Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bersih 2.0 and Yellow Today !

By Abu Hamzah Hitman

There were so many cynical statements made about yellow shirt. So now we can't wear yellow shirt. This is a total bullshit! I wore a yellow shirt today and was at CIMB and HSBC in the morning. 

Then I went to the city council and Kedai TM to pay my bills. Lastly, I was at a Hypermarket shopping for groceries. Not only that I wore a yellow shirt but I even saw many wearing yellow shirts too. 

The accusation and jokes made by these BERSIH supporters are totally fitnah. Anyway, what do these chinese understand about 'fitnah" them everything is "halal" as long as you have a "halal" logo. 

Can we put a "halal" logo to BERSIH? Of course we can't but DAP will be using their "toyboy" aka PAS to brand BERSIH as halal. BERSIH must be banned. The authorities must assemble their strongest work force to nail down the conspirators. 

The gathering will be bloody if proceed. This is the ugliest conspiracy by DAP and some people from the BAR Council to undermine the government's capability to curb such issues. Lets frustrate these people by putting THEM in jail before something bloody happens worse than 13th May 1969.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bersih 2.0

By Abu Hamzah Hitman

Mark my words, 90% of those attending the BERSIH gathering will be Malays. What a pity!!! DAP is currently holding Anwar by the neck to mastermind BERSIH. This is what we meant by killing 2 birds with one stone. DAP realizes the fact at least for the next 10 years the prime minister must be a muslim and a malay. 

The only malay in Malaysia who would sold anything for the sake of chasing his dream to become a prime minister is Anwar. Therefore, DAP cannot afford to have Anwar being sentenced to jail for sodomy. The only stupid chinese and Indians involved in Bersih 2.0  will be of the leaders and media craze Parti Keadilan Rakyat members . 

I doubt the non malays participants from DAP grassroots members. There will be some but they will be very minimum. The DAP chinese and the indians are too clever to risk their life for the sake of a one bisexual and sex addict PR leader. 

What is the function of PAS? PAS is a toyboy of DAP. PAS did not have the balls to become the leader in PR. They don't even have the balls even to mention about it. PAS don't even have the balls to stand up when a sex maniac from PKR dictates who to win in their own (PAS) election. PAS don't even have the balls to defend their ulamak when they already saw the downfall. PAS don't even have the balls to stand up for their Islamic law principles with the leadership of ulamak. 

PAS is so desperate that they have to publicize Mat Sabu as Haji Mat Sabu aka John Terry. Let me tell you what is BERSIH...first BERSIH must BERSIH Anwar from his sex addiction. 

Second, BERSIH must BERSIH Ambiga for her anti Islam and anti muslim acts. She had been very vocal and heavily involved when it comes to apostasy and other Islamic related issues in the past and also today. 

Third..BERSIH must BERSIH Mat Sabu and seek his BERSIH clarification on his Anwar Al Juburi remarks in the past. 

Fourth, BERSIH must BERSIH PKR from fraud and bribery during their recent election. 

Fifth...BERSIH must BERSIH PR from racist people such as Nonamewee, Ambiga, Tony Pua, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and Tian Chua. Screw BERSIH!!!

Monday, 20 June 2011

PAS BARUA DAP ! PAS kena tukar nama jadi PKS.

Takrifan BARUA di dalam Kamus Dewan - orang perantaraan yg digunakan utk mengerjakan sesuatu pekerjaan jahat, muncikari, alku, ketolol, pinang muda, jaruman; dll.

Jadi jika kita kaji takrifan ini maka PAS bukanlah sebuah Parti Islam Se-Malaysia lagi. PAS telah menjadi parti perantaraan antara PKR dan DAP. DAP dan PKR tidak perlu mengubah prinsip perjuangan mereka. Kerana impian Anwar Ibrahim untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri , kekuatan Pakatan Rakyat perlu dipertingkatkan. Oleh kerana DAP perlu kepada sokongan orang-orang Cina ekstremis maka PAS perlu membuang asas perjuangan ISLAM demi untuk mengambil hati orang-orang Cina ekstremis yang menjadi penyokong DAP.

Maka sekarang ini , apa bezanya UMNO dengan PAS kepada orang-orang Melayu yang menyokong PAS ? Bezanya PAS dengan UMNO lahir daripada falsafah PAS untuk memperjuangkan negara Islam dan hukum hudud. UMNO berhujah kepada PAS , jika diteruskan agenda negara Islam, maka orang-orang bukan Islam di Malaysia ini akan menentang. PAS telah tidak bersetuju dengan UMNO tetapi sekarang, demi mendapat sokongan DAP maka PAS telah menjadi BARUA No 1 dalam Pakatan Rakyat dengan membuang agenda Negara Islam dan Hukum Hudud.

Mari kita kaji bertapa PAS telah menyeleweng dari asas-asas penubuhan parti tersebut ;

Adapun Perlembagaan awal PAS yang digariskan itu mempunyai empat tujuan, iaitu:

PERTAMA: Mewujudkan satu perikatan persaudaraan Islam untuk membentuk satu tenaga bersama bagi menyelenggarakan segala tuntutan Islam dan siasah yang berdasarkan demokrasi.
KEDUA: Menumpukan segala ikhtiar dan tenaga untuk menyatukan Perlembagaan pentadbiran agama di seluruh negara.
KETIGA: Memelihara dan mempertahankan hak-hak kepentingan dan kehormatan agama dan umat Islam.
KEEMPAT: Bekerjasama dengan pertubuhan-pertubuhan siasah yang lain di dalam negara ini, yang dasar dan tujuannya tidak berlawanan dengan ajaran Islam dalam mencapai demokrasi, keadilan masyarakat dan kemanusiaan.

Maka sekarang ini , apa jawapan PAS terhadap pengikut-pengikutnya yang mempersoalkan keputusan PAS menggugurkan konsep Negara Islam dan diganti dengan Negara Kebajikan. Malahan, konsep ini telah diketengahkan dalam MANIFESTO PAS PUSAT - dalam pilihanraya 2008 - yang bertajuk - " Kerajaan Beramanah Adil dan Bersih, Menuju Negara Kebajikan.

Para pengkaji yang menganalisis perkembangan PAS ini mengatakan PAS telah mengalami empat jenis kepemimpinan iaitu kepemimpinan ulamak tradisi (1951-1956), kepemimpinan nasionalis kiri (1956-1969), kepemimpinan nasionalis kanan (1969-1982) dan kepemimpinan ulamak haraki (1982-sekarang).

Tetapi bagi tahun 2008 hingga sekarang terdapat satu jenis lagi kepimpinan yang telah mengambil alih kepimpinan ulama haraki iaitu kepimpinan CENDIAKAWAN LIBERAL BERHALUAN ANWARIYUN. Kepimpinan inilah yang telah berjaya mentalkinkan Negara Islam dan Hukum Hudud PAS kerana telah menjadi BARUA DAP !

Sekarang PAS perlu memohon kepada ROS - Registrar of Society untuk menukar nama kepada Parti Kebajikan Semalaysia - PKS...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Wake Up Malaysians - Pakatan Rakyat Is Tearing This Country Apart !

Over the last few months, I pondered on what is the best thing about Malaysia ? Well, the food, yes. Climate, ok. The people , yes of course. Underneath all of these,  I realized that , PEACE and SECURITY are the best two words to describe Malaysia.

We live in a harmonious country. This is what we must cherish. Don't take this lightly. We are playing with fire when politicians start to meddle into questioning the social contract. Malays , Indians and Chinese as well as other Bumiputeras, live in this heaven called Malaysia due to the wisdom of our founding fathers in managing race relations.

To think about it, all of us are living quite decently in this country. This Barang Naik phenomena is a global issue related to the oil price partly. We should blame the Americans for starting the War in the Middle East which ignite the escalation  of fuel price. If  Pakatan Rakyat wins the 13th Election, they will not be able to reduce the price of goods and services as that action will eat up the country's  reserves. As the war persist in Iraq and Afghanistan, the price of fuel will increase consistently. I bet my last ringgit that the PR government will resort to asking the rakyat to be prudent in spending in order to curb inflation. Changing government will not change the inflation rate. Price goes up when demand is more than supply. As demands drop when  price is too high than , prices will self adjust. Inflation also is due to high employment rate. They go hand in hand. Its just an economic condition with lots of variables with no one specific to blame. Singapore is going through very bad inflation...Barang Naik and even United Kingdom..Barang Naik... What is the solution ?

Nevertheless if we talk about reality, our inflation rate is below 4%. Still a manage-able condition as we subsidize lots of consumer goods in this country. Look at the chart below.

Inflation rate - Malaysia

Compare to other countries Inflation rates 

There are dungus out there at times don't know what the hell they are talking about when they complained about Barang Naik. Venezuela inflation rate is way beyond 20%. Prices of consumer goods in Brazil goes up and down in an hourly intervals.

Where do we rank in South East Asia in terms of inflation ?

Employment vs Unemployment rate in Malaysia 

The above chart well illustrate the unemployment rate in Malaysia. From July 2009 till June 2011, we manage to keep the rate at below 3%. That means we have a very high employment rate. The country has got everything going for everybody. Why do Bangladeshis, Iranians, Arabs, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesians and other races from other parts of the world kept on coming to our country. Work. Thats it. They come here because we have work for them to do

As our employment rate remain the process we create inflation (partly)  when we don't curb our spending spree. I still remember that back in the 70's , we eat chicken once a month. Today, we must eat chicken every day.  Look at KFC revenues and net profits in Malaysia ? We have a choice actually.

The primary reason why people stay employed is because FI - Foreign Investors believe in coming to our country to do business and open up factories. Why do they believe in us ? We have political stability. We thrived because of that. That means the current ruling BN government policies worked. They developed and maintained the infrastructures and we the rakyat get jobs cause we have plenty of  investors coming here setting up business centers, factories  as well as our own businesses. All these kept the employment sector going strong year in, year out. 

What the Opposition parties are trying to do is to shift that balance of political stability and cause disharmony at the expense of the rakyat so that the whole country is in chaos. The Oppositions attack the ruling government by upsetting the political stability. That is the core to the success of Barisan Nasional. To upset the political stability, Pakatan Rakyat must create holes in the racial harmony in Malaysia under pretext of justice for the people. Pakatan Rakyat must drive the whole nation crazy just to achieve their political ambition. DAP will cause the Malays to fight against the Chinese. PAS and PKR will create enough trouble for the Malays to fight against Malays. Once that happens, the Oppositions will cuci tangan and blame the ruling government for it. Do we want that to happen ? 

The BERSIH RALLY 2.0 is designed for that. Wake up Malaysians ! Don't allow stupid Pembangkang to create trouble in Malaysia !  I hope Kementerian Dalam Negeri will look into this matter seriously or else, all hell will break loose.

Between Ryan Giggs, Anwar Ibrahim, John Terry and Mat Sabu - The PR Connections!

By Abu Hamzah Hitman 

First question, what is the similarity between Ryan Giggs and Anwar Ibrahim? The answer is both of them play angel in the eyes of the public but both are dirty old sick men. Ryan Giggs, is at the end of his career and is retiring as football Mr. Clean before Imogen Thomas hits the headline. 

Upon the revelation of Imogen Thomas, another storm hits the MU start when his younger brother's wife, Natasha, confessed that Ryan bedded her for the past eight years..until April this year. In Malaysia, we have the so called pious and god fearing man by the name of Anwar Ibrahim. Anyway, the beloved PR man is in many ways steps above Ryan Giggs because he whacks both men and women. 

Anwar has also turned himself into a film star, recently he acted in an half an hour movie titled "I Was Ass Kayed". When Ryan Giggs failed to convince the world and his MU fans especially on his adultery recent cases, Anwar Ibrahim (Buncit - memang tu perut berok makyeh tu)  managed to convince millions of Malaysians and a host of domestic and international Islamic scholars of his innocence. 

Anwar Ibrahim even successfully convinced the PAS ulamak not to watch his video as it is HARAM. So stupid and no wonder the ulamak lost in the recent PAS election. What about John Terry and Mat Sabu..the answer is both of them were caught screwing their best friend's wife. JohnTerry is a charismatic and no nonsense person on and off the field. Mat Sabu on the other hand is a fiery opposition and also an excellent and nonsense' orator. 

Should Mat Sabu participates in Maharaja Lawak, he will definitely gives a good run to Jozan, Jambu and Sepah..but not Nabil I guess. These are 2 very sick leaders that will be guiding Malaysia should PR wins in the next general election. Malaysians, think wisely. 

Kedah MB, Datuk Seri Azizan claimed that the BN is scared of Anwar and Mat Sabu combination. We are not scared of these 2 sick men, what we are scared of are the blinds (purposely acting as a blind person) in order to gain sympathy. Time will tell. Anwar and Mat Sabu..bertaubatlah.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Kerajaan Negeri DAP - Nak Ambil Alih Pentadbiran Masjid P.Pinang

Posting blog ini di tujukan khas kepada orang-orang Melayu Islam yang masih menyokong kerajaan negeri DAP atas tiket PAS dan PKR.

Kerajaan Negeri DAP telah mengeluarkan arahan kepada Yang DiPertua Majlis Agama Islam P.Pinang supaya semua masjid-masjid di dalam Negeri P.Pinang membuat pilihanraya pemilihan jawatan-kuasa Qariah masjid. Di sebalik tindakan tersebut terselit motif politik.

Kerajaan Negeri DAP mahu meletak wakil-wakil mereka di dalam jawatankuasa tersebut melalui pilihanraya yang akan diadakan di masjid-masjid tersebut. Mereka mahu menggunakan masjid-masjid untuk kepentingan politik mereka dan dengan ini telah mencemarkan institusi masjid-masjid sebagai tempat dan pusat Ibadah.

Al-Quran - Surah At-Taubah ayat [107]

Dan (di antara orang-orang munafik juga ialah) orang-orang yang membina masjid dengan tujuan membahayakan (keselamatan orang-orang Islam), dan (menguatkan) keingkaran (mereka sendiri) serta memecah-belahkan perpaduan orang-orang yang beriman, dan juga untuk (dijadikan tempat) intipan bagi orang yang telah memerangi Allah dan RasulNya sebelum itu. Dan (apabila tujuan mereka yang buruk itu ketara), mereka akan bersumpah dengan berkata:” Tidaklah yang kami kehendaki (dengan mendirikan masjid ini) melainkan untuk kebaikan semata-mata “. Padahal Allah menyaksikan, bahawa sesungguhnya mereka adalah berdusta.

Tujuan kerajaan negeri DAP adalah untuk membuat intipan dengan meletak wakil-wakil mereka di dalam masjid-masjid tersebut. Jawatankuasa pemilihan masjid telah beroperasi sejak bertahun lamanya tanpa campur-tangan mana-mana puak-puak politik. Masjid adalah institusi suci yang mesti dihormati dan tidaklah wajar masjid dijadikan tempat berpolitik.

Disebabkan terlampau ghairah berpolitik maka puak PAS dan PKR telah menghalal-kan Kerajaan Negeri DAP untuk mengambil alih pentadbiran masjid-masjid di P.Pinang. Inilah akibat daripada tidak berani bersuara untuk kepentingan bangsa dan agama maka PAS dan PKR telah menyebabkan urusan agama Islam di negeri P.Pinang menjadi bahan politik dan tidak berupaya bersuara walaupun perkara tersebut mencemarkan imej masjid-masjid di P.Pinang.

PAS dan PKR, menang sorak , kampung tergadai. 

Harap-harap orang-orang Melayu Islam buka mata !

Nota Kaki

Orang Orang PAS dan PKR , semayang kiblat ikut lokasi opis DAP di KL...Islam PAS ada rukun Iman Baru...Salah satu...Beriman Kepada Karpal, Guan Eng dan Kit Siang,,

PAS and PKR are  emasculated group...atau dalam bahasa Melayu...dah kena kerat teloq....

The BN Government Listening To Us

Gearing into the PRU 13, we listed a few things the government need to look into, among others are...and BN Government plans for the listed expectations....

What the people expected from BN are -

1. Affordable houses.

My First House Scheme (Skim Rumah Pertamaku)
My First House Scheme (Skim Rumah Pertamaku) was introduced in Budget 2011 to provide first time home buyer 100% home loan financing for residential property priced below RM220,000. That means no down payment is required. The 10% down payment will be actually guaranteed by Cagamas Bhd. Bear in mind, the scheme is entitled only for those with family income below RM3,000.

First announced last October in Budget 2011 and officially launched in March by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the scheme (My First Home) is aimed at helping young professionals between 18 and 35 to own a home priced between RM100,000 and RM220,000. At the launch, Najib expressed his hope that the private sector would view participation in the scheme as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity, and not as a venture to profit from.

2. Abundant of employment opportunities.

The Economic Transformation Program (ETP) will result in Malaysia becoming a high income nation with GNI per capita  of RM 48'000 or USD 15'000 by 2020. This will be a private led sector transformation with 92% of the over RM 1.4trillion of investment required coming from the private sector. The ETP will raise income levels across Malaysia by creating an additional 3.3 Million Jobs, over 60% of which will be in medium-income or high income salary brackets.

3. Efficient Transportation Systems

Here are the estimated total project values for the future public transport plan in Malaysia:
  • RM7 billion – For Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension works
  • RM36 billion – For Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system construction and design
  • RM2 billion – For MRT station and MRT line land acquisition
  • RM3 billion – For all the vehicles that move on a railway (rolling stock)
  • RM2 billion – For MRT underground commercial space development

4. Principle Centered Government who takes action on all corruption cases without prejudice.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) under the charge of Abu Kassim has dragged to court big fish and small fish, including a Tun and a former Minister. Last week, the conviction of BN Adun for Lenggeng marked another victory, although it was bitter-sweet at best, the dude going down for a RM2.000 bribe. Some crooks have escaped the net because their lawyers are too damn good or the cases against them not strong enough.The latest in the string of successes is the sensational bust of 62 customs officers nationwide, including nine female officers. In one swoop, Abu Kassim has established his intention of going after "systemic corruption". This will surely make a lot of people look over their shoulders - me next? We all want this beloved country of ours to be free of corruption. Abu Kassim is trying to do that for all of us. In the process, he is making a lot of enemies and the MACC has been subjected to a lot of bad press, an inquest, and an on-going Royal Commission of Inquiry. 

5. Efficient , service oriented and friendly Government Agencies and Civil Servants, bottom up.

Launched in 2005, myGovernment is the Malaysia government's official portal. The myGovernment initiative was undertaken by Malaysia Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), a central agency under the Prime Minister Department. The portal provides directory of government information and services and features online services (myServices, myForms, myBayar, myNews), downloadable forms, polling, myCommunity, government machinery, directory, tender notices, job vacancies, policies and public complaints. The portal also has information for citizen, business and non-citizen.

Launched by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) to seek the rakyat's ideas and suggestions for the on-going 8 Labs. Opinions are valuable to make GTP a success. Thus, everybody is encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions to make these Labs a success. GTP will focus on what the rakyat wants and needs ("People First") through ensuring fast delivery of results ("Performance Now") to contribute to 1Malaysia and Vision 2020. The 6 National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) identified to spearhead the Government's transformations are: Widening access to affordable and quality education; Improving urban public transport in the medium-term; Combating corruption; Reducing crime rate; Improving infrastructure in rural areas; Improving standards of living of low income households. The aim of GTP is two-fold - transform the government to be more effective and accountable; catapult Malaysia into an advanced, united, safe and just society with a high quality of life for all.

Incorporated on February 17, 2000 as I.T. Marvel Sdn Bhd. Renamed My E.G. Dot Com Sdn Bhd before assuming the present name on October 13, 2001. The company was public listed on April 13, 2005. MYEG's main objectives are development and implementation of E-Government services and the provision of other related services for the E-Government initiative. MYEG is a concessionaire for the E-Government MSC Flagship Application and provides the electronic link between the Government and the citizens and businesses. MYEG's businesses are categorised into 2 divisions - G2C and GES. G2C refers to services such as driving theory test bookings, issuance and renewal of licences, electronic bill payment and payment (EBPP) as well as online information services such as traffic summons checking and electronic bankruptcy or liquidation status searches (E-Insolvency). GES are non-Internet based services. The MYEG official website features CDL and road tax renewal, LDL application, JPJ booking and more.

6. Cheap consumer products and services. / 7. The government must check the rise of inflation.

1. To help Malaysia maintain the strong growth it has achieved, the Government has implemented difficult but long-needed economic reforms that will help Malaysia become a developed and high-income nation. In this regard, the Government has begun a planned and fair reform of a subsidy regime that for too long has been ineffective in helping those who need it most and, over time, has become a barrier to Malaysia’s progress.

2. The Government has made bold economic decisions over the past two years. Two stimulus packages were introduced, promoting growth, even as the global financial crisis spread.

Important sectors of our economy further liberalised were opened to new investment. The Government cut spending by RM24 billion, by reducing waste and inefficiency. As a result, the country’s economy has been reinvigorated, with 10.1 per cent growth in the first quarter of 2010, Malaysia’s best performance in a decade. Although there is still instability in the global economy, Malaysia is well positioned for the future – not by chance, but by the choices we have made together.

3. As set out by the Prime Minister when he announced the 10th Malaysia Plan, Malaysia’s national goals cannot be achieved by simply managing through a crisis. Malaysia’s ambition is to be a high-income nation, with opportunity for all.

4. In the New Economic Model, the Prime Minister set out plans for further investment in key strategic sectors, upgrading our infrastructure, creating additional private sector investment opportunities and realizing higher levels of GDP growth. However, growth alone will not allow us to meet our goals. As the Government has consistently said over recent months, we must also implement subsidy reforms that will remove distortions in the marketplace and enable us

to better target our resources on those most in need, and on investments that will provide lasting benefits for Malaysians.

5. With these priorities in mind, the Cabinet has decided that, effective 16 July 2010, subsidies for fuel, specifically petrol, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as well as sugar, will be reduced as the first step of a gradual subsidy rationalisation programme. Subsidies for RON 95 and diesel will be reduced by 5 sen per liter. LPG will be reduced by 10 sen per kilogram. RON 97 will no longer be subsidised. It will be subjected to a managed float, where the price will be determined by the automatic pricing mechanism. For sugar, the upward price adjustment will be 25 sen per kilogram. The details of these changes are now available on the PMO and PEMANDU websites, at: and 

6. These minimal changes will help Malaysia achieve a position of fiscal responsibility and put us on a path toward reducing our deficit. To meet these objectives, we have chosen to make adjustments to our subsidies. Even after these changes, the Government will still spend an estimated RM 7.82 billion on fuel and sugar subsidies in 2010. The prices of fuel and sugar in Malaysia will still be among the lowest in the region. 

7. This subsidy rationalisation will, according to estimates, allow Malaysia to reduce Government expenditure by more than RM 750 million in 2010.

8. The decision to reduce subsidies for fuel and sugar is based on the fact that reducing fuel subsidies will have the greatest impact on government spending and reducing sugar subsidies will allow us to promote healthier lifestyles. The decision is also grounded on three main concerns:

a. First, these subsidies also benefit foreigners and wealthier Malaysians, who can well afford to pay unsubsidised prices. Our focus should be on helping the family sharing a motorcycle or Kancil to get to work and school, but instead our spending on subsidies has provided the same benefits to those driving imported luxury cars. The sugar subsidy disproportionately benefits industries, not families. Businesses have been using almost twice as much subsidised sugar as Malaysian households. 

b. Second, highly subsidised prices often lead to illegal smuggling of these goods. Because subsidies make these products the cheapest in the region, in 2009 alone smugglers were caught heading out of Malaysia with more than 200 metric tonnes of sugar to be sold across borders. Also, subsidised diesel continues to go to the black market or across our borders, instead of to those we meant to assist. Law enforcement have been doing their best to prevent smuggling, with 109 sugar related arrests last year. This is the tip of the iceberg. As long as there are big price differences, smuggling will continue. And: 

c. Third, unless we reduce our consumption of fuel and sugar, we face potentially serious consequences as a nation. We are quickly depleting our domestic fuel resources. It is vital that we rationalise our fuel use – as well as develop new energy technologies - as a matter of economic, energy and national security. In this regard, we have implemented a number of policies to protect the environment. We must also reduce our sugar consumption. 40 per cent of Malaysians are now either overweight or obese. Incidents of diabetes are rising quickly. Statistics show that the percentage of Malaysians with diabetes now exceeds that in the United States. We must, as a matter of urgency, take every step available to tackle what is clearly a public health issue for our nation. Reducing sugar consumption, among our children in particular, is a step in the right direction. 

9. These are among the reasons why the Government has chosen to focus on sugar and fuel subsidies. Subsidies for education and health care will continue. These are areas of importance for our economy and our society where the Government should be investing. These include, providing support to develop skills, training the knowledge based workforce of the future and improving the well-being of the nation. 

10. The Government arrived at this decision following robust consultations with the people. Thousands of Malaysians participated in the policy labs, Open Day and an unprecedented public feedback process. As with subsidy reform, the budget, the Government Transformation Program and now the National Key Economic Areas, the Government has made a determined effort to engage the public, listen and learn, and then act in the best interest of the nation.

11. These measures are designed to have a minimal impact on individual families, but long-term benefits for the nation. The reduction in expenditure from these reforms will allow us to better use resources for families, communities and business growth. Measures such as the 1Malaysia clinics, the 1Malaysia mobile clinics, as well as the scholarships for all 9A+ and
deserving students, specifically those who have done well, but come from lower income families, are made possible by such reforms. Similarly, by reducing expenditure on subsidies we will be able to continue strengthening such initiatives as the price standardisation project, which seeks to harmonise prices of essential goods between urban and rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak.

12. The Government has made a difficult, but bold decision. By choosing to implement these modest subsidy reforms, we have taken a crucial step in the right direction towards meeting our commitment to reduce the fiscal deficit, without overburdening the Malaysian people. These measures are a demonstration of our fiscal responsibility. They will enhance Malaysia’s financial stability, while also protecting the Rakyat. 

Prime Minister’s Office
15 July 2010

Read more: Statement from Prime Minister's Office:<br>Rationalising subsidies for Malaysia’s future

8. Younger and new candidates for Dewan Undangan Negeri and Parlimen seats with clean track record but performing old horses must be retained. 

We wait for the 13th Election coming soon !