Sunday, 29 May 2011

Towards PRU 13 - Downfall of Pakatan Rakyat

We predict that Pakatan Rakyat will be doom in the next General Election. There are two issues that we need to discuss here.

1] BN must change in order to transform

2] 4 criteria that Pakatan Rakyat do not have to form the next ruling government.

Let us discuss  the 1st issue.

1] BN must change in order to transform .

  • In order to win the hearts of Malaysians, the MEB (Model Ekonomi Baru), must be translated into action and concrete physical evidence.

1 Malaysia must kick off more than a mere slogan to  concrete efforts to bring the people together. A visual evidence will do to show Government efforts to materialise the plan.

Government Transformation Programme - 
Must be made plain to the people and results published.

Economic Transformation Programme
Must bear fruits and the people should be made aware of its accomplishments.

RMK 10 - Plans should move into actions mode and results must be published to show its overall impact on the people and which target group has benefited from RMK 10.

What the people expected from BN are -

1. Affordable houses.
2. Abundant of employment opportunities.
3. Efficient Transportation Systems
4. Principle Centered Government who takes action on all corruption cases without prejudice.
5. Efficient , service oriented and friendly Government Agencies and Civil Servants, bottom up.
6. Cheap consumer products and services.
7. The government must check the rise of inflation.
8. Younger and new candidates for Dewan Undangan Negeri and Parlimen seats with clean track record but performing old horses must be retained. 

2] 4 criteria that Pakatan Rakyat do not have to form the next ruling government.

  • Consistency
  • Continuous Development
  • Peace and Harmony
  • Internal Correction

Looking at Pakatan Rakyat we find that this coalition , not consistent at all. Latest, DAP wants to field its own Malay candidates. What happen to PAS and PKR Malay candidates ??? It looks like DAP is going for the lion share on its own. Pakatan Rakyat is cheating and deceiving the people that they are a coalition. They are not.

There are no continuous development under Selangor State Government and Penang State Government since 2008. PKR Selangor mired with abuse and misuse of state funds and Penang state Government is outright racist and do not care for the interest of Malays and Indians. Therefore without continuous development , there will be no peace and harmony. There are no internal correction done by Pakatan Rakyat meaning, no discipline issues tackled by Pakatan Rakyat as PR is not a principle oriented Pakatan. The case of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akin to Strauss Khann should at least be attended to. The Pakatan leaders should at least ask Anwar to step down temporarily untill all his cases cleared as a gesture of respect to the people of Malaysia. Yet, PR abused state facilities to hold Solat Hajat all over Pakatan States. Is this good governance ? What if when you have a real situation a PR leader involved in either financial or sex scandal ? Will there be cover up ? All these talks about good governance, CAT, Reformasi and to be an open government are all bullshit and just political rhetoric. Is PR an equal alternative to BN ?  You be the judge.

Barisan Nasional is still the better choice.....

Thursday, 19 May 2011

University Science Malaysia - Senior Lecturers Inciting Students to Hate BN !

This is an exposure of USM, Penang, being the centre of hate mongers among Senior Lecturers getting involved in politics and advising students to hate the BN government.

We have people whom have attended various education courses at this prestigious government university where during lunch break , Senior Lecturers were openly condemning the current BN ruling government with malicious defamation remarks. These lecturers are from the School of Social Sciences, School of Computer Science and School of Distance Education.

There are Senior Lecturers from within the School of Social Sciences whom were ex-Al-Arqam followers whom have incited students to develop hatred against the BN government during their lectures openly and have also asked students to come to their office to discuss politics.

Opposition Leaders were also seen visiting these Senior Lecturers at conferences and at one Seminar on Islam , the meeting was even stopped so that to allow Opposition Agents to announce their political meeting dates so that students could attend these Opposition Ceramahs..

An Opposition Officer also organised public lecture entitled - Maqasid Syariah in support of PAS Hudud Law and the Seminar was actually organised by USM Academic Staff and Lecturers for Opposition Party.

We regret that Institution of Higher Learning being used to disseminate anti government propaganda subversively to pollute the young minds of Malaysian students and many of these PHD Professors were once sponsored by MARA to obtain their PHD's abroad. This is how they pay their tribute to a government whom sent them abroad to be educated and they came back poisoning the minds of our children with CHEAP political agenda.

We cant exposed the names of the people whom have given us this information as some of them are still working in USM currently. We do hope that the Ministry of Higher Learning can look into this matter by sending moles to infiltrate all education institutions throughout Malaysia to check these un-healthy practices among lecturers before it is too late.



Sunday, 8 May 2011

CM Lim Guan Eng Chased by Ketua Pemuda UMNO P.Pinang

The most embarrassing moment for CM Lim Guan Eng occurred yesterday at an area in Butterworth called Taman Bagan where he had his Press Conference.

Look at this picture.

At the end of the PC after a thorough UMNO and BN bashing sessions, CM CAT Lim Guan Eng asked arrogantly, ada apa-apa soalan lain kah ?

Then , our Hero...Ketua Pemuda UMNO Negeri P.Pinang enters the frame coolly. He asked first question after a strong statement...

This guy is Ir Shaikh , the KP Pemuda UMNO Penang, starts with - Ketua Menteri Penipu...!!! Lim Guan Eng jaw went down a little....Then Ir Shaikh continues...dulu you janji mau abolish itu 5kupang punya toll dekat Sg tak buat...sekarang you pakai duit rakyat RM 5 juta buat jalan pintas...Mana you punya janji mau abolish toll ? You tipu rakyat dengan janji tipu...

Lim Guan Eng retorted back with some crude answers but Ir Shaikh kept on pressing on his promise to the people of Penang..This is actually a rhetorical question...Dont promise what you cannot fullfil...The Rajauda Guy..Lim Hock Seng steps in to save his boss....Ir Shaikh Hock shut-up..Itu rumah hijau Mak Mandin pun you tak boleh settle, you jgn cakap banyak..I am talking to my CM...

Then in come the 2nd question....Apa pasai Jeff Ooi...(one of Penang Adun)..hadirkan diri dalam mesyuarat paderi-paderi Kristian yang berikrar akan jadikan agama Kristian, agama rasmi Malaysia...??

CM Lim Guan Eng...unable to uphold the last alphabet in his CAT slogan..Transparency...and turned into a coward dog....This CM admitts he doesnt know what the hell Jeff is doing..A very convenient way of CUCI TANGAN....Is this what is meant by CAT ? No..I don't think so...

So unable to answer two simple questions, CM forsook and fled the scene..The first CM of Penang to abandon his own PC..

Ir Shaik chased him till his car and kept on asking him to own up to his promise....This CM just cannot tahan the harassment of this young KP UMNO P.Pinang...

I wish Gerakan / MCA and MIC youth leaders were with him when this guy single handedly take on the CM of Penang Government...

What a shame..Ir Shaikh then took over Lim Guan Eng's press conference and astonishingly the crowd who were Chinese majority ,  gave Ir Shaikh a good applause...Its like a change of heart...

The Chinese are back with Barisan Nasional..Thats the spirit in Penang..Our brothers ..the Chinese of Penang..are back with us....They even booed Lim Guan Eng in his own parliamentary constituency.

Excellent Job - KP Pemuda UMNO P.Pinang...

Monday, 2 May 2011

Polygraph Test - 2nd Edition

By Abu Hamzah the Hitman

Husam Musa,Eskay and Anwar ..hmmm..... Not a bad Idea're using your brain now. PAO wrote about polygraph test last month. It is intresting to learn that Husam Musa, a Kelantan State Exco suggesting a polygraph test to be done on Datuk Eskay and the members of "Datuk T".

The objective is to find the truth. Since DSAI commented that swearing can only be done by those who are free from sins such as adultery (hahahahh yes I do understand after watching the full video.).. Yes, the polygraph test is not a bad idea after all.

Well done Husam Musa. Datuk Eskay has reponded and he is more than willing to take the test. How about DSAI? This is a question to DSAI supporters, should DSAI take the polygraph test to prove his innocence? I believed DSAI should take the test.

I also agree with Husam Musa that the test should be done with the presence of independent profesionals. We witnessed MU raped by The Arse (I think DSAI is a Gooners hahahaha) yesterday, I suggest RTM covers and provide a live telecast polygraph test between Datuk Eskay and DSAI. That would be fun!! First, it will be a single match between Eskay and DSAI. Then it will be a trio tag team match between The Datuk Ts and DSAI, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah.

I am throwing this to the menbers of the floor, what are the questions that you would like to ask to these 6 people, just post it in your comments. I got one for Wan Azizah, I am sure by now she had watched the full that your hubby's d*%^$##@? LOL.