Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fans rioting in front of His Majesty Sultan Pahang ! Pahang vs Johor - 28th May 2013

Source : Yahoo Sports - Malaysia

CHAOS. Pahang fans spill on to the pitch to vent their fury.

MALAYSIAN football slumped to a new low as chaos descended upon the Darulmakmur Stadium late last night. What was predicted to be a cracking semifinal between Pahang and Johor Darul Takzim turned into a bloodbath instead, as many fans left the stadium soaked in the their own blood.
More than 50,000 fans had tickets to the 40,000 capacity stadium, with many sitting around the track area surrounding the pitch because the stadium was filled to the rafters, and then some While the security may be questioned for allowing that many fans into the stadium, it can’t be their fault if fans actually possessed a ticket to enter the stadium. The Pahang FA may come under serious scrutiny as to how there were 10,000 more tickets than seats. The overcrowding was merely the tip of the iceberg of a chain of disastrous events that followed. After almost an hour escorting the distraught, seat-less fans out of the stadium, the police officer in charge announced, “This game is now safe to continue”.
Oh, how was he wrong. Just as the players came on the pitch and the match looked like it was going to start,  unruly fans started hurling objects from outside the stadium and some of it hit the Johor Darul Takzim fans.Cue, chaos. Immediately the visiting fans started rushing out of the stadium to confront the attacker, and this sparked outrage from the Pahang fans, who wanted the game to start. Fans started spilling onto the pitch and the game eventually was called off, at the time it was scheduled to end.
This is not the first time Malaysian football has been tainted with violence. Just a week ago, Johor Darul Takzim’s match against Kelantan was postponed for 40 minutes because of crowd trouble when 3,000 fans had tickets without serial numbers. The Terengganu FA was also slapped with a RM50, 000 fine for their fans’ behaviour against Selangor earlier this year. While the fans should be faulted for their disgusting acts, it is the state FA who should bear the full brunt of this fiasco.
This problem wouldn't have existed if the appropriate amount of tickets were sold. Where did the extra tickets come from? Who pockets the extra ticket sales? To unscrupulous officials? A fitting punishment would be to have Pahang play this match behind close doors, in a neutral ground. The Elephants certainly don’t deserve home advantage after this shameful act.
Johor Darul Takzim fans were left stranded as of 11.45 pm last night, unable to move because their bus were pelted with stones. Is this what they get for spending time and money to come and cheer their team and help reignite the passion of Malaysian football? This whole incident happened in full view of the Football Association Malayia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah, who is also the Sultan of Pahang. Our football is already in bad shape; all this unwanted pandemonium will merely push our football to the point of oblivion. 


  1. Shame on you Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Ambiga, Mat Sabu and all the 505 gang!

  2. The FAM's president and his men need to wake up, otherwise two generations of our young Malaysians will imbibe these negative emotional responses into their psyches, not only within the arena of football alone, but also into the other social spheres of their lives as well - such as schools and public interactions.
    It's hard to find an administrative excuse for overselling so many tickets - into the thousands - for any salaried public institution. It is quite apparent there must be some hanky-panky going on somewhere, and the Football Association of Malaysia has no alternative but to convene a special investigative council to weed out this type of fiasco for all time in this beloved nation of ours.
    May God bless our footballers and grant them chivalry in their characters and success in their aspirations.
    But the buck starts with the President and his men!