Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fans rioting in front of His Majesty Sultan Pahang ! Pahang vs Johor - 28th May 2013

Source : Yahoo Sports - Malaysia

CHAOS. Pahang fans spill on to the pitch to vent their fury.

MALAYSIAN football slumped to a new low as chaos descended upon the Darulmakmur Stadium late last night. What was predicted to be a cracking semifinal between Pahang and Johor Darul Takzim turned into a bloodbath instead, as many fans left the stadium soaked in the their own blood.
More than 50,000 fans had tickets to the 40,000 capacity stadium, with many sitting around the track area surrounding the pitch because the stadium was filled to the rafters, and then some While the security may be questioned for allowing that many fans into the stadium, it can’t be their fault if fans actually possessed a ticket to enter the stadium. The Pahang FA may come under serious scrutiny as to how there were 10,000 more tickets than seats. The overcrowding was merely the tip of the iceberg of a chain of disastrous events that followed. After almost an hour escorting the distraught, seat-less fans out of the stadium, the police officer in charge announced, “This game is now safe to continue”.
Oh, how was he wrong. Just as the players came on the pitch and the match looked like it was going to start,  unruly fans started hurling objects from outside the stadium and some of it hit the Johor Darul Takzim fans.Cue, chaos. Immediately the visiting fans started rushing out of the stadium to confront the attacker, and this sparked outrage from the Pahang fans, who wanted the game to start. Fans started spilling onto the pitch and the game eventually was called off, at the time it was scheduled to end.
This is not the first time Malaysian football has been tainted with violence. Just a week ago, Johor Darul Takzim’s match against Kelantan was postponed for 40 minutes because of crowd trouble when 3,000 fans had tickets without serial numbers. The Terengganu FA was also slapped with a RM50, 000 fine for their fans’ behaviour against Selangor earlier this year. While the fans should be faulted for their disgusting acts, it is the state FA who should bear the full brunt of this fiasco.
This problem wouldn't have existed if the appropriate amount of tickets were sold. Where did the extra tickets come from? Who pockets the extra ticket sales? To unscrupulous officials? A fitting punishment would be to have Pahang play this match behind close doors, in a neutral ground. The Elephants certainly don’t deserve home advantage after this shameful act.
Johor Darul Takzim fans were left stranded as of 11.45 pm last night, unable to move because their bus were pelted with stones. Is this what they get for spending time and money to come and cheer their team and help reignite the passion of Malaysian football? This whole incident happened in full view of the Football Association Malayia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah, who is also the Sultan of Pahang. Our football is already in bad shape; all this unwanted pandemonium will merely push our football to the point of oblivion. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

US through Anwar Ibrahim Prepares to Overthrow Malaysian Government !

Source : Land Destroyer 

Key to encircling and containing China, US sets proxies in motion for color revolution in Malaysian streets.  May 15, 2013 (AltThaiNews) US-funded opposition fronts have vowed to overthrow the Malaysian government via disruptive and potentially violent street protests in the wake of general elections that saw their leader Anwar Ibrahim soundly defeated despite massive support from Western media, NGOs, and direct government intervention. 

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported in their article, "‘BN will be toppled this year’," that: 

Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally.

Speakers at a forum held yesterday unanimously agreed that waiting for five years until the next
general election was too long, and vowed to overthrow BN this year through “force”.
 FMT also added that: 

Electoral watchdog group Bersih 2.0 steering committee member  Hishamuddin Rais pointed out that it was useless to take their unhappiness to the courts as he claimed the justice system was being controlled by the government.

“That is why we must take to the streets. We have to come out. What Najib likes is wrong, and what he doesn’t like is what we have to do,” he said.

“We will mobilise a big group and rally on the streets. This is not a threat, this is a promise,” he stressed.

 Without a doubt, this premeditated sedition aimed at Malaysia's ruling government has been designed, funded, and directed from Washington on behalf of Wall Street and London, not by the Malaysian people on behalf of Malaysia's best interests.

The street protests conducted by Bersih have all the hallmarks of US-backed "color revolutions," and this recent attempt to overturn election results that do not favor an overt US-proxy, foreshadows the same destructive, divisive, violent, and regressive unrest that has plagued Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria after US-engineered uprisings have left each in turn destabilized, failed states overrun by extremists, dictators, and traitors many times worse than the governments activists sought to overthrow. 

And with Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria in hindsight, will Malaysians fall into this same familiar trap? Whatever discontent Malaysians may have with the current government, it is all but assured Bersih and US-proxy candidate Anwar Ibrahim will compound perceived injustices while compromising Malaysia's political, social, and economic stability, and begin channeling Malaysia's resources and energy toward foreign interests and designs, particularly those involving the encirclement and containment of China. 

An Alternative to the Tired Ploy of "Street Protests" 

For the average Malaysian seeking progress, a better bet than joining US-funded sedition would be to turn their attention toward organizing locally and focusing on pragmatic, rather than political, goals. Education, local economic development, health, and local infrastructure are all areas Malaysians, regardless of political affiliations, can work together on and improve regardless of who holds public office.

And while special interests, both foreign and domestic, can indeed hinder such progress, they do not make such progress impossible. What is certain, is that corruption amongst Malaysia's ruling party pales in comparison to that of Wall Street and London - and Malaysians will place themselves in the path of guaranteed destruction by inviting in the very people who dominated them before achieving a hard-won independence. 

Democracy, in reality, is supposed to be a bottom-up exercise drawn from the grassroots. Bersih is clearly a vehicle for Anwar Ibrahim and his political machine - one whose message is funded, crafted, and declared from Anwar's political advisers and foreign backers, and disseminated across the movement - however cleverly "democratized" Bersih may attempt to appear.

Malaysians do not need a political party to improve education, to grow their own food, to develop business locally by leveraging technology, or to improve local infrastructure and strengthen local communities. The time being wasted to assist Anwar Ibrahim's worming back into political power at the cost of peace, stability, and prosperity could be better spent developing truly grassroots pragmatic power.

Real revolutions do not happen out on the streets - they are manifested in our schools, across industry, and within our communities. They are marked by pragmatism and true, enduring technological and socioeconomic progress - none of which are even promised by Bersih and Anwar Ibrahim's "People's Alliance."  If the people of Malaysia truly want "change," they are going to have to do it themselves by building local institutions that technologically and pragmatically solve real problems rather than simply craft slogans and campaign promises that merely pander to the concerns of the people. Following the flags of Bersih into the streets will  undoubtedly begin instability and division across Malaysian society that will jeopardize, not spur, real and very necessary pragmatic progress.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kepimpinan DAP dan Kumpulan Kongsi Gelap Cina

DAP pada tahun 2008, apabila menang PRU 12 di Pulau-Pinang, telah menjadikan Red Rock Hotel yang terletak di Jalan Macalister sebagai kubu kuat mereka dan juga disitulah DAP Penang telah bertapak dengan Pusat Gerakan War Room mereka terdapat di Hotel tersebut. Red Rock Hotel adalah kepunyaan dua orang "Gangster" Cina yang bernama - Loh Lam Peng dan Loh Nam Seng. 

Mereka berdua ini adalah daripada kumpulan kongsi gelap - Hung Mung yang bermakna "Pintu Merah"...Lazimnya, jika ahli kongsi gelap Cina ingin membuat perniagaan yang sah maka mereka akan masuk dalam bidang "construction". Maka selepas Pulau-Pinang berjaya ditawan DAP atas sokongan undi dari orang-orang Melayu PAS dan PKR....maka habuan yang diberi kepada Loh Lam Peng dan Loh Nam Seng oleh kepimpinan DAP adalah dengan diberi projek-projek "construction" di seluruh Pulau-Pinang kepada syarikat "construction" milik Loh bersaudara ini yang diberi nama - Red Rock Constrcution Sdn Bhd. 

Selain daripada itu, MAFIA Penang ini juga telah menubuhkan - " Red Rock Group of Companies" yang berselindung disebalik perniagaan haram - penyeludupan, menjual dadah, menjual pil-pil khayal (Happy 5 Pills), khidmat seks haram, ah long, peras ugut dll dan kini setelah berkuasa maka DAP telah memberikan perniagaan sah dalam bidang pembangunan hartanah dengan tertubuhnya Red Rock Construction Sdn Bhd kepada dua orang adik breadik MAFIA ini dengan bantuan pengundi-pengundi Melayu PAS dan PKR.Red Rock Hotel terletak di hujung persimpangan antara Macalister Road dan Aboo Siti Lane yang dikenali oleh penduduk tempatan sebagai - Sam Seng Hung...yang merupakan lubuk ganster Cina di Pulau Pinang. 

Di sinilah terdapat - pusat-pusat hiburan Aboo Siti Lane yang terkenal dengan disko-diskonya yang lebih hebat dari Bukit Bintang di Kuala Lumpur. Selain dari disco, terdapat juga perkhidmatan seks kira jam bagi pelanggan-pelanggan yang berkunjung ke pusat-pusat hiburan di sini. 

Dengan penglibatan Low Eng Hock dari Ivory Property, maka Red Rock Construction Sdn Bhd juga akan berkesempatan meluaskan perniagaan mereka yang HARAM dan HALAL apabila orang-orang Melayu Islam memberi sokongan kepada DAP menerusi PAS dan PKR.....Maka segala macam FASAD (pencemaran) akan berlaku apabila TEROWONG RM 8 billion dibina dan ianya menguntungkan syarikat yang depannya BUMIPUTERA tetapi hakikatnya dikawal oleh gangster gangster Cina seperti Loh Lam Peng dan Loh Lam Seng....

Atas bantuan kerajaan DAP maka kini Red Rock Construction Sdn Bhd pula diberi peluang bagi membina projek-projek mewah yang tidak mampu dibeli oleh orang-orang Melayu Islam di sekitar Logan Road.Inilah hakikat sokongan orang-orang Melayu Islam PAS dan PKR kepada DAP P.Pinang dimana kita menang sorak tetapi malangnya, kampung, maruah agama dan bangsa telah tergadai. Wahai orang-orang Melayu Islam di Pulau Pinang, bangun dan sedarlah !

PRU 13 - Kenapa Cina Berpaling ?

Keputusan PRU 13, menunjukkan dengan jelas bahwa orang-orang Cina di Malaysia hanya berjuang demi kepentingan bangsa mereka sahaja walaupun mereka telah berjaya hidup makmur di bumi Tanah Melayu. Sentimen ini dizahirkan dengan sokongan yang tidak berbelah bahagi kepada Parti DAP yang tidak sedikitpun membantu keadaan status ekonomi orang-orang Cina yang pada satu masa dulu merempat di Tanah Melayu. Orang-orang Cina juga telah lupa jasa-jasa MCA yang ketika orang-orang Cina kebuluran dalam kem-kem kampung-kampung baru ketika British menentang komunis, MCA-lah yang tampil memberi bantuan kepada orang-orang Cina. Orang-orang Cina juga telah meninggalkan parti Gerakan yang suatu masa dulu telah membangunkan Pulau-Pinang yang khusus telah membawa faedah kepada ramai orang-orang Cina.

Apabila British membawa masuk orang-orang Cina ke Malaya, mereka sebenarnya adalah dari kumpulan-kumpulan kongsi gelap Ghee Hin dan Hai San. Kesatuan mereka adalah atas usaha pembesar-pembesar Melayu antara lain Long Jaafar yang berjaya menyatukan orang-orang Cina di Perak sebagai contoh.

Orang-orang Melayu di Tanah Melayu menyambut ketibaan kedatangan orang-orang Cina ke bumi Allah ini tanpa prejudis dan membenarkan mereka hidup aman damai dan tenteram tanpa gangguan hingga mereka berjaya dalam mengungguli ekonomi di Malaysia akibat daripada tiada sekatan dari orang-orang Melayu.

Jika dilihat layanan orang-orang Melayu kepada orang-orang Cina di Malaysia kita dapati ianya jauh lebih baik dari layanan orang-orang Indonesia dan Thai kepada minoriti Cina mereka. Di Indonesia, orang-orang Cina dipaksa bertutur bahasa Indonesia. Mereka kehilangan bahasa ibunda dan mereka tidak dibenarkan sistem pendidikan mereka sendiri. Selepas kejatuhan kerajaan Golkar di Indonesia maka pada lewat tahun 90an orang-orang Indonesia telah mengadakan serangan besar-besaran terhadap orang-orang Cina Indonesia kerana mereka telah dituduh menindas rakyat Indonesia dengan mengaut hasil ekonomi negara itu. Ramai orang-orang Cina Indonesia lari ke Malaysia ketika itu untuk mendapatkan perlindungan.  Di Thailand, tanah-tanah milik orang-orang Cina telah dirampas pihak istana pada awal tahun-tahun 50an dan minoriti Cina di Thailand tidak dibenarkan penggunaan tulisan Cina di papan-papan tanda premis perniagaan milik Cina dan mereka tidak dibenarkan menggunakan nama Cina sebaliknya dipaksa menggunakan nama Thai.

Di Tanah Melayu, orang-orang Cina diberikan kebebasan sepenuhnya, mereka diberi peluang perniagaan sehingga ekonomi bangsa Cina meningkat melewati bangsa-bangsa lain di Malaysia. Mereka dibenarkan mengamalkan bahasa, kebudayaan serta agama pilihan mereka. Mereka dibenarkan sistem pendidikan Cina sepenuhnya untuk anak-anak mereka dan tiada sekatan dikenakan. Malah ada universiti khusus dibuka milik Cina untuk anak-anak Cina. Pemimpin politik Cina diberi kebebasan sepenuhnya dan mereka tidak pernah dihalang. Pemimpin Cina diberi penghormatan sepenuhnya dan dilantik menjadi menteri-menteri di kementerian-kementerian yang berkepentingan dan yang mampu membantu orang-orang Cina.

Namun, semua kebaikan kepada bangsa Cina ini dibalas dengan satu sentimen yang berunsur perkauman dimana pada PRU 13 mereka memberi isyarat bahwa bangsa Cina hanya berjuang untuk kepentingan orang-orang Cina sahaja dan mereka menolak formula Barisan Nasional yang selama ini membawa kemakmuran kepada seluruh bangsa Cina. 

Sudah tiba masanya orang-orang Melayu di Malaysia, menimbang semula segala kebaikan yang telah diberikan kepada orang-orang Cina dan sedar bahwasanya, bangsa Cina telah berpaling tadah !  Orang-orang Melayu UMNO dan PAS mestilah sedar bahwasanya perbalahan antara orang-orang Melayu hanya menguntungkan orang-orang Cina DAP !