Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Malaysian Chinese - Pain With No Gain !

The Malaysian Chinese, slowly feeling the pinch of their collective decision to support Pakatan Rakyat. Chinese as a whole wanted to politically CRUXIFY Barisan Nasional  for reasons given to them by DAP. Barisan Nasional might not be the angel that they are made to be but as a devil at least since 1957 till now as a coalition they are one, intact, full of help, support and have some respect for the Chinese community. How many Chinese tycoons sought help from Malays UMNO leaders and became rich out of their alliances with UMNO ? There are many outside there who benefited from these alliances. Barisan Nasional at least did NOT shut down any Chinese vernacular schools and they are allowed to use their language, practice their Chinese culture freely without any hindrance unlike Chinese in Thailand and Indonesia. Even Chinese in USA, UK and other European countries are not allowed their own vernacular schools.

Go to any Malay kampung and you will find a Chinese sundry shop. The Malays got no qualms in patronizing Chinese sundry shop. That is how tolerant, the Malays to the Chinese. The Malays always treated Chinese as a friend and this is true when in speech, Chinese always referred as "KAWAN". As kawan, we should always tolong-tolong. Even after being insulted in the month of Ramadhan via Facebook, the Malays as a whole still remain sober at the BAK KUT TEH clowns stupid remarks.

DAP is responsible for encouraging Chinese supremacy among the Chinese in order to gain political mileage. When two Chinese teens went over board and posted Bak Kut Teh greeting to Muslims, LIM GUAN ENG without any ceremony distant himself with DAP leadership support against the Bak Kut Teh duo. This is DAP BAK KUT TEH politics for the Chinese to swallow. When shit hit the fan, DAP will the first one to "cuci tangan" because they only champion the cause of their party not the people.

Today, some 55 parents of sorrowful Chinese students with perfect 4.0 CGPA are crying with tears pouring on their cheeks as their children CAN'T get entrance into public universities. These Chinese parents have taken their grouses to MCA Education Bureau Chairman - Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong. Why run to MCA ? Dont they realise that the Chinese as a whole have voted MCA out of Barisan Nasional ruling government ? MCA was so ashamed of their defeat that the party leadership decided not to take up any post in the ruling government. Why punish MCA when as a party this Chinese political organization was in the forefront literally feeding the Chinese during the insurgency (curfew) era before Merdeka when the British was starving the Chinese in Kampung Baru(s) scattered all over Malaya ?  MCA single handedly help Chinese who were lock out in the Kampung Baru(s) and provide food for them. Dont they remember ?  MCA Complaints Bureau, Datuk Seri Michael Chong single handedly help so many desperate Chinese to solve a galaxy of problems they brought to him. There is nothing in DAP to be compared with MCA Complaints Bureau. The Chinese owed an incalculable debt to MCA !  

Today (read here : The Star - 17th July 2013,) MCA is handling more than 108 appeal cases of Chinese students who cant get into public universities. The Chinese as whole knew that when they are in trouble, they could depend on MCA for help. MCA is their straw when they are drowning in this ocean of Malays in a country which welcome their forefathers of old when they migrated to Malaya to avoid stravation in mainland China. The Malays welcome  these Chinese refugees, allow them to live, stay and prosper in this country without being racists towards them. In the principle of jus soli, the Chinese were given equal citizenship and Chinese culture has been accepted as part and puzzle of Malaysian culture. In fact the Malays are proud with their Chinese people when Chinese badminton players or Chinese football coach did well in their respective sports. Chinese football players, squash, badminton, martial artist and an arrays of other sports were respected as Malaysian heroes. Some of them were even given Datukship. Sadly 2013 is the year where Chinese have forgotten all the good deeds of even MCA not to mention the Malays. 

Today, some Chinese parents are expecting MCA to help them when their children cant get into public universities. Why dont for a change bring this matter up to DAP ? Let them bear the responsibility of helping the Chinese as they have voted them into power. Why go to MCA ? So lesson learn is that when emotion takes over sane thinking, than with all these PAINS, there is actually NO GAIN ! This is the Chinese dilemma in Malaysia now and the word of Malaysian football coach Ong Kim Swee is proven true against the Chinese when he said "no one can defeat us unless we first defeat ourselves". In PRU 13, the Chinese as a whole, defeated themselves !

No one can help these poor Chinese students. No one can help the two Chinese BAK KUT TEH clowns (read here : Chinese Bak Kut Teh Clowns ) for their stupid Facebook posting. 

Malaysian Chinese, PAIN WITH NO GAIN !    


  1. You are on the dot. Dah tahu ini akan berlaku dah...padan dengan muka mereka..

  2. I am just wondering how come no Malay group wants to champion cases of Malay students with 8-10 A but fail to get admission into universities

  3. Malaysians do not respect democratic right to vote.

  4. History has shown no group should think and act too highly of itself. There is always karma coming haunting you.

  5. History has shown that one should never think and act too highly of oneself. Karma will always comes back haunting.

  6. They know this would happen..I actually look forward to see what ACTUALLY happen if they try to depend on DAP..compared to UMNO(Malay Racist)..DAP have done nothing good even to us chinese..UMNO is malay racist party?If so why the hell does a lot of chinese prosper in Malaysia?Actually..I as a chinese also ashamed of this thing could happen?We live in peace for a long time..are we too desperate to change?What changes means if we becoming more worst?The power struggle between the Malay..the racist nature of the chinese..both race forgot..what really matters..following the western & "green stuff" to much..