam kehidupan setiap rakyat menuju ke arah ketinggian maruah di samping menanam nilai-nilai yang murni dan membina ke dalam sistem pentadbiran negara.

Nik Aziz charged that UMNO is championing only Malay issues and forgo Islam is not true. The disunity among Malays is not because they dont understand Islam but it is because PAS distort Islam for their political benefit and make claims that UMNO Malays are not Muslim. Nik Aziz denied nationalism which is clearly accepted in the Quran. Nik Aziz ignored calls in the Quran to unite Believers as he rejected unity initiatives with UMNO but strangely accept DAP in Pakatan Rakyat whom rejected Islam 100%.

Finally, i leave you the blog readers with this last point.

“UMNO punya ‘bodoh’ sebut ketuanan Melayu, ......................Nik Aziz - Sinar Harian - 30hb Mac 2011

This a very strong condemnation by Nik Aziz to UMNO Malays. Is this how cultured , dignified religious scholar behaves ?

It seems that, when the video involving Anwar Ibrahim was exposed, PAS Leadership held a Solat Hajat Perdana Melawan Fitnah........That sex video was exposed by a concern citizen who stumbled upon evidence that might possibly implicate Anwar Ibrahim. The person who found the video has a responsibility to verify it and he did it by exposing it only to media reps cause if the media were to stumble upon this evidence, they will exposed it widely without any consideration. So Datuk Shazryl only showed it to them without allowing them to posses the video. This shows concern overn ke-aiban Anwar Ibrahim. Is this wrong ? What about when Anwar Ibrahim fitnah without video , only with Balasubramaniam Statutory Declaration that Datuk Seri Najib and Datin Rosmah Mansor were guilty of murdering Altantuya ! Is this not fitnah ? What a paradox !
Think abouth this. If Anwar Ibrahim found a video showing Datuk Najib Tun Razak having sex with a foreign prostitute, do you think Anwar will be kind enough not to expose this video ? Hand it over to the police nicely ! I dont think so..

 Quran - Surah Al-Hujurat 49 : 10

O ye who believe! .............Nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames: Ill-seeming is a name connoting wickedness, (to be used of one) after he has believed: And those who do not desist are (indeed) doing wrong.
 Wahai orang-orang yang beriman!............................ janganlah pula kamu panggil-memanggil antara satu dengan yang lain dengan gelaran yang buruk. (Larangan-larangan yang tersebut menyebabkan orang yang melakukannya menjadi fasik, maka) amatlah buruknya sebutan nama fasik (kepada seseorang) sesudah ia beriman. Dan (ingatlah), sesiapa yang tidak bertaubat (daripada perbuatan fasiknya) maka merekalah orang-orang yang zalim.

From the few Quranic verses above it is very clear that Nik Aziz did not use these Quranic injunctions when dealing with UMNO. Nik Aziz deals with UMNO using his nafsu rather than upholding the principles of the Quran...That is the real cause for Malays disunity

Look at this picture below. With love and respect our Prime Minister attended to Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat....There is love seen in the eyes of Najib for our Tuan Guru when he was sick. Perhaps this is a good example shown by our top most leadership. You may differ in principle but in the end, we are all brothers.

 Quran - Surah Al-Hujurat 49 : 18

  "Verily Allah knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth: and Allah Sees well all that ye do."
: "Sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui segala rahsia langit dan bumi, dan Allah Maha Melihat akan segala yang kamu kerjakan".

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Analysis - We need State Government supported by Federal - Why ?

Not many people understood the respective resposibilities of State and Federal Governments.   There are also people who dont understand the differences between State and Federal responsibilities.

Senarai Negeri reflects the responsibilities of State Government  whereas Senarai Persekutuan reflects the Federal Government responsibilities.

Senarai Bersama is the joint responsibilities between State and Federal. Each state may differ in the Senarai Bersama.

What are these responsibilities ?

Senarai Negeri

- Undang-undang orang Muslim, Agama dan Adat Melayu
- Pertanian dan Perhutanan
- Tanah
- Perkhidmatan tempatan
- Kerajaan Tempatan
- Jentera Kerajaan Negeri
- Hari kelepasan Negeri
- Kerjaraya Negeri dan Air
- Penyu dan penangkapan ikan di sungai

Senarai Perseketuan ;

- Pertahanan
- Hal-hal luar negeri
- Keselamatan dalam negeri
- Undang-undang jenayah dan sivil
- Kewarganegaraan
- Pilihanraya Persekutuan
- Perdagangan, Perniagaan dan Industri
- Kewangan
- Pengangkutan
- Perkapalan
- Ukur
- Kerjaraya Persekutuan dan Tenaga
- Kesihatan dan Ubat
- Pelajaran
- Kebajikan Orang Asli
- Buruh dan Kebajikan Sosial
- Pekerjaan Ikhtisas
- Persatuan yang tidak ditubuhkan
- Kawalan pes pertanian
- Hari kelepasan am Persekutuan
- Penapisan
- Penerbitan
- Perumahan Persekutuan
- Panggung wayang dan pusat hiburan awam (kecuali lesen)
- Syarikat kerjasama

Finally we look at the Senarai Bersama

Senarai Bersama

- Kebajikan Sosial
- Perlindungan binatang liar, taman kebangsaan
- Biasiswa
- Pengembaraan
- Perusahaan Ternakan
- Perancanagn bandar dan desa (kecuali WP)
- Pengaliran dan pengairan
- Kesihatan Awam, peraturan kesihatan
- Pemulihan tanah perlombongan

What happened when you elect (thinking you are clever) , a state Pakatan Rakyat  government and the Federal Barisan Nasional Government ....?
The State Government, manages land matters, religious affairs (through respective religious Jabatan),Local Services, Municipal Councils, State Machineries, Public Works, Water Management and Fisheries and Penyu..

For Penang state, since 1974, development programs were planned and designed by the Federal Government jointly with the State. The State execute the plan but funding comes from Federal  because Federal control state allocation. The money is with the Federal Government. Gerakan control of Penang since 1974 and its move to join Barisan benefit the people. They understood the Senarai Negeri and Persekutuan well. Together the State and Federal , developed Penang. The State just cant do it on their own. Not like the "dungu" current Penang State government. Lim Guang Eng after one year in 2009 he declared that they cant do a lot of things...!! Of courselah..We are a Federated Government.

Without the support of the Federal Government, the state government can only manage the status quo but it has no money to plan for future development. This is where the State starts to "cari makan" by changing land status to get money for itself so that it can function without the Federal Government support. Another way  , these states , out of its own, will get money from outside (other countries), or business communities , function properly with enough borrowed money to manage its affairs. This will cause the State to kow tow to these Ah Long as far as state resources and contracts is concerned. Most dangerous Anwar Ibrahim is trying to get funds from USA (The Jews)  for all these Opposition States. Read the book, Confessions of an Enconomic Hitman by John Perkins. Here are some of it ;

"Economic hit men,” John Perkins writes, “are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe...John Perkins should know—he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S.—from Indonesia to Panama—to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative projects were contracted to U. S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts, these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S.-dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks—dictating repayment terms and bullying foreign governments into submission.

The people dont know these facts. None of the Opposition Candidates informed them about these. So when the State have issues like Kg Buah Pala where a dispute about land status occurred, and the matter was brought to the Highest Court in Malaysia.

 Land matter is under the State jurisdiction but in this case the state was render useless.  The State Government  refused to pay off the developer Nusmetro Bhd (out of the court settlement) because the state dont have much money firstly, secondly, the money spent was not worth it as Indians are not the majority in Penang. Thirdly the state cant get money from the Federal government. Malulah nak minta tolong...They hantam the Federal Government nicely during the 2008 election campaigns.

 So Lim Guan Eng declared, the state just got not enough money to settle off the law-suit. Then he blamed the previous state government. Easy way out to cuci tangan. If the previous state government was not voted out, of course they (the state government) will get support from the Federal Government to settle this matter by paying off the developer. The people voted for a new State government as such, they get what they voted for.

If for the Opposition to do any changes , they must control the Federal Government which they cant because there is just not enough stupid people in the whole of Malaysia to be cheated likewise they did with the Chinese , Malay and Indians in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor.

When PR  manages Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor, they cant do much for these states. Just check with Kedah state government, what good has the PAS government did since 2008 apart from giving state lands to the people ? Likewise , the Kelantan state government. The people sufferred because the state is being managed by an administration without money.

Thats why Nik Aziz prayed to Allah so that Najib will be struct by a deadly disease ,  cause our dear PM doesnt want to provide funds from the " so called Wang Ehsan" straight to the Kelantan State.

Money matters is the jurisdiction of the Federal Government and they have a right to deny any opposition states from any financial aid cause that is the meaning of Kerajaan Persekutuan.

The states once it received funding from Federal will use it - to show the people that it is running the State well without even giving credit to the Federal Government. At the end of the day , they will get rid of the good Federal Government. Anyway our Federal Government did released funds to even Opposition States for the sake of the people. Recently Kelantan was allocated RM 438 million for various projects under the Federal Government. Senarai Persekutuan. Not to the State Government.

In the first place where the Federal Government got its money from....It is from the people taxes and other taxes levied on businesses and other incomes from the services provided to the people. The Federal Government uses these incomes to build infrastructures to attract more FDI. With low tax levied to foreign investors, cheap labour and good infrastructure, FDI came in to Malaysia like red herrings. The planning and organizing of these activities , done by our  Federal Government from the Rancangan Malaya Pertama since 1957 till now.  We are where we are now because of all these planning and policies by our Federal Government. Here are all the policies and planning that were administered splendidly by our good Federal Government.

Economic Planning
Pradasar Ekonomi Baru
1956 – 1960    (Rancangan Malaya Pertama)
1961-1965       (Rancangan Malaya Kedua)
1966 – 1970 (Rancangan Malaysia Pertama
Dasar Ekonomi Baru
1971 – 1975    (RMK-2)
1976 – 1980    (RMK-3)
1981 -  1985    (RMK-4)
1986 – 1990    (RMK-5)
Dasar Pembangunan Nasional
1991 – 1995    (RMK -6)
1996 – 2000    (RMK -7)

Dasar Wawasan Negara
2001 – 2005    ((RMK -8)
2006 – 2010    (RMK -9)
Wawasan 2020
2006 - 2020
Model Ekonomi Baru
2011 – 2015    (RMK -10)
Empat Tonggak Transformasi Negara
·         1 Malaysia
·         Program Transformasi Kerajaan
·         Program Transformasi Ekonomi
·         Rancangan Malaysia ke Sepuluh

Other Policies

Dasar Pandang ke Timur
Dasar Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan
Dasar Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah
Dasar Penerapan Nilai-nilai Islam dalam Pentadbiran
Dasar Pengurangan Beban Perbelanjaan Awam
Dasar Peningkatan Daya Pengeluaran Negara
Dasar Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia
Dasar Pensyarikatan Malaysia
Dasar Penswastaan
Dasar Pertanian Negara
Dasar Hala Cara Baru Dalam Pembangunan Kampung dan Luar Bandar (DESA)
Dasar Kependudukan Negara
Dasar Urbanisasi (Dasar Perbandaran Negara)
Dasar Perindustrian Negara
Dasar Perumahan Negara
Dasar Negara Bagi Perpustakaan dan Perkhidmatan Maklumat
Dasar Keselamatan Jalan Raya (Kejara)
Dasar Automotif Nasional
Dasar Perhutanan Negara
Dasar Perindustrian Berat

Where is the charge that our Federal Government was administered by corrupted managers ? There are issues definitely and unhealthy practices but nevertheless anyone who broke the law , will nilly willy have to face the music. We read in newspapers, big fish as well as small fish are all taken to court.

Members of Parliment or State Representative needs money for their constituencies they are managing. Apart from managing these constituencies, people asked favours from them. They need to move around to meet and at times solve people problems there and then. Where do the money comes from ? Nik Aziz admitted, that the resources are limited but the request sky high. Lim Guan Eng said the same thing.

So to solve this problem at times the business communities will help  these MP's and Aduns with contributions and in returned their MP's and Aduns will get viable Government or State Projects for them. Example is like the Penang State Government giving Wifi project worth RM 8.4million to a company without calling for tender. That company in return will "dermalah" to Lim Guan Eng state government some money for them to use to prepare for the next PRU 13.

In the political arena, it is difficult to prove corruption. For this reason, there are often unproven rumors about many politicians, sometimes part of a smear campaign..Politicians are placed in apparently compromising positions because of their need to solicit financial contributions for their campaign finance and sometimes to support their constituencies.  If they then appear to be acting in the interests of those parties that funded them, it could be considered corruption. Though donations may be coincidental. This is a political dilemma.

Sometimes problem occurs that when the contract was given, the company bidding for it is not credible. Than the whole matter will be exposed as a scandal and the parties involved will have to face the music. When there are elements of fraud, then it will be investigated by MACC and other relevant parties. Sometimes to ensure that no leaks of privy information involving million of ringgit that will implicate state government likewise the Selangor State Government, you have people like Teoh Beng Hock falling from 7th floor of Wisma Ma Salam. Teoh Beng Hock death will cover up any wrong doing of the State Government as there is no reason for MACC Officers to murder him or the Federal Government ? 

So this call for reform and weeding out corrupt practices was actually most of the time to undermine the Federal Government to the advantage for the Opposition. Malaysia have not reached the level known as - neologism kleptocracy. Go check this word up..We the people only change the Government if the corruption level reaches neologism kleptocracy. Remember that.

This is an apt statement by our Chief of Justice - Tun Zaki Azmi on judicial matters ;

"There is a small group of vociferous people out there, who go onto the internet and blogs and Facebook and all that and make comments without knowing the proper background. Many are not even lawyers.

It seems to me that for these people, as long as you make a decision against the government and the party in power, then the court is fair and reasonable. The moment you make a decision in favour of the government or the party in power, then the court is biased. But they have forgotten how many election petitions the Barisan Nasional (BN) has lost. They (BN) have lost about three quarters of such petitions, if I'm not mistaken."

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Central Government is in charge. So to ensure that the states and federal work hand in hand, the people either give all to the Opposition or give all to the ruling Government...The current Government cannot be defeated just like that because it has proven time and again that they are an excellent administrator as we have stated earlier. As far as corruption is concerned, it is an individual matter.

The Opposition must paint a horrible picture of the ruling Federal Government so that they could demonstrate that the whole Government are corrupted. Again smear campaigns.  If the whole Government is corrupted, then there will not be any single development and for hundred of years Malaysia will remain the same. That is not true.

In Egypt, 30 years ago, there were high un-employement rate, slow growth but the Government is rich and  the poverty level is very high.Today after 30 years, still high unemployment rate, high poverty rate and no real development. The government remain still even richer. That is a sign that the whole government is corrupted. neologism kleptocracy. Than the people WILL get rid of the government without any opposition parties to tell them so. No need need PR...The people will do it on their own likewise in Egypt.

 What was Malaysia in 1960 and what it is now....? We can even see our own lifestyle 20 years ago and now. Look at the car we are using. Look at the cars and conditions our children are now ? Look at our children schools...Look at our roads, hospitals, post office , etc. There are enough evidence that the people and the government progress together.

Malaysia 1960

Malaysia 2011

 In other third world country, like Egypt, the people dont know how much money the Government has and how it is spending it  ?  In Malaysia just purchase any  Malaysia year book and you can verify our Government income and expenditures. Anyway our National Budget is debated and discussed in Dewan Rakyat yearly without fail..The Government even revealed losses when it failed to manage the income properly. Every year we have our Audit Department revealing in details all expenditures of the Government from agencies to ministries and where is the hanky panky stuff ?

So this whole mumbo jumbo about how corrupted our Government is was actually over exgerrated by our Opposition...led by a Tamil movie .. actor...Anwar Ibrahim the Liar...

We Malaysians must  NOT  put our fate in the hands of scoundrel like Anwar Ibrahim the Liar and a coalition like Pakatan Rakyat.

Untill now, for the Sarawak State Election, Pakatan Rakyat cant even decide on the candidates they want to field for this state election. They are still discussing about it. Imagine , we have  just another few more days to go for the state election and PR is still discussing.  They should finalise all these stuff one month ago or earlier than that.  They cant even agree for a State election ? Why ? Their coalition is just not workable.  Do you really think they can run this country ? Hell no !

There is no way for the Opposition to take over Federal Government in the near future and with our Prime Minister revealing one after another the success of his Transformation Program. Slowly but surely our PM is bringing all of us together and paving the way for the next wave of development and progress.

Things are working just nice for Barisan Nasional.

So think twice before voting. We elect ADUN or MP  to make live easy for us. Our Opposition is asking us to vote them so that their Parties can take over Malaysia because they think they are better. Pakatan Rakyat cant even form a workable and stable coalition, how the hell they are going to take over the Federal Government ?

Deng Xiaopeng ( a correction pointed out by my reader - Mr Garret).
This Chinese President once said - it doesnt matter whether the cat is white or black but what matters is that the cat must catch the mouse.

As far as we are concerned, since our current Barisan Nasional coalition is work-able, we give them the States and Federal seats with a minority Opposition as a watchdog. Thats all. The people have spoken in 2008 election and BN has hearken to the voice of the people. There are many changes done by BN and in the next election, we should give BN the benefit of the doubt.

Our cat, the Barisan Nasional , catches mouse since 1957 till now.

Next Posting - Analysis of Penang Parlimentary Seats.