Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wake up citizens of Malaysia ! Give PEACE a CHANCE...

By Noor Mohamed bin Mohd Yousof - People Against Opposition

What is the price of peaceful living ? Do we take the peace that we are enjoying right now for granted ? We have been living with each other in peace and harmony because we have responsible leaders who bring us together. These leaders are not without fault and they are not paragon of virtue but at least they managed to bring us together by creating a formula that benefit each and every community in this country. That formula is Barisan Nasional.

What is the meaning of peace ? 

Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict and the freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace also suggests the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all. In international relations, peacetime is not only the absence of war or violent conflict, but also the presence of positive and respectful cultural and economic relationships.

If we are able to live in peace as a result of being tolerant towards each other we will enjoy a working political order that will ensure prosperity in matters of social development, economic welfare and establishment of equality. Why do we now after more than 55 years of peaceful cohabitation, want to risk going into a new political dimension that will only disrupt the peace that we are enjoying ? Can you really put a tiger in the same house as a sheep and cheat yourself by telling people that they will live together peacefully ? If we entrust the leadership of our country to a group of leaders that comes from different and opposing political ideologies it is akin putting a tiger and a sheep in our own house. Let us not be cheated with the rhetoric of Pakatan Rakyat. Their formula is a formula not based on TOLERANCE but more of CONVENIENT in order to grab all the POWER that they could get their HANDS on and after which all HELL will break loose. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When our leaders whom we entrusted to lead FIGHT with each other than we will loose the PEACE we have been enjoying all these while. PAS is a radical Islamic movement that is creating zombies among the most conservative MALAYS of this country. DAP on the other side is leading a group of EXTREMIST CHINESE who wants things done according to their own ways and beliefs. PKR on the other side is a FAMILY base power crazy party with no sense of direction except to put Anwar Ibrahim in Putrajaya. These three political clowns if given enough support and power will make a circus of our country and juggle our PEACE and throw it into the waste paper basket of civilisation.

The sign is vivid and it is there for us to see. Wake up citizens of Malaysia !

This news report was taken from Outsyed The Box blog entry today ...15th Dec 2012...

The conflict of ideologies between PAS and DAP slowly showing its true colours. The leaders are trying to compromise but the followers on the other hand are slowly becoming unsatisfied and dangerously over-reacting on trivial issues and it will escalate to a full blown adversarial relationship. Today they might cut chicken heads but in the future it will be our own heads !

Village chief dares DAP to tell the truth
  • BENTONG: village head protesting abrupt stopping of performance at DAP dinner  maintained party bowed to pressure from PAS. 
  • Kampung Machis village head Lee Ah Kaw said undeniable DAP called off performance to please PAS leaders.
  • "I challenge Bentong Dapsy chairman Chow Yu Hui to cut off a chicken’s head and perform a vow at the Guan Di Temple in Kampung Telemong within a week,” he said.  The cutting off of a cockerel’s head at a temple is a traditional Chinese way to prove one’s innocence and also to settle disputes.
  • If Chow failed to do so, the villagers would protest in front of the Bentong DAP centre.
  • performance group expressed shock over the DAP decision, saying it was the first time they had to stop their show since the group was set up 30 years ago, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Listen and watch this plea from a Lebanese CHRISTIAN singer as she begged the leaders of her country to bring back the PEACE into their lives. Do we want to go down the drain of history cursed by our progeny because they inherited a country from us which has no PEACE ?

...Is it worth we put in POWER leaders who showed us that their politics are the politics of HATE and DESTRUCTION....

We need to do DEEP THINKING......again what is peace ? We need to ask ourselves...

From the Latin pax, meaning "freedom from civil disorder," the English word came into use in various personal greetings from c.1300 as a translation of the Hebrew shalom. Such a translation is, however, imprecise, as Shalom, which is also cognate with the Arabic "salaam", has multiple other meanings in addition to peace, including justice, good health, safety, well-being, prosperity, equity, security, good fortune, and friendliness. At a personal level, peaceful behaviours are kind, considerate, respectful, just, and tolerant of others' beliefs and behaviors—tending to manifest goodwill.
This latter understanding of peace can also pertain to an individual's introspective sense or concept of her/himself, as in being "at peace" in one's own mind, as found in European references from c.1200. The early English term is also used in the sense of "quiet", reflecting calm, serene, and meditative approaches to family or group relationships that avoid quarreling and seek tranquility — an absence of disturbance or agitation.
In many languages the word for peace is also used a greeting or a farewell, for example the Hawaiian word Aloha, as well as the Arabic word salaam. In English the word peace is occasionally used as a farewell, especially for the dead, as in the phrase 'Rest In Peace' RIP.
Buddhists believe that peace can be attained once all suffering ends. They regard all suffering as stemming from cravings (in the extreme, greed), aversions (fears), or delusions. To eliminate such suffering and achieve personal peace, followers in the path of the Buddha adhere to a set of teachings called the Four Noble Truths — a central tenet in Buddhist philosophy.
Islam means submission. The title "Muslim"—etymologically directly related to salaam and the name Islam—means a person who submits to Allah in salaam. The submission to Allah (the Arabic proper noun for "The God", One and Only) is based on humility. An attitude of humility within one's own self cannot be accomplished without total rejection of violence, and a personal attitude and alignment toward peace....

Wake up citizens of Malaysia....let us not be divided among ourselves and loose the PEACE that we are enjoying ! Let us not loose our freedom from civil disorder..! That one cup of TEH TARIK at the corner MAMAK STALL will be an act we wish we could do as when we loose our freedom from civil disorder, we cant even sit and drink a cup of tea peacefully....!

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